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My fascination with Bible prophecy began with Hal Lindsey’s “The Late Great Planet Earth”. Following Hal’s writings led me to Jack Kinsella (Omega Letter.com) then to Joel Rosenberg, Jack Kelley, Jimmy De Young and Clarence Larkin.

My interest in current events comes from a career in the stock market where daily world news/developments were critical to making sound decisions.

The idea of combining the two passions into a blog came from one of my sons a few days before the Arab Spring, February, 2011.

The rest is up to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

PS. My wife/editor keeps me on track.

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  1. Do you care if I print out Prophecy 101? My home computer crashed and it may be a while before I can get it fixed.

  2. Well, this explains a lot.

    This is the first time I’ve wondered around the site. I’m not good at navigating websites. Actually, I’m not good at much at all, but this keeps me humble.

    I’m just thrilled that you share your knowledge and passions with us.

    I think I need an editor for my comments. I struggle to comprise a proper English sentence.

  3. RC: I am interested to read your “Antichrist…” book. And I want to recommend to you my recently published book, “The Seven Seals in Prophecy and in History”. Currently popular (‘mainstream’) Bible prophecy teaching grossly misinterprets the meaning (and timing) of the seven seals, by wrongly attributing those to the Tribulation period. In fact, the seven seals are the ONLY thing in Scripture whereby we are given to discern what I have called the “relative time” of the Rapture of the Church; by which I mean that the Rapture is shown in Scripture to occur IN CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER, following the prior occurrence of a SPECIFIC SET of (world) events. Whereas most prophecy teachers agree that the Rapture must be near, yet, because they have not rightly understood the true meaning of the seven seals, they are thus unable to identify the OCCURRENCE of the Rapture itself, in Scripture. Accordingly, neither are they then capable to identify the TIME of the Rapture, RELATIVE TO CERTAIN, DESCRIBED EVENTS. I promise that this book will change (clarify and deepen) your understanding of eschatology – in strict accordance with the Bible. As you are evidently laboring to influence thought in this realm, I humbly insist upon the importance of this book. It is the result of several decades of diligent Bible study, very much of which has focused upon study of Bible prophecy.

    My book is available (under $15) at Amazon.com and BarnesandNoble.com; or, I will be glad to give you a copy, if you want to email me your mailing address..

  4. Dear RC – I would like to share some information with you on a topic of mutual interest, but was not sure how to do that. I visit your site almost daily, really like it. I notice that at time Vashon or others send things in. Am not sure how to do that. Thank you. Steve Y.

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