Jul 122014

ham1The Algemeiner: “The Israel Air Force called off an airstrike on a “terror activity site” on Thursday after spotting children in the vicinity of the target, a recently released video shows.

“There are people close to our target,” the pilot carrying out the mission is heard saying in the clip. “It looks like there are people, possibly children in our targeted area.”

An operator responds: “We are not going to strike this target now, let’s move on.”

Opinion: This is not going to get me the humanitarian of the year award, but the children were in the vicinity because Hamas wanted them killed to influence world opinion against the Jew.

When I was a young Christian, I thought that the command to kill the all the Amalekites (1 Samuel 15:1-3) seemed unusually harsh. How could a loving God order the deaths of men, women, children and livestock?

The Lord selected the line of Jacob to bring His Son into the world; the line of Esau is His sworn enemy.

And there are no redeeming qualities in the descendants of Esau. No religion acknowledges Esau as its patriarch, even though his lineage is from Isaac and Abraham. No people group esteem Esau - and the God of the universe singled out Esau as the only person in the Bible that He hated (Malachi 1:2-3).

Esau is the root of Antichrist throughout history. Amalek, his grandson, was the first to draw Jewish blood (specifically target the Jew).

“Because the LORD has sworn: The LORD will have war with Amalek from generation to generation” Exodus 17:16.

Nothing has changed. It has been determined by God to be this way.

Jul 102014

Joel Rosenberg: “Zionists, wait and see stabbing attacks everywhere. Wait for suicide attacks on every bus, café and street. Wait for the rage and for revenge for Gaza, wait for the flames of the West Bank and inside you [Israel]…”Zionists, [we] can reach you above ground and below it. So start counting the number of coffins you’ll need in these months.”

Opinion: This is a very old feud: ”And Esau hated Jacob because of the blessing with which his father blessed him: and Esau said in his heart, The days of mourning for my father are at hand; then will I slay my brother Jacob” Genesis 27:41.

Esau  is still trying.



(Excerpt: Antichrist: The Search For Amalek)

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Jul 102014


Stratrisks: “Iraq, Syria, Nigeria, South Sudan, Ukraine, the East and South China Seas: wherever you look, the world is aflame with new or intensifying conflicts. At first glance, these upheavals appear to be independent events, driven by their own unique and idiosyncratic circumstances. But look more closely and they share several key characteristics — notably, a witch’s brew of ethnic, religious, and national antagonisms that have been stirred to the boiling point by a fixation on energy.

It should surprise no one that energy plays such a significant role in these conflicts.”

Opinion: Interesting how secular websites come so close to identifying the impetus for the wars of the end of the age. Often secular writers can identify the probable players as well as the motives but miss what was written in detail long ago.

It is equally interesting the world’s lone superpower is working hard to eliminate itself from the energy race by embracing a climate change hoax.

What could possibly cause the armies of China/South Asia (kings of the East - Revelation 16:12) to march a two hundred million man army 3000 miles to do battle?

What could enrage the armies of the far north (king of the north -Russia/Turkey/Iran) to join in with Egypt/North Africa (king of the South-Daniel 11:40)?

A powerful dictator taking control of the world’s energy supply.

Jul 072014
ISIS Head Makes First Video Appearance

Zero Hedge: “A few days ago we reported that the blitz surge of the “cool”, social network-friendly faction of Al-Qaeda known as ISIS, which over the past week went so far as to declare the formation of its own sovereign state, the Islamic State on the territory of Iraq and Syria, has so irked not

Jul 052014
Berlin House of One: The first church-mosque-synagogue?

BBC News: “Berlin thinks it is making religious history as Muslims, Jews and Christians join hands to build a place where they can all worship. The House of One, as it is being called, will be a synagogue, a church and a mosque under one roof. An architecture competition has been held and the winner

Jul 052014
Pope Francis Meets Evangelical Delegation

TRU NEWS: “Two prominent Fort Worth-based Christian ministers led a delegation of Evangelical Christian leaders to Rome to meet privately with Pope Francis. James and Betty Robison, co-hosts of the Life Today television program, and Kenneth Copeland, co-host of Believer’s Voice of Victory, met the Roman Pontiff at the Vatican on Tuesday.  The meeting lasted

Jul 042014
Establishment Pushing “Cashless Society” to Control Humanity

The New American: “The global establishment is increasingly pushing the notion of what it calls a “cashless society” — a world in which all payments and transactions would be conducted electronically, creating a permanent record for governments to inspect and track at will. Multiple governments from Africa and Asia to Europe and the Americas are