Mar 152014

Ramadan_Abdullah_Mohammad_Shallah_1The Algemeiner: “Palestinian Islamic Jihad leader Ramadan Abdullah Shellah, one of the FBI’s most wanted terrorists, said this week’s barrage of 130 rockets launched at southern Israel was coordinated with Hamas, the ruling power in Gaza, and attacking “beyond” Tel Aviv, remains in their sights.

Shellah said that, despite an apparent denial by Hamas, the shelling was coordinated — “all that we do is coordinated,” he said.

“We both coordinate all our moves together, in war and peace,” Shellah said. “I’ll reveal something: Just days ago, I was the guest [in Qatar] of Abou Alwalid [Khaled Meshaal], and we held very detailed meetings to discuss almost everything, but mainly the resistance and the situation in Gaza, so whoever says there’s no coordination knows nothing. We agreed together on retaliating if there’s any attack.”

Opinion: Abdullah Shellah was in Tehran when he spoke. That’s Iran, the same country that was caught sending a boatload of missiles and ammunition to Gaza terrorists.

Here’s an idea, let’s not negotiate with Iran until they stop being the #1 sponsor of terror in the world.


Mar 132014

gaza-map-hamasThe Times Of Israel: “Israeli planes struck 29 targets in the Strip, the army said in a statement. Palestinians said at least five strategic points were hit in the coastal enclave, primarily in areas around the cities of Khan Younis and Rafah.

Israel had warned that it would hit back hard at Gaza terror groups, after more than 50 rockets were fired at southern Israel.”

Opinion: Since Israel withdrew from the Gaza Strip in 2005, terrorists have fired more than 8,000 rockets into Israel. Over 3.5 million Israelis are currently living under threat of rocket attacks.

How on earth can they stand it? Almost 1000 rockets per year or 3-4 per day. No other nation on the planet has been subjected to such torture and yet no nation condemns Gaza.

The Gaza Expulsion Plan was a land for peace deal in 2005. Peace lasted 1 day. That anyone could even speak of giving more land for peace boggles the mind.

Last week on March 5th, Iran was caught re-supplying the Islamic Jihad in Gaza with even more deadly rockets while engaged in peace negotiations with the United States.


Feb 132014


The Times Of Israel: “In particular Netanyahu was concerned about criticism of the $20 million claim because he refused to pay out half that amount three years ago as part of an initial Turkish compensation plan, Army Radio reported.

Meanwhile, as Netanyahu mulled over the draft agreement, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan upped the stakes on Tuesday by stipulating that Israel also lift the blockade on the Gaza Strip before he would agree to a détente.”

Opinion: We have rehashed the 2010 Mavi Marmara Flotilla incident dozens of times. That Israel would compensate even one penny for Turkey’s act of aggression is unconscionable, trade deal notwithstanding.

Turkey’s attempt to stop the Gaza blockade is a veiled effort to open up the smuggling of weapons and rockets to Gaza. No humanitarian aid is ever withheld. The proof of the deception is the more than 14,000 rockets lobbed into Israel since the failed land for peace deal of 2005.

The key to the extortion attempt came in 2012. While in Israel,  President Obama convinced Prime Minister Netanyahu to a phone apology to PM Erdogan for Turkey’s act of aggression. Who has ever heard of such insanity?

Feb 122014
Fatah-Hamas reconciliation almost final, reports say

The Times Of Israel: “Fatah and Hamas have made significant progress in reconciliation talks held in Gaza and are now on the verge of implementing previously signed agreements, Palestinian media reported on Tuesday. The two rival movements have been at loggerheads since Hamas’s violent takeover of the Gaza Strip in June 2007, a year after

Feb 032014
Attacks from Gaza skyrocket in January

The Times Of Israel: “In January, government figures show, Gaza-based terror groups fired three times as many rockets at Israel as during an average month in 2013. These included 20 mortar and rocket attacks on Israel’s southern communities, two improvised explosive devices (IEDs) set off on the Gaza-Israel border and two incidents where the IDF stopped militants attempting to

Jan 252014
In the 10th year of a 4 year term, Abbas has no mandate to sign a deal

The Algemeiner: “Now in his tenth year of a four-year term, critics of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas say he lacks electoral legitimacy within his Fatah party, while Hamas, the rival Islamist party that controls Gaza, where an estimated 1.7 million Palestinian Arabs live, undermines his authority to negotiate a peace deal with Israel, according to

Jan 242014
Al Qaeda in Jerusalem

 Front Page Mag: “Israeli security forces have shut down a massive al-Qaeda plot coordinated by terrorist mastermind Ayman al-Zawahiri that involved attacking the Jerusalem Convention Center and the American embassy in the diplomatic center of Tel Aviv. This is believed to be the first time that al-Qaeda chief al-Zawahiri has gotten personally involved in engineering strikes