Aug 262015


The Times Of Israel: “A senior Iranian official on Tuesday said Israel “should be annihilated,” and that the thawing relations with the West would not translate into a shift in Tehran’s position concerning the Jewish state.

Hussein Sheikholeslam, a foreign affairs adviser to parliament speaker Ali Larijani, told Iranian media that contrary to remarks by British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond, “Our positions against the usurper Zionist regime have not changed at all; Israel should be annihilated and this is our ultimate slogan.”

Opinion: And all the while Iran is supplying Hamas in the southeast and Hezbollah in the north with sophisticated weapons/missiles and cash so that Iran will not have to get their hands dirty, for now.

Psalm 83:4 “Come,” they say, “let us destroy them as a nation, so that Israel’s name is remembered no more.”

The psalmist, writing 3000 years ago, goes on to name a 10 nation alliance that reads like today’s newspaper.

In Psalm 83:1-8 the federation is anchored by two enemies that are inside Israel today: Edom= Palestinians of the West Bank (Judea and Samaria) and Philistia= Palestinians of Gaza.

The psalmist then calls the inhabitants of Tyre (Lebanon) represented by Hezbollah in the north and are joined by:

  • Assyria: Syria, northern Iraq,
  • Sinai: Arabs in the desert in the south
  • Ishmaelites : Saudi Arabia
  • Gebal: northern Lebanon
  • Moab and Ammon representing central and northern Jordan
  • Hagrites: Egypt

Following an astounding victory, Israel will make the mistake of thinking that peace and safety is hers.

Then the real trouble begins, Ezekiel 38-39.


Aug 242015

img611006Arutz Sheva: “Pope Francis will address a joint session of Congress on Sept. 24, a week after Congress votes on a measure of disapproval regarding the nuclear deal with Iran, and probably before a vote to override a presidential veto, if one is required. While the visit was scheduled independently, without the Iran vote in mind, Francis’s presence may make the lobbying efforts of the forces opposed to the deal more difficult.

It is not known if the Pope will say anything about the nuclear deal but according to Politico, “he’s not shy about his opinions, and odds are that he will discuss his support for the Iran deal. If so, his remarks could prove the antithesis of the speech Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu made to Congress in March, which was aimed at galvanizing opposition to the deal.”

The Vatican said in July that the agreement reached by Iran and the P5-1 powers on the Iranian nuclear program “is viewed in a positive light by the Holy See.”

Opinion: Based on the June 26, 2015 meeting with terrorist leader Mahmoud Abbas and Pope Francis, granting formal recognition of a Palestinian state and a gift of the Angel of Peace, there is no doubt whose side this pontiff is on.

Catholic catechism teaches that Mary, the mother of Jesus, was assumed into heaven from Jerusalem. Neither the assumption or Jerusalem as the place of Mary’s death can be substantiated by Scripture.

Look for the September 24 speech and subsequent UN address to favor the Iran nuclear deal further isolating Israel from the nations and future judgment on the church, Genesis 12:3.



US think tank questions Iran alibi for Parchin activity

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Aug 102015


Israel Hayom: “Iran’s claim that it is performing road work at its Parchin military site came under question Friday by a prominent US think tank, which noted independent satellite imagery did not support the explanation, Israel Hayom reported. Instead, the Institute for Science and International Security said it appears the Islamic Republic is trying to sanitize the site ahead of announced international inspections.

The Parchin site has faced the suspicions of many countries as being used for nuclear experimentation, a claim Iran flatly denies. Recent vehicle movement at the site was explained away as road work near the Mamloo Dam.

The Institute for Science and International Security, however, issued a fresh analysis of the situation, saying in a statement, “Commercial satellite imagery does not support the Iranian explanation. [The Institute] analyzed commercially available satellite imagery taken on July 12, 19, and 26, 2015 but did not find any visible signatures related to road work on the road near the dam.”

Opinion: On Saturday Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, called the Institute’s statement “lies” spread by opponents (Netanyahu) of the nuclear deal.

Look at this picture and tell me who got the best part of the deal:



Netanyahu Slams Obama, West for Violating More ‘Red Lines’ in Iran Deal

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Jul 132015
Netanyahu Slams Obama, West for Violating More ‘Red Lines’ in Iran Deal

Breitbart: “Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu issued an angry warning Sunday about an impending nuclear deal between the world’s major powers and Iran, as negotiators drew close to a final agreement on Sunday. “We will not pay the price for this,” Netanyahu said, in a statement recalling the manner in which the West had abandoned Czechoslovakia


Army plans to cut 40,000 troops

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Jul 082015
Army plans to cut 40,000 troops

USA Today: “The Army plans to cut 40,000 soldiers from its ranks over the next two years, a reduction that will affect virtually all of its domestic and foreign posts, the service asserts in a document obtained by USA TODAY. The potential troop cut comes as the Obama administration is pondering its next moves against


Jihadists have seized 'enough radioactive material to build their first WMD'

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Jun 102015
Jihadists have seized 'enough radioactive material to build their first WMD'

The Independent: “The Isis militant group has seized enough radioactive material from government facilities to suggest it has the capacity to build a large and devastating “dirty” bomb, according to Australian intelligence reports. Isis declared its ambition to develop weapons of mass destruction in the most recent edition of its propaganda magazine Dabiq, and Indian

Jun 102015
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Obama Set To Send Hundreds of Troops to Iraq, No New Strategy

Newsmax: “U.S. President Barack Obama is considering expanding the number of training sites for Iraqi forces to bolster the battle against Islamic State, U.S. military officials said on Tuesday, which could mean deploying hundreds more U.S. forces in Iraq. The proposed build-up follows only sporadic successes in the months-long U.S.-backed Iraqi drive to push back

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