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Investors Business Daily Op-Ed: “Scandal: President Obama told Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly that the IRS targeting of dissidents had not a “smidgen of corruption.” In light of rafts of evidence it happened, his dismissal of such an abuse of power is disingenuous at best.”


Jan 132014


The New American: “The rumors have been confirmed; President Obama’s plan to name Stanley Fischer as vice chairman of the Federal Reserve was made official on January 10. At the same time he announced Fischer’s appointment, the president also named Lael Brainard and Jerome Powell to positions as governors on the seven-member Federal Reserve Board. Fed Chairman Janet Yellen and Vice Chairman Fischer also serve as governors.

Unremarked in any of the media coverage of the appointments is the significant fact that all four of these Obama nominations to one of the most powerful institutions on the planet are not only members, but high-level operatives, of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), the premier U.S. “think tank” promoting world government for the past century.”

Opinion: The Council of Foreign Relations: “stereotypes of the United States as arrogant, self-indulgent, hypocritical, inattentive and unwilling or unable to engage in cross-cultural dialogue are pervasive and deeply rooted.”

The CFR, like the Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg, and the Federal Reserve each have separate but similar agendas. Jack Kinsella, Omega Letter, August 5, 2005:

“They aren’t conspiring with each other, they are under the direction of a Grand Conspirator, like puppets under the control of a single puppet-master. Each has its own agenda, and none are knowingly working to advance the agenda of some other part of the Grand Conspiracy.

There are those who argue that the world is secretly controlled by a handful of shadowy men in smoke-filled rooms who work from behind the scenes to bring about a New World Order. In a limited sense, those arguments have substance.  The handful of men that control the money trust do, in large measure, control the global economy. There ARE a handful of men that do, in large measure, control the media and use it as a propaganda tool, either for or against America.

There are a handful of men at the UN behind the scenes that pretty much dictate UN policy and shape the global landscape to fit their vision of a New World Order, as well.  What is fascinating is that they all are working toward different ultimate objectives, yet each operates as if it were under the control of a central authority that is simply using them to advance a larger goal.

One can actually take a step back, look at the Big Picture and see how all these conflicting conspiracies unwittingly work together towards creating the same ultimate scenario.  One identical to that outlined by the Bible for the last days. The conspirators don’t know they are working for the antichrist. They don’t even believe he exists.

They are building the platform, plank by plank, that he will need to advance his own agenda, and, once it is built, the only thing stopping him from assuming control is the existence of the indwelt believers of the Church Age.

Jesus said that, “this generation shall NOT pass, until ALL these things be fulfilled” Matthew 24:34.”

Dec 302013
Yes, There IS Evidence Linking al Qaeda to Benghazi

The Daily Beast: “Libyan militants tell the New York Times that al Qaeda is not behind the 2012 Benghazi attack. Some members of Congress beg to differ. On Sunday, The New York Times published an investigation that concluded al Qaeda played no role in the September 11, 2012 attacks on U.S. facilities in Benghazi. For

Nov 122013

American Thinker: “Since October 1, a health care law that was promoted as necessary to insure 30 million Americans has suddenly morphed into an all-out effort to un-insure those who had health care policies they liked and could afford. The excuse given for the cancellations is that certain policies are not meeting health care reform bill criteria — a

Nov 082013
Obama's Recovery: $1.3 Trillion Below Average

Investors Business Daily Op-Ed: “The latest GDP report shows that President Obama’s policies continue to weigh  down the economy. Now 51 months old, his recovery is by far the weakest since  the Great Depression. At 2.8%, real growth in the third quarter was higher than  expected, a rarity.”  

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Nov 072013
Sebelius: Possible for convicted felons to become Obamacare

The Daily Caller: “Republican Sen. John Cornyn at a Senate Finance Committee hearing at which  Sebelius was testifying. “Isn’t it true there is no federal requirement for navigators to undergo a criminal background check, even though they will receive personal information  rom the individuals they help to sign-up up for the Affordable Care Act?” “That is