Apr 222014



Intellihub: “Ukraine’s first president, Leonid Kravchuk, believes that Russia could usher in the end of the world as we know it, if Vladimir Putin doesn’t back down.

Kravchuk stated that Putin does not back down, ever! For several different reasons, it is becoming increasingly likely that war could break out in Ukraine as early as this May.”

Opinion: Leonid Kravchuk is not reading the same book we are. While WWIII and the Bible are compatible, we have time to prepare and warn those we care about.

Summary timeline - what to watch for:

1. Before a peace treaty with Israel and many (Daniel 9:27) happens, an all-out Arab assault on Israel is likely. In Psalm 83:1-8 the prophet details a 7 nation Arab alliance that has never before attacked Israel.

2. Either preceding, or during, that war Damascus is destroyed in one night (Isaiah 17:1;14).

3. Israel wins the war big-time (Obadiah 1:18).

4. The rapture of the Church, removal of the Holy Spirit, from the earth (1 Thessalonians 4:13-18).

5.  Peace treaty/Rise of Antichrist (Daniel 7:8, Revelation 13:1-8).

6. Russia will have reunited the old Soviet Union nations, have a strong alliance with Turkey and membership in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO). Putin’s alliance with Iran will lead to the great war of Ezekiel 38-39.

7. Antichrist sets up world government/economic system/religion.


(For details, see Bible prophecy 101 chapter 7, Major Events of Unfulfilled Prophecy from Dr. John Walvoord, front page of this website)

Apr 212014

516265201000100396220YNet News: “In conciliatory remarks made on Iran’s National Army Day, Iranian president stresses country is ‘not after war,’ as forces with ‘Death to Israel’ banners march before him.”

Opinion: And doesn’t he look pleasant?

The final antichrist will also come in peace, symbolized by a rider on a white horse ( mimicking Christ), carrying a bow with no arrows (Revelation 6:1-2).

The rapture of the Church, having already occurred (Revelation 4:1), will leave the world vulnerable to deception on a grand scale. Antichrist will enforce a previously drafted peace treaty (Daniel 9:27) with Israel and her enemies amazing the world before unleashing three more horsemen (Revelation 6:3-11).

  • Red Horse: War
  • Black Horse: Economic collapse
  • Pale Horse: Famine and Pestilence

Peace apart from God will fail every time - as Satan blinds the hearts of the wise making their plans foolish (1 Corinthians 3:19).

Apr 172014

Gazans waving Hamas flags at a rally on Monday, April 14, 2014. (photo credit: Abed Rahim Khatib/Flash90)

The Times Of Israel: “The prime minister of the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip on Tuesday praised a shooting that killed an Israeli and wounded his wife and son as they drove through the West Bank the previous evening en route to a Seder, the traditional Passover meal that starts the weeklong Jewish holiday.

Speaking in Gaza, Ismail Haniyeh said the attack outside the city of Hebron “brought back life to the path of resistance” against Israel and warned of more attacks in the territory. No one claimed responsibility for the attack, the latest incident to threaten peace talks with the Palestinians.”

Opinion: The terror and treachery from the Palestinians of the West Bank and Gaza has roots back to Abraham’s tent and plays out in the book of Obadiah, the smallest book (one chapter) in the Bible.

Obadiah 1:1 begins with this: “Thus says the Lord God concerning Edom.” Edom (Hebrew for red) was the name given to Esau, the twin brother of Jacob.

After Esau sold his birthright to his brother Jacob, he did what God commanded the Jews not to do - marry Canaanite women. In fact these marriages were documented in the book of Genesis 26:35 and Ezra 9.

Ezra 9:2 admonished the Jews for marrying outside the line and mixing the seed of Abraham with idol-worshiping Gentiles: “For they have taken some of their daughters (Canaanite) as wives for themselves and their sons, so that the holy seed is mixed with the peoples of those lands.”

Edom’s followers are called Edomites. The tribe settled in Judea and southern Israel while the Jews were being carried off to Babylon. The descendants of Esau are the same people who inhabit Judea and Gaza, and are called the Palestinians of today.

Obadiah 1:11:  ”In the day that you [Edomites] stood on the other side—In the day that strangers carried captive his [Jacob] forces, When foreigners entered his gates And cast lots for Jerusalem—Even you were as one of them.”

God was dealing with the disobedience of the Jews for not submitting to the Sabbath rest of the land. God had warned the Jews that the land must lie fallow every 7th year, even promising a triple harvest in the 6th year. The Jews ignored the prophecies of Moses (Leviticus 26:34-35), Isaiah 39:6 and Jeremiah 6:20 and were sent packing for 70 years.

Obadiah 1:12: “But you [Edomites] should not have gazed on the day of your brother In the day of his captivity; Nor should you have rejoiced over the children of Judah In the day of their destruction; Nor should you have spoken proudly In the day of distress.”

You see, nothing has changed. The descendants of Esau are still at enmity with the descendants of Jacob. The blood feud began 4000 years ago and the only one that can end it is – God Himself.

Obadiah 1:15 brings judgment: “ For the day of the Lord upon all the nations is near; As you have done, it shall be done to you;
Your reprisal shall return upon your own head.”

Apr 102014
This Week in Armageddon: The Military Escalations You Haven't Heard About

Popular Mechanics: “Over the past few days, pro-Russia groups inside the Ukraine have invited Vladimir Putin to send troops to protect them. NATO is moving more warplanes into the Baltic to counter Russia, which continues to station masses of ground troops on the Ukrainian border. North and South Korea fired artillery into the ocean in

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Apr 092014

Express.co.uk: “Mars, Earth, and the Sun will all align tonight, a rare ‘opposition of the planets’ that only happens once every 778 days. But what makes this so remarkable is that it comes precisely a week before everyone on earth will see the first of FOUR dark red ‘blood moons’, an extraordinary event some Christians

Apr 082014
UN “Human Rights” Report Attacks U.S. Gun Rights, Constitution

The New American: “The United Nations pseudo-“human-rights” bureaucracy released another report attacking Americans’ self-defense rights, “Stand Your Ground” statutes passed at the state level, and the U.S. Constitution’s Second Amendment protection of the people’s God-given right to keep and bear arms without government infringement. Agreeing with the Obama administration and the most extreme anti-Second Amendment

Apr 072014

Institute For Political Economy: “The US, once a land of opportunity, has been transformed into an aristocratic economy in which income and wealth are concentrated at the very top.  The highly skewed concentration at the top is the result of jobs offshoring, which transformed Americans’ salaries and wages into bonuses for executives and capital gains