Mar 172014


Breitbart: “The latest issue of Al-Qaeda’s Inspire magazine contains an article about using car bombs in U.S. cities as well as abroad during election seasons, both presidential and congressional, as well as on Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

The cities and areas listed in the piece include Washington, D.C., New York, Northern Virginia, Chicago, and Los Angeles.

  • America is our first target, followed by United Kingdom, France and other crusader countries.
  • As for the field target for the car-bomb, you have places flooded with individuals, e.g. sports events in which tens of thousands attend, election campaigns, festivals and other gathering. The important thing is that you target people and not buildings.”

Opinion: Al Qaeda must have forgotten that the US has been bowing and praising Islam for 5 years. There must be some mistake…

Mar 102014

iraqigirl_wikimedia_reuseBreitbart: “A new Iraqi draft law based on Shi’ite Islamic jurisprudence would allow nine-year old girls to marry and would assert a husband’s right to demand sex from his wife whenever he wishes, reports Reuters.

The draft legislation, known as the Ja’afari Law after the sixth Shi’ite imam Ja’afar al-Sadiq, was approved by the Iraqi cabinet and must now be considered by parliament.”

Opinion: “Hello darkness, my old friend,  I’ve come to talk with you again,  Because a vision softly creeping,  Left its seeds while I was sleeping,  And the vision that was planted in my brain  Still remains Within the sound of silence.”

The 1964 song by  Simon and Garfunkel was written in response to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

Today, the lyrics reminds me of the silence of the left-wing media and the liberal establishment that are complaining of the so-called war against women.

“And in the naked light I saw, Ten thousand people, maybe more. People talking without speaking;   People hearing without listening; People writing songs that voices never share, and no one dared,   Disturb the sound of silence”

Feb 182014
How Al Qaeda Is Winning the War on Terror

Front Page Mag: “A vocal school of thought among some foreign experts of the left was that there was no Al Qaeda. The updated version of that thesis was embraced by Obama and some of his subordinates looking to do an end zone dance and hang up the Mission Accomplished banner by celebrating victory over

Feb 072014
Egypt: The Muslim Brotherhood/Al-Qaeda Connection

Front Page Mag: “As former Egyptian President Muhammad Morsi’s trials continue, it’s enlightening to consider what is likely to be one of the centerpieces of the trial: longstanding accusations that Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood party worked with foreign terrorist organizations, including al-Qaeda, against the national security of Egypt.” Opinion: Yesterday, the Jerusalem Post reported

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Jan 242014
Al Qaeda-linked group launches bombing campaign in Cairo on 3rd anniversary of the Egyptian revolution.

Joel Rosenberg: “Earlier this week, this column suggested we keep a close eye on the Egyptian-born terrorist Ayman al-Zawahiri in 2014, and argued that the al Qaeda network he leads is on the rise, rather than in retreat as the U.S. administration has argued. This morning we got a fresh reminder of just how much the al Qaeda world

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