Dec 072016


Reuters News: “Web giants YouTube , Facebook , Twitter and Microsoft will step up efforts to remove extremist content from their websites by creating a common database.

The companies will share ‘hashes’ – unique digital fingerprints they automatically assign to videos or photos – of extremist content they have removed from their websites to enable their peers to identify the same content on their platforms.”

Opinion: On September 12, 2015, Barack Obama gave up US control of the internet. That the four tech giants  who are going to eliminate extremist content are US-based has nothing to do with massive changes to what we will be allowed to view.

The definition of extremist content, and what governing body will make the final decisions as to what is allowed, is the problem.

The infrastructure of the final world empire is under construction and freedom of speech and the right to own a firearm are likely to be the first two freedoms to go.

It is no coincidence that we never get readers to our website from Cuba or North Korea and it is extremely rare to see China, Palestinian Territories, or Iran, yet we have readers from over 40 countries many of which are Socialist/Communist.

Some day, possibly very soon, websites like this one will not be allowed to be on the internet.

Dec 012016


Breaking Israel News: “I will bless thee, and in multiplying I will multiply thy seed as the stars of the heaven, and as the sand which is upon the seashore.” Genesis 22:17 (The Israel Bible™)

“Recent advances in DNA testing are the final stage in bringing about a special vision of Messiah, one that will fulfill God’s promise to Abraham while uniting all three major Abrahamic religions, believes a prominent rabbi and former member of Knesset.”

Opinion: Not only can DNA testing identify Jewish blood but since 2015 it can identify the descendants of Aaron, a mandatory requirement for a Third temple.

According to Dr. Karl Skorecki (here), Cohanim (plural of Cohen) are the priestly family of the Jewish people, members of the Tribe of Levi. The books of Exodus and Leviticus describe the responsibilities of the Cohanim, which include the Temple service and blessing of the people. The Torah (the first five books of the Bible) describes the anointing of Aaron, the brother of Moses, as the first High Priest.

Jewish tradition, based on the Torah, is that all Cohanim are direct descendants of Aaron, the brother of Moses. The Cohen line is patrilineal — passed from father to son without interruption for 3,300 years, or more than 100 generations.

Atheists and skeptics will pass this off as meaningless. But for Bible prophecy students, DNA testing that can identify the descendants of Aaron means that a temple complete with a High Priest is one major step closer.

There can be no temple without a high priest and no high priest without a descendant of Aaron.

So what if there were markers of the lines of Ishmael, Esau, and Amalek, the eternal enemies of the Israelites throughout history? How the world would scream racism if such a line of people could be proven to have caused every act of persecution and murder against the Jew from Pharaoh to Mahmoud Abbas.

What if all anti-Semitism could be traced that would confirm the prophecy of 1 John 2:18?

“Little children, it is the last hour; and as you have heard that the Antichrist is coming, even now many antichrists have come, by which we know that it is the last hour.”

Would anyone believe it?

(Excerpt: our still unnamed 2nd book to be released this summer will explore the topic)

Nov 302016


Debkafile: “Arab media carried conflicting reports which described Israeli warplanes striking in and around Damascus overnight Tuesday, Nov. 29, with “four long-range Popeye” missiles fired from Lebanese air space on the government-held town of Al-Saboorah, a western suburb of Damascus, near the highway to Beirut.”

Opinion: Israeli war planes striking Damascus is an ominous preview of Isaiah’s prophecy, Isaiah 17:1: Behold, Damascus will cease from being a city, And it will be a ruinous heap.”

Isaiah does not specifically say it is Israel that destroys Damascus, but most Bible teachers agree that:

  • Damascus was only partially destroyed in the Assyrian invasion of 732 BC
  • Syria is one of Israel’s most dangerous enemies
  • Syrian President Assad has threatened to rain down rockets on Tel Aviv if his nations is attacked by Israel
  • Since Isaiah 17:14 reveals that since the end happens in one night the prophecy could only happen since the advent of nuclear weapons

That Russia, Turkey, Iran, Lebanon (Hezbollah), the US and Israel are all involved in the fighting, and Israel is in the middle of it all, indicates that elements of Psalm 83:1-8, Ezekiel 38:1-6, and the final Battle of Armageddon (Daniel 11:40) are present in the exact location where each end-time war will take place.

Like every war that involves Israel from the time of Moses, God uses the destruction of Damascus for His purpose: Isaiah 17:7 “In that day a man will look to his Maker, And his eyes will have respect for the Holy One of Israel.”


Nov 262016
News conference called on Obama's birth certificate

World Net Daily: With President-elect Donald Trump widely expected to turn back many of President Obama’s progressive executive actions and legislation, a shadow from the past has reappeared that may also impact Obama’s legacy: his birth certificate. WND has learned that a news conference has been scheduled for Dec. 15 to make public the final conclusions of the

Nov 252016
Trump’s Failure to Thank God Could Cost Him Messianic Chance

Breaking Israel News (BIN): “President-elect Donald Trump’s failure to thank God in his acceptance speech could be a fateful mistake, rabbinic scholar and international speaker Rabbi Mendel Kessin said last week, comparing Trump’s first post-election misstep to a blunder which cost King Hezekiah the opportunity to usher in Messianic times. “There’s not one mention of God” in the speech,


Rabbis Urge Trump, Putin to Help Rebuild Temple in Jerusalem

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Nov 212016
Rabbis Urge Trump, Putin to Help Rebuild Temple in Jerusalem

Israel Today: “The political conditions today, in which the two most important national leaders in the world support the Jewish right to Jerusalem as their spiritual inheritance, is historically unprecedented. The Sanhedrin sent letters to both Trump and Putin urging them to work together to fulfill a project that will benefit all mankind – the

Nov 152016
Trump: Israeli-Palestinian peace would be 'ultimate deal'

JPost: “President elect-Donald Trump wasted no time placing the Israeli-Palestinian conflict high on his foreign policy agenda, telling The Wall Street Journal on Friday that he hopes to end the conflict after taking office in January. “That’s the ultimate deal,” said Trump. “As a deal maker, I’d like to do … the deal that can’t

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