Mar 262015


Debkafile: “In a surprise step, Egyptian forces Thursday morning, March 26, seized control of the strategic Bab el-Mandeb Straits to pre-empt Tehran’s grab for this important energy shipping gateway between the Red Sea, the Gulf of Aden and the Suez Canal.

It rounded off the just-launched Saudi-led air strikes against Iran-backed Houthi rebels in Yemen, signaling a 10-nation Sunni Arab revolt against Iran’s approaching takeover of Yemen and other Mid East positions with Washington’s support, and coinciding with the first US air strikes over Tikrit in aid of Iran.

These operations signaled the start of a major Sunni Arab revolt against Iran’s approaching takeover of Yemen, through its Houthi proxy, and advances in other strategic positions in the Middle East, with Washington’s support.”

Opinion: Right on schedule: On March 18 we quoted one of our investment advisors (Insiidetrac  research): “April 2015 marks an interesting 40-year cycle of war and peace:”

  • 1775 – Revolutionary War begins (shot heard ’round the world)
  • 1815  – War of 1812 ends (British exit America)
  • 1855 –  Civil War timeline (events leading to war begins)
  • 1895 – Spanish American War timeline (Second War for Independence in Cuba)
  • 1935 – WWII timeline (Mussolini orders his troops into Abyssinia)
  • 1975 – Viet Nam war ends
  • 2015 – ???

The preponderance of earth shaking events have taken place in the month of April.

In our study Bible prophecy 101 (front page of website), Chapter 2 is a look at Biblical numbers and their significance:

#40: Moses was on Mount Sinai for 40 days and 40 nights with the Lord when he received the Ten Commandments. Jonah was in Nineveh 40 days and Ezekiel lay on his side for 40 days to symbolize 40 years of Judah’s transgression. Jesus was tempted for 40 days and was seen by His disciples for 40 days after the Resurrection. The Israelites were in the wilderness for 40 years. There were 40 years from the crucifixion of Jesus to the destruction of Jerusalem and the temple.


Mar 232015

Investors Business Daily Op-Ed: “That’s $500,000,000 — a half-a-billion dollars. Almost as much taxpayer money as it blew on that solar energy company Solyndra, owned by an Obama bundler. Except the Solyndra money went down a political rat-hole.

This $500 million loss is actual weapons that the U.S. gave to Yemen as part of our joint anti-terrorism program — and can now be used against American and other friendly forces. You probably didn’t hear much about this weapons disaster because only the Washington Post uncovered the story while most attention focused on more unnecessary Hillary Clinton controversies.

Some of it could even go to supply global operatives of Iran, the world’s largest exporter of terrorism, as Obama negotiates a hollow nuclear pact with the mullahs.”

Opinion: On June 14, 2013 President Obama said this: “You look at a country like Yemen – a very impoverished country and one that has its own sectarian or ethnic divisions – there, we do have a committed partner in President Hadi and his government.”




Mar 172015

The Daily Caller: “President Barack Obama’s appointees have airbrushed Iran out of the terror section of the 2015 annual report on national security threats, just as he tries to negotiate a nuclear weapons deal with Iran’s theocratic leaders.

The 2015 “Worldwide Threat Assessment of the U.S. Intelligence Community” excludes Iran and its network of jihadi groups who are motivated by Islam’s Shia sect, from the report’s terror section.

Instead, the assessment focuses entirely jihadis motivated by the Sunni sect of Islam, including those in al-Qaida and ISIS, sometimes known as the Islamic State.”


Opinion: There are a few things we can count on from this administration;  open borders, race warfare, same sex marriage, abortion on demand and Iranian nukes.

I remember when I first read Joel Rosenberg’s Epicenter in 2006. I could not imagine how the world would allow a terror state to become powerful enough to acquire nukes. The war of Gog and Magog seemed very far off.

Fast forward nine years and the Iranians are being given a green light to spin centrifuges and build ICBMs that will  carry them as far as New York.

The US now has three alliances in the ME:

  • Iran, despite providing funding and weapons for Hezbollah, Hamas and Bashar Assad, Iran is being given charge of Iraq
  • Muslim Brotherhood, despite being the parent of al Qaeda, Hamas Islamic Jihad and ISIS, the US relationship with Egypt is trashed
  • Israel, depending on the outcome of today’s election

If PM Netanyahu is re-elected expect Israel to be completely isolated and the Obama administration to support a Palestinian state in the West Bank including East Jerusalem.

Tick tick,

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Mar 132015
IDF prepares for possibility of multi-pronged terror attack coming form Sinai

JPost: “The scenario that we are preparing for is a multi-pronged terror threat directed against our forces and civilians in the Eilat area,” Col. Arik Chen, deputy commander of Division 80 (the Red Division) said Thursday. Division 80 controls Israel’s longest expanse of border, across from both Egypt and Jordan. His comments take on added relevance

Feb 232015
Mall of America Heightens Security After al-Shabab Threat

ABC News: “One of the largest malls in the United States has heightened security after a video claiming to be posted online by a Somali militant group affiliated with al Qaeda called for attacks against the mall. The Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota, issued a statement Saturday, saying it had increased security in light

Feb 182015
Is Jordan next?

Joel Rosenberg: “While Jordan has remained a source of calm in the region, the roots of radical Islamic extremism run deep there. A Jordanian, Abu Musab Zarqawi, was the leader of Al Qaeda in Iraq — the precursor to ISIS — before he was killed by a U.S. airstrike on June 7, 2006. Today, an

Feb 072015
The fall of Yemen's government is a huge problem for Saudi Arabia

Business Insider: “Friday marked the death knell of the internationally-backed post-Arab Spring order in Yemen, whose parliament and government were finally dissolved by the Iranian-allied Houthi rebels who took over Sa’ana in late 2014. The ousted president, Abd-Rabbouh Mansour Hadi, was a highly cooperative US counter-terror partner, and the UN had dispatched a special envoy

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