Putin calls an emergency defense meeting as tensions mount in Ukraine

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Aug 172015

Putin calls an emergency defense meeting as tensions mount in Ukraine

Business Insider: “Russian-backed rebel forces in Ukraine are building up to “full combat readiness” after an urgent meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and some of his top military advisers.

The announcement that the rebels were getting prepared in eastern Ukraine came hours after Putin called the defense meeting.”

Opinion: For new readers to our site, the nation of Ukraine has strong Biblical significance. Let’s review:

Trouble began in Ukraine on November 25, 2013 when the pro-EU western part of the nation rebelled against Russia for voting down an EU trade agreement. A statue of Vladimir Lenin was torn down in Kiev similar to Saddam Hussein’s in 2003.

That Ukraine’s land mass borders the European Union on the west and Russia on the east places the nation as the rope in a tug of war:

Since West Ukraine, was once part of the Roman Empire its Biblical DNA is pulling it towards Europe while East Ukraine as the base of nuclear weapons for the Soviet Empire, is a significant pull for Putin.

NATO is gearing up its forces to protect Europe against Russian aggression. Putin’s intention is to restore the Soviet Empire putting East Ukraine in its plans.

The obvious Biblical solution is for Ukraine to split:

West Ukraine was part of three empires:

  • Assyrian Empire that dominated the known world in three stages from 2500 to 700 BC.
  • Scythian Empire from 700 to 200 BC
  • Roman Empire AD 117-138 under the Emperor Hadrian

Daniel 2:40-44 describes a fourth kingdom, a revived Roman Empire that will dominate the world in the last days. Daniel 7:23 says that the kingdom will trample the earth and in Daniel 9:26 we are told that the final dictator will emerge from somewhere inside its borders.

The nations that were part of the ancient Roman Empire are beginning to return to it in fulfillment of prophecy.

If Putin takes East Ukraine, an important piece of the prophetic puzzle will be in focus as West Ukraine will be free to apply for membership into the EU after almost 1000 years.



EPA's Hiring Binge Shows Why It Should Be Cut

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Aug 012015

epaInvestors Business Daily Op-Ed: “Regulation: As businesses struggle to stay open and lay off workers, the Environmental Protection Agency is preparing one of the biggest hiring binges in America outside of Google. Good news? Hardly.

Nearly 15,000 people work at the EPA now — making the agency a major national employer. This also lets its tentacles grow even more intrusive.”

“Let’s just say that the prevailing priority at EPA is to find ways to slow or shut down factories, not help open them,” says Myron Ebell, a scholar at the Competitive Enterprise Institute. “The rules on carbon emissions, methane, coal plants and others have cost the economy tens of thousands of jobs.”

Opinion: It is interesting to watch how secular writers almost get it right. They see the monster of government growing exponentially, yet without the lens of scripture the end game stops short.

In yesterday’s guest post by our friend Steve, some of the major supporters/financiers who are involved in the global warming/climate change/sustainability hoax are listed:

  • The United Nations
  • Common Core financier Bill Gates
  • Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)
  • Bilderberg summit attendees
  • The Vatican

The great prophet Daniel had a dream of four great beasts, in which he interpreted four final world empires also confirmed by Ezekiel:

The first three: a lion with eagle’s wings, a bear, and a leopard with four heads, correspond to

  1. Britain (lion) and US (eagle’s wings) – Daniel 7:4, Ezekiel 38:13
  2. Russia, Turkey and Iran – Daniel 7:5, Ezekiel 38:3,5,6
  3. North Africa – Cush (Sudan, Ethiopia, Somalia) and Put (Libya) – Daniel 7:6, Ezekiel 38:5

The fourth, which Daniel 7:7 said was so wicked there is no animal comparison, will trample the residue (earth) with its feet.

This fourth beast corresponds to Nebuchadnezzar’s vision of the two legs of the Roman Empire (Rome/Constantinople) and the ten toes (kingdoms) of a revived form of the Roman Empire in the last days. (Daniel 2:41)

Daniel’s 4th beast needs a launching pad and a cause: the United Nations Climate Change Conference, COP21 or CMP11, to be held in Paris, France November 30- December 11. 2015 is the launch, and the theme of Sustainability should provide the cause.


Jul 152015


The New American: Under the guise of battling the Islamic State (ISIS) and jihadists on the Internet, the European Union’s self-styled “police” force, dubbed “Europol,” is launching a new bureaucracy to supposedly combat “online propaganda” and “extremism” with censorship.

The so-called EU “Internet Referral Unit” (IRU) will be charged with monitoring the World Wide Web, taking down and flagging “extremist” material, providing information and analysis to EU member governments, and looking forward to the future. While details of the unit remain hazy, critics are expressing concerns — both about the EU usurpation of the awesome power to unilaterally censor the Internet, and with the constantly changing definition of “extremism” to cover increasingly broad swaths of the population.

The controversial EU censorship “unit” was formally born on July 1 to “combat terrorist propaganda and related violent extremist activities on the internet,” Europol said in a press release without defining “terrorist,” “propaganda,” or “extremist activities.”

Opinion: I did a little checking as to how the EU defines extremism: in a paper by europa.eu, the words extremism and populism both left and right are interchangeable:

“Although populism is difficult to define, it shows several recurrent features:-

  • it promotes direct democracy, claims a direct link between the government and the people and rejects the established political system;-
  • it offers immediate and demagogical solutions to people’s day to day problems;
  • it spreads simplistic and antagonistic images such as the sovereign nation, the “sane” people vs. the “corrupted” and “technocratic” elites;
  • it idealises the nation and its perceived traditions, fuelling the criticism of any supranational political system;
  • it holds an anti-globalisation discourse aimed at protecting vulnerable people from the consequences of the competitive capitalist market.”

It’s those last two bullets that extend all the way to Christian anti-globalist websites like … gulp, this one.


Bloomberg: The Epic China Meltdown

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Jul 112015
Bloomberg: The Epic China Meltdown

  Bloomberg News: “The Shanghai Stock Exchange Composite Index has lost 28 percent since its peak on June 12, the worst selloff in two decades. About $3.9 trillion in market valuation has evaporated, more than the total annual output of Germany—the world’s fourth-largest economy—and 16 times Greece’s gross domestic product. The benchmark is still up 82 percent in the past year,


With Greece, We're Watching The Revenge Of The Debtors

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Jul 072015
With Greece, We're Watching The Revenge Of The Debtors

Investors Business Daily Op-Ed: “Socialism: Indebted nations of the world are applauding the “Oxi” vote against “austerity” in Greece not so much as a victory for the common man, but because they have plans to default on the billions they owe. Brace yourself. What we’re witnessing is the revenge of the debtors — socialist nations


Greece Capitulates: Tsipras Crosses "Red Line", Will Accept Bailout Extension

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Jun 232015
Greece Capitulates: Tsipras Crosses "Red Line", Will Accept Bailout Extension

Zero Hedge: “Under pressure from all sides (and most importantly from Mario Draghi who holds the fate of the Greek banking sector in his hands) Greece looks to have folded and is now set to accept an extension of its current bailout program. PM Alexis Tsipras now faces an uphill battle to unite Syriza around

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