Apr 112014



Zero Hedge: “Curious what the fate of the petrodollar is? Look no farther than this Interfax update blasted (yesterday) by Bloomberg: “Gazprom Considers ‘Symbolic’ Yuan Bond Issue, Interfax Says.”

Opinion:  Definitions:

  • Petrodollar: A US dollar earned through the sale of its petroleum (oil) to another country
  • Gazprom: The Russian oil company is the largest extractor of natural gas and one of the largest companies in the world

The transaction goes like this -Bonds are issued in Yuan (Chinese dollar) bypassing the US dollar (world reserve currency). Russia delivers gas to China in exchange for Russia purchasing Chinese goods.

The US dollar is thereby weakened.

If the US continues the global warming hysteria, Russia will completely dominate Europe’s energy market. By replacing the US dollar with the Chinese currency, Russia and China can create energy contracts with Iran and other nations, thereby avoiding the dollar completely.

If other nations join in the transactions, a dollar collapse would become inevitable.

China has made no secret of its desire to de-throne the dollar as the world reserve currency. After buying massive amounts of gold for the past three years, China has built global confidence in its currency.

Using the Bible’s guardrails a collapse of that magnitude would likely occur with the 3rd rider of the Apocalypse, Revelation 6:5-6:

So I looked, and behold, a black horse, and he who sat on it had a pair of scales in his hand. And I heard a voice in the midst of the four living creatures saying, “A quart of wheat for a denarius, and three quarts of barley for a denarius (1 day’s food); and do not harm the oil and the wine” (the wealthy scarcely feel the pinch).

Apr 072014

ap1YNet News: Last week, the Palestinian Authority halted (until further notice) the talks with the United States. That is the proper definition for the decisions made by the Palestinian political echelon, which led to a deadlock in the negotiations.

The Palestinians more or less spat in America’s face.

Under these circumstances, it’s only natural that the Kremlin is interested in expanding its (very limited) global circle of friends, and that the Palestinians are interested in an alternative patronage, in a strong, reliable friend with deep pockets. The Russian-Palestinian strategic alliance appears, therefore, to be a self-evident political and diplomatic move, which serves both sides very well.

From a Russian strategic point of view, the Palestinian Authority is perceived as an ideal bridgehead to the Arab world and as a fighter against the radical and fanatic Islam, which Russia sees as an enemy too.”

Opinion: Perfect. The Obama administration has now officially lost the Middle East.

But at least we have one new friend:


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Apr 052014
John Kerry Smothered in ME Sandstorm

The Algmeiner: Hitting at the heart of Israel’s relationship with the U.S., and informed by his years as Israel’s Consul General in Houston, Texas, Ettinger told The Algemeiner in an interview that Kerry’s refusal to acknowledge the historical facts and realities of the Middle East left America’s top diplomat “smothered in a Middle East sandstorm.”

Apr 042014
Russia to back Iran in nuclear talks - Moscow’s “April Surprise”

Debkafile: “As the Six Power group and Iran prepared for their third round of nuclear talks in Vienna next week (Tuesday-Wednesday, April 8-9), Tehran frankly admitted to exploiting the holes in the six-month interim deal they forged in Geneva last November by using advanced centrifuges and carrying on with the Arak project. This will be

Apr 012014
One-time hostage of Iranian militants urges denial of visa to new Iran envoy involved in siege

Fox News: “FORMER AMERICAN HOSTAGE Barry Rosen, held by student extremists at the US Embassy in Tehran for more than a year, says it would be an ‘outrage’ and ‘disgrace’ if Washington gave a visa to one of the militants recently named by Iran as its new UN ambassador. “It may be a precedent but