Libyan spokesman says Moammar Gadhafi survives NATO missile strike that kills his youngest son

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Apr 302011

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Washington Post Report:
“Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi survived a NATO missile strike Saturday that killed his youngest son and three grandchildren and wounded friends and relatives, Libya’s spokesman said. Gadhafi and his wife were in the Tripoli house of his 29-year-old son, Saif al-Arab Gadhafi, when it was hit by at least one missile fired by a NATO warplane, according to Libyan spokesman Moussa Ibrahim.”

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Syria's U.N. Admirers, click here

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Apr 302011

WSJ Op-Ed:
“Bashar Assad’s regime has murdered at least 500 Syrians, and perhaps hundreds more, in putting down its democratic uprising. So what does the United Nations do? Nothing, except hold out the prospect of a seat on its Human Rights Council for the Syrian regime.”

We have several posts on this subject but the WSJ drives the point that Syria has the backing of both the Russians and Chinese as well as the US as long as the State Department refers to Assasd as a ‘reformer.’ In Joel Rosenberg’s book ‘Inside the Revolution’ he defines both Reformer and Radical:
Reformer: “While they see the world through the Quran, they agree with Thomas Jefferson that all men are ‘endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.’ They argue for more human rights up to participating in representative Government.”
Radical: They believe in waging war against the West, they condone suicide bombings to kill Jews, Christians and apostate Muslims. “Islamic theology teaches that a person can only go to heaven if his good deeds outweigh his sinful deeds. Waging an effective Jihad against one’s sinful nature thus is a matter of eternal life and death.”
So which of these two definitions fits Basahr Assad? Is the US position of supporting this Syrian dictator, or the radicals in Libya, or the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, a course of action that will protect US interests or our ally Israel? If not, those we are supporting in the ME may be leading to the prophetic wars found in Isaiah 17:1Psalm 83:1-8, and Ezekiel 38.

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Syrian security forces open fire on demonstrations, click here

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Apr 302011

CTV News:
“The Muslim Brotherhood urged Syrians to demonstrate Friday against Assad in the first time the outlawed group has openly encouraged the protests in Syria. The Brotherhood was crushed by Assad’s father, Hafez, after staging an uprising against his regime in 1982. “You were born free, so don’t let a tyrant enslave you,” said the statement, issued by the Brotherhood’s exiled leadership.”

The Muslim Brotherhood is a busy group. Their influence is now being felt in Egypt, Libya and now Syria. They are in favor of scrapping the peace with Israel, in favor of Sharia law and spreading an Islamic Caliphate around the globe.
Their spiritual leader is Yusef Qawadawi. In his return speech to Egypt after being exiled by Hosni Mubarak,  picked right up on anti-Israeli themes like condoning suicide bombings.

According to World Net Daily (link below), the Obama administration has held secret meetings with the Brotherhood, and it seems it’s just a matter of time before they will control the 80 million people of Egypt, the future King of the South found in Daniel 11:11-12.

Syrian protesters carry pictures of Syrian President Bashar Assad as they shout pro-government slogans in front of the Syrian embassy in Beirut, Lebanon, Friday, April 29, 2011. (AP / Ahmad Omar)

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Iraq, Iran and the Next Move, click here

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Apr 292011

Stratfor Global Intelligence:
“The United States is urging the Iraqi government to change its mind on U.S. withdrawal, and it would like Iraq to change its mind right now in order to influence some of the events taking place in the Persian Gulf. The Shiite uprising in Bahrain and the Saudi intervention, along with events in Yemen, have created an extremely unstable situation in the region, and the United States is afraid that completing the withdrawal would increase the instability.”

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Canadian Showdown, click here

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Apr 292011

Reuters Fri. March 25, 2011: “Canada’s minority Conservative government was defeated in a non-confidence vote on Friday, setting the scene for a federal election in early May.”

American Thinker April 29, 2011: “Next Monday, May 2nd, Canadians are going to the polls for their third general election in five years. Stephen Harper and his Conservative Party have governed Canada since the 2006 election which made that party the largest party in the Canadian House of Commons, although a minority within … (Parliament). In  2008, right before our presidential election, Harper received a larger mandate, though still with a minority in Parliament. Prime Minister Harper governs but he cannot enact real reforms without a majority in Parliament.”

 In a 2008 Vancouver Sun article, ‘Why Stephen Harper keeps his Evangelical Faith Private’ explains his dispensational beliefs and why he supports and defends Israel. Harper says he is prepared to suffer any political backlash that comes his way for speaking out against anti-Israel rhetoric. Harper told an audience that while Israel is receptive to fair criticism, Canada is obligated to stand up for its ally when it comes under attack from others. “Not just because it is the right thing to do, but because history shows us, and the ideology of the anti-Israel mob tell us all too well, that those who threaten the existence of the Jewish people are in the longer term a threat to all of us.” Clearly, Stephen Harper understands Genesis 12:3.
  Also, this election will decide if Canada will support a Palestinian state. The September UN vote on Palestinian statehood is being pushed by the PA, the UN, virtually all of the ME, 3 of 4 members of the Quartet, the Special Assistant to the President Samantha Power, Hillary Clinton and Susan Rice (UN).
In an article in the NY Times on April 2, the PA said “We want to generate pressure on Israel to make it feel isolated. and help it understand that there can be no talks without a stop to settlements,” said Nabil Shaath, who leads the foreign affairs department of Fatah, the main party of the Palestinian Authority. “Without that, our goal is membership in the UN General Assembly in September.” (emphasis mine)

Depending on where we are in the Bible’s timeline, the ancient book of  Numbers 23:9  may be telling us the outcome of the September vote at the UN. God describes Israel as ‘a people dwelling alone, not reckoning itself among the nations.’God does not envision Israel integrated into the world. Rather, He has always wanted Israel to be separated from it. This vision has a number of applications, one certainly pertaining to the moral sanctification God intends Israel to display in the Millennium.

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Apr 292011

Front Page Mag:
“Once again, Palestinian activists have announced their intention to break through Israel’s blockade of Gaza. On Tuesday, Huseyin Oruc, spokesman for the Foundation for Human Rights and Freedoms and Humanitarian Relief (IHH), a Turkish Islamic aid group the Israeli government and other countries consider a terrorist organization, said an international coalition of 22 non-governmental organizations plans to send 15 ships with a total of 1,500 people. Israel has urged the Turkish government to stop the mission, but officials in Ankara insisted that they don’t have the right to prevent it.”

Another group involved in the flotilla is the International Solidarity Movement (ISM) and none other than Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn are involved in this next act of provocation against Israel. You remember, he is the guy who ‘lived in the candidate Obama’s neighborhood’ that he didn’t know too well. He is also the same guy who now says that he wrote Obama’s second book ‘Dreams From My Father’.

In an article by Lee Kaplan, journalist and Front Page Mag contributor, ‘International Solidarity Movement a Threat to America, Israel and the World’ : “Although the ISM movement is called ‘Palestinian-led’ much of it is guided by American citizens. Of particular interest is the fact that William Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, former communist terrorists and associates of President Obama, are involved in the flotilla and “Free Gaza” movements that have provoked international incidents and controversies. Medea Benjamin (Code Pink), an old friend of Ayers and Dohrn, even acts like an intermediary between Hamas and President Obama.” Kind of makes your head hurt doesn’t it? The flotilla is scheduled for late May.

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Egyptian Fairy Tale, click here

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Apr 282011

IBD Op-Ed:
“According to the Pew Research Center, 89% of Egyptians say a post-Mubarak government “should follow the values and principles of Islam.” And 62% want laws to enforce Shariah — the barbaric legal code practiced in much of the Mideast.”

The article also says that “Despite the Obama administration’s support for their uprising and the media’s glorification of it, nearly 8 in 10 Egyptians still hate us. Also 54% think that the treaty with Israel should be done away with and 75% have a favorable opinion of the Muslim Brotherhood.”
 It is interesting how the Department of National Intelligence considers the MB a ‘peaceful organization’ despite its ties to Hamas and Al Qaeda. The World Net Daily article below, ‘Obama quietly builds ties with Muslim Brotherhood’ speaks of this growing relationship.

The Bible has a lot to say about Egypt’s role in the last days. In Psalm 83:1-8, the Hagrites in verse 6 are  modern day Egyptians. In Daniel 11:11-12 the King of the South (Egypt) moves against the King of the North (Russia/Iran) in the final battle of Armagegddon.

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