Jan 242015


The New American: “While the officially admitted manipulation and suppression of gold prices by Western central banks has been documented extensively, world renowned economist and money expert Jim Rickards argued last week that the real purpose of it was to benefit the Communist Party regime ruling mainland China.

As China becomes a global superpower in an increasingly globalized world, the dictatorship in Beijing needs gold reserves to match its growing economic clout, explained Rickards, editor of Strategic Intelligence and author of two books focusing on currency. Eventually, all of that gold — being scooped up by the Chinese autocracy at artificially low rates — will give Beijing a much bigger voice at the table as the new world monetary order.

Opinion: We wrote about this in our book Antichrist: The Search for Amalek:

“Russia and China have taken advantage of central bank manipulation stocking up on gold for the day when they attack the world reserve status of the US dollar.”

And we wrote a post about it on November 15, 2014:

“I  can’t prove it, but, I have long suspected that central banks have been holding the price of gold down by selling massive futures contracts.”

Jim Rickards explains why this is happening from a secular view:

  • “In the current world order, the United States and Europe still reportedly hold most of the gold”
  • “If you took the lid off and ended the gold price manipulation and let gold find its level, China would be left in the dust”
  • “When the global monetary system has its “reset,” governments around the world will sit down at the table to reshape the system. And because China now represents the second largest economy in the world, its rulers must also have a seat — and for that, they will need a decent amount of gold proportional to their economic weight.”
  •  “So the price is being suppressed until China gets the gold that they need”

Picture holding a beach ball under water, when you let it go it pops to the surface very fast. From a prophetic view, when China gets the gold they need, expect that the reset will include a basket of currencies to replace the dollar as world reserve currency and gold to skyrocket.

When that doesn’t work and the world’s economic system is on the verge of collapse, a single currency will be proposed and accepted by an up and coming world leader (Revelation 13: 16-17).

By that time it will probably be illegal to own gold.

Jan 242015


Front Page Mag: “Iran has apparently produced an intercontinental ballistic missile whose range far exceeds the distance between Iran and Israel, and between Iran and Europe.

On Wednesday night, Channel 2 showed satellite imagery taken by Israel’s Eros-B satellite that was launched last April. The imagery showed new missile-related sites that Iran recently constructed just outside Tehran. One facility is a missile launch site, capable of sending a rocket into space or of firing an ICBM.

On the launch pad was a new 27-meter long missile, never seen before.”


Opinion: Unnamed White House officials are really mad at Prime Minister Netanyahu … again.

Interestingly, I cannot remember any US  government official  calling any other world leader ‘chicken-****.  And what other leaders, from the biggest human rights abusers to murderous dictatorial regimes, are being told that they were spitting in the face of the White House?

Only Israel is forced to suffer these types of insults from its supposed ally, because only Israel is called My people (Leviticus 26:12) by a holy God.

Wow, is the White House on the wrong side of this (Genesis 12:3).



Jan 162015


Daily Caller: “President Obama’s best friend in Turkey is surrounding himself with guards dressed like the 15th century Turkish soldiers who captured Byzantium, the Roman Empire’s last capital city.

Back in January 2012, Obama described Erdogan as one of his best five friends among foreign leaders. ”The bonds of trust that I’ve been able to forge with a whole range of leaders is precisely, or is a big part of, what has allowed us to execute effective diplomacy,” Obama told Time magazine.

Opinion: At the risk of repeating myself, Bible prophecy never stops blowing my mind. The two men, Abbas on the left and Erdogan on the right, are sons of Edom. Genesis 36:1


While both men come from the same bloodline, their roles in the wars of the last days are quite different.

  • Mahmoud Abbas represents Edom, modern-day West Bank, the first army listed by the Temple priest Asaph in Psalm 83
  • Recep Tayyip Erdogan represents Gomer from the house of Togarmah, modern-day Turkey, in the subsequent war of Ezekiel 38-39

Both men and the armies they represent will be destroyed. Obadiah 1:18, Ezekiel 39:6


Jan 142015
Obama: Hacks Show Need For Internet Rules

Yahoo News: “President Barack Obama said Tuesday the cyber attacks against Sony and the Pentagon’s Central Command highlight the need for toughened laws on cybersecurity. Obama made the comment as the White House unveiled a proposal to revive cybersecurity legislation stalled over the past few years. “With the Sony attack that took place, with the

Jan 132015
Erdogan slams Netanyahu for attending Paris rally

YNet Daily: “Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan lashed out at Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday for attending a rally in France with other world leaders after a string of attacks in Paris, including a hostage-taking at a Kosher market in which four Jews were killed. Speaking alongside visiting Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, Erdogan attacked

Jan 112015
SUNDAY POST: 7 Major Signs Of The Second Coming

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Jan 102015
Al-Qaida's Plans For Future Attacks Are Reminder Of War

  Investors Business Daily Op-Ed: “War On Terror: With British intelligence warning that al-Qaida plans massive attacks within the West, we should steel ourselves to the Paris massacre being just a foretaste. A long, hard war continues. Opinion: IBD has one of the best opinion pages in the country, but like all secular news sites

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