Iran received more than $10 billion in cash and gold

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Jan 032017

Arutz Sheva: “Iran has received more than $10 billion in sanctions relief from around the world in the form of cash and gold in the past three years, since it signed a preliminary nuclear deal with world powers, The Wall Street Journal has revealed.

The large shipments of gold and cash, from oil funds unfrozen in numerous countries, represent the kind of financial relief that made Iran’s leaders eager to complete the international nuclear accord, officials told the newspaper.”

Opinion: I like to call it Obamacash: read on and you will see why.

The Institute for National Security Studies (INSS) determined on January 1 that Hezbollah, Iran’s proxy, remains the most serious conventional threat to Israel. According to the report, Hezbollah has rockets that can reach any range, precision-guided missiles, attack and suicide drones and the best Russian-made air defense systems.

Hezbollah ground units are training to conquer Israeli towns and cities.

A trip down memory lane:

December 2010: John Brennan, Deputy National Security Adviser, who once claimed that ‘Islam helped shape his world view’, expressed a desire to encourage “moderate elements” of Hezbollah, which was then a State Department-designated terrorist organization.

February, 2013: John Brennan was named president Barack Obama’s nominee to head the CIA. He repeatedly expressed a hope that “moderates” within Iran and its terror proxy Hezbollah would steer their respective constituencies away from terrorism.

Domestically, Brennan claimed that radical Islam did not pose its own, unique threat to American security.

January 2014:  An annual report delivered to the US Senate by James Clapper, the director of National Intelligence, removed Iran and Hezbollah from its list of terrorism threats.

March 2015: An annual security assessment presented to the U.S. Senate by James Clapper, excluded Iran and the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah from its list of terror threats to U.S. interests.

April 2015: The Iran nuclear deal framework – a preliminary framework agreement reached and Obamacash began flowing to Iran.

So it was a set-up from day one of the Obama administration. In 2009 Obama legitimized the Muslim Brotherhood, parent group of Hamas, and immediately began the process of legitimizing Iran and its proxy Hezbollah which dominates southern Lebanon.

Obama refused to respond to protests of Iran’s 2009 election despite signs imploring him to do so in English.

Three thousand years ago a temple priest named Asaph prophesied that the inhabitants of Tyre (the ancient name for Lebanon) would be in league with Philistia (Gaza) which is inhabited by Hamas, to launch an attack on Israel.

Both Hezbollah and Hamas are funded by Iran. Wars cost money and $10 billion buys a lot of weapons.

(Psalm 83 war is discussed in detail here.)


Iranian Human Rights Activist: 'It is time for the UN to be booted out of New York'

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Dec 282016

Jerusalem online: “If the UN truly wants to be effective in applying the Sharia law agenda, then why don’t they move the UN to Mecca instead?  After all, Saudi Arabia sits on the UN Human Rights Council and Iran has a seat on the UN Women’s Rights Board. Don’t forget that Syria is the rapporteur for the UN’s Decolonization Committee.”

Opinion: Shabnam Assadollahi’s scathing rebuke of the UN should be a wake-up call to the new President-elect. She suggests that Donald immediately throw the UN out of New York, and turn the building into a museum documenting Islamist crimes against humanity.

Assadollahi directly accuses Iran of human rights atrocities:

  • Iran is currently the leading executioner of children in the world
  • Iran is presently engaged in very bloody proxy wars in Yemen, Iraq and Syria (400,000 dead)
  • Throwing barrel bombs on highly populated civilian areas
  • Female political prisoners in Iran are undernourished and deprived of medical care, electricity and running water
  • Raping women, crucifying Christians, throwing gays off the rooftops of buildings, cutting off the breasts of nursing mothers, enslaving minorities, drowning prisoners to death in cages and beheading Westerners

(Shabnam Assadollahi lives in Ottawa Canada. She is a veteran human rights advocate who has worked extensively helping newcomers and refugees resettle in Canada and has distinguished herself as a broadcaster, writer and public speaker. She is is highly critical of the Canadian government for not supporting Israel after Friday’s vote.)


Cash Transferred by Obama to Tehran Helped Expand Iranian Military Budget by 39%

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Dec 192016

The Algemeiner: “According to former senior MEMRI analyst Dr. Nimrod Raphaeli, though “money is fungible,” and it cannot be established that the $1.7 billion (originally reported as $400 million) delivered in two tranches to the Islamic Republic in exchange for the release of American hostages has gone directly to Iran’s various military branches and operations,

it, at a minimum, enabled the government to release an equal amount of money for defense purposes. It is noteworthy that the increase in the proposed defense budget for 2017 is approximately equal to the amount transferred by the US.”

Opinion: Iran has a big role in Bible prophecy for the last days. For the past 6 years we have written about the near fulfillment of Psalm 83, and the Burden of Damascus (Isa. 17) a hundred times or more.

In many of those posts it felt that the time was at hand, and each time we realized that only God knows the time, and it will not come one second sooner.

Our job is to watch for clues (signs), not predict the timing.

In the case of Isaiah 17:1, 14 and the total destruction of Damascus in one night, we will all no doubt read about it after the fact, as the late Jack Kelley once remarked.

Iran’s role in financing Psalm 83 and Gog and Magog will require a tremendous amount of capital. Who could have believed that it would take a US president, sympathetic and supportive to Islamic causes, to provide it?


Welcome to Jihadi land

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Dec 122016
Welcome to Jihadi land

Daily Mail UK: “Iran opens theme park where children get to dress up as soldiers and pretend to attack Israel and other Western enemies The City of Games for Revolutionary Children has opened in Mashad, Iran Run by the Iranian government, it teaches children to fight against enemies including Israel and the US Young children


Tehran Issues Daily Threats to US Over Sanctions Extension

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Dec 062016
Tehran Issues Daily Threats to US Over Sanctions Extension

Algemeiner: “Alongside daily threats from the Iranian regime to “retaliate” if US President Barack Obama signs a ten-year extension of the Iran Sanctions Act, the commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) Aerospace Force asserted on Tuesday that Tehran has enhanced the quantity and quality of its ballistic missiles, the semi-official news agency Fars reported.”


Mosul offensive folds, waiting now for Trump

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Dec 062016
Mosul offensive folds, waiting now for Trump

Debkafile: “The failure of the US-backed Iraqi army offensive to liberate Mosul – nine weeks after it began – could no longer be denied when a delegation of ISIS chiefs arrived there Sunday, Dec. 4, traveling unhindered from Raqqa, Syria. Altogether 54,000 Iraqi troops and 5,000 US servicemen – supported by 90 warplanes and 150 heavy

Dec 022016
Putin Sets the Stage for the Incoming U.S. Administration

Institute For War: “Russian President Vladimir Putin has kept international attention riveted on Russian operations in Syria while escalating military deployments and political operations across Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. Putin’s global strategy relies on creating the impression that a U.S. challenge to Russian expansion would be met with a conventional military or even

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