Jul 232014

kerry-in-cairoFront Page Mag: “The objective here is to get the fastest possible ceasefire. That doesn’t mean that it’s going to be fast, and it certainly doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy, but that’s the goal,” a senior US official travelling with Kerry was quoted by AFP as saying on condition of anonymity.

Kerry is even throwing in additional money for Gaza to help seal the deal. On top of the half a billion dollars that the Obama administration is continuing to send to the Palestinian “unity” government in which Hamas is a partner, Kerry has just offered a $47 million bribe in the form of so-called “humanitarian” aid for Gaza.”

Opinion: Israel is being pulled back. You’d think that the US would at least support neutralizing the vast tunnel network in which Hamas’ political and military commanders are said to be hiding. But no, the US objective is to end the war under a phony humanitarian banner.

Here is what Israel is up against:

  • Iran: The largest financier and supplier of rockets to Hamas
  • Muslim Brotherhood: Hamas, al Qaeda and Islamic Jihad make up the Brotherhood military wing
  • Turkey: Financier of Hamas, sponsored the Mavi Marmara incident
  • Qatar: Financial supporter of Hamas, Al Nusra and ISIS
  • USA: Financier of Unity government of which Hamas is a part

While that sounds like impossible odds, the Creator of the universe always provides protection for such a time as this.

“Behold, He who keeps Israel Shall neither slumber nor sleep” Psalm 121:4.

Jul 232014

Investors Business Daily Op-Ed: “As al-Qaida threatens to blow up U.S. planes and the U.S. Open in New York, the president is cutting loose hardcore al-Qaida terrorists from Gitmo through a secretive parole board.

Set up under a little-known executive order, the Periodic Review Board has already cleared for release detainees who were classified “continuing significant threats” and unreleasable. It maintains that they’re no longer dangerous because they’ve taken up yoga and want go home and be “milk and honey” farmers. It actually finds their stories “credible.”

Osama bin Laden’s ex-bodyguards are among the al-Qaida operatives with their bags packed and ready to go.

And now, defense lawyers are using Obama’s recent release of five top Taliban commanders as legal precedent for releasing even more dangerous al-Qaida detainees. As one lawyer boasted, the parole board, whose members include State and Justice department officials, is “predisposed” to their approval.


According to declassified documents, the board is considering repatriating, for example, al-Qaida assassin Muhammad Murdi Issa al-Zahrani to Saudi Arabia, where he’ll no doubt rejoin the jihad against the U.S. with other repatriated Saudi terrorists.

“During his time in Afghanistan,” the intelligence dossier on al-Zahrani warns, he “almost certainly cultivated direct relationships with numerous terrorists leaders who could provide him avenues to re-engage.”

Freeing him would be nuts. Only last month, his government-appointed rep argued, somewhat reasonably, that he no longer meets the threshold for a high-risk detainee. That’s because Obama lowered the bar for what’s considered high-risk when he agreed in May to repatriate the Taliban Five to Qatar, which he entrusted with “appropriate security measures.”

“We have demonstrated that Mr. Al-Zahrani represents a lower threat than the (Taliban) detainees that have been released,” his defense team wrote the board, “and therefore does not rise to the standard for ‘continuing significant threat’” to U.S. security.

When the commander in chief vouched that national security “would not be compromised” by the release of Taliban leaders, he created a legal loophole through which some 40 remaining, uncharged Gitmo detainees too dangerous to release can wiggle.

Obama had to have known that he was creating a new precedent for release. And now his hand-picked parole board is suddenly taking a new look at these cases.

If Obama thinks that emptying Gitmo of al-Qaida is the way to end the war on terror, he’s sadly mistaken. He’s only restarting it.


Jul 222014


Fox News: Netanyahu “We have to clear out the homes [in which] Hamas put civilians, Palestinian civilians, we go out to ferret out rocketeers and anti-tank rocket fire. Hamas put civilians there.”

Mustafa Barghouti, (general secretary of the Palestinian National Initiative Party), accused Israel Defense Forces of targeting civilians, “I’m 100% sure of that.”

Opinion: If anyone still doubts who is lying at this juncture, they’re either not paying attention or completely ignorant as to what the Palestinian terror group Hamas stands for – the total destruction of Israel.

Hamas will not stop firing rockets until Iran tells them to stop. The US Secretary of State knows that, but continues the charade of extending nuclear negotiation and releasing sanctions.

Summary: The US is fighting Iran in Syria -  negotiating with Iran over ISIS – and ignoring Iran’s involvement with Hamas while providing Hamas with aid.

Does your head hurt yet?

Jul 192014
Turkey: Violent Riots Target Israeli Embassy

The Algemeiner: “As IDF forces entered Gaza on Thursday night in the latest phase of Israel’s ongoing Operation Protective Edge, violent riots broke out around Turkey threatening the local Jewish community and Israeli institutions. The head of the IHH terror-tied humanitarian NGO behind the infamous Mavi Marmara Flotilla, Bulent Yildirim, told local television station Haber

Jul 182014
Iraqi Troops Walk Into 'Doors Of Hell' Ambush In Saddam's Hometown

Business Insider: “Iraqi soldiers and the forces fighting with them walked into a spectacular trap  in Saddam Hussein’s hometown of Tikrit. Government forces, Iranian-trained  militiamen, and untrained volunteers pushed into the center of Tikrit,  assuming that extremist ISIS militants had retreated, and were about to  hoist the Iraqi flag over the key town of Tikrit when they were 

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Jul 012014
If We Want to Beat Al Qaeda, We Have to Stop Arming It

Front Page Mag: “Obama’s call for $500 million to arm and train Syrian Jihadist fighters couldn’t have possibly come at a more inappropriate time as Al Qaeda in Iraq menaces both countries. It wasn’t the Iraq War that made the Al Qaeda affiliate so dangerous. In 2008 it specialized in suicide bombings. It wasn’t marching

Jun 262014
ISIS Holds Parade With Captured US Military Vehicles

Zero Hedge: “As ISIS marches south over Iraq, produces movies, creates annual reports, and attacks dams; The Long War Journal reports The Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham’s Ninewa (Ninevah) Division continues to crank out images of its conquest of Mosul and the surrounding province. Earlier today, the Ninewa Division released photographs of its forces seizing