Sep 192014

john-kerry-tough-apBreitbart: “On Thursday in a session with the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, Secretary of State John Kerry was asked by Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC) whether America was at war in Iraq and Syria.

Kerry responded: “If you’re more comfortable calling it a war against this enemy of Islam then please do so. We’re happy to call it that.”

So it’s official: America is at war with the enemy of Islam…”

Opinion: It is hard to imagine the mind of this Secretary of State. Political correctness has so overrun the government of the United States that any day now – we will start bombing ourselves.

Bakr Al Baghdadi, the leader of the Islamic state of Iraq and the Levant, has no doubt who he is at war with: Christians, Jews, Shia Muslims

And what he is trying to conquer: Cyprus, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq and Syria

Or how he is going to accomplish it: “Support the religion of Allah through jihad in the path of Allah. Go forth, O mujahidin in the path of Allah. Terrify the enemies of Allah and seek death in the places where you expect to find it, for the dunya (worldly life) will come to an end, and the hereafter will last forever.”  







Sep 182014


The Times Of Israel: “Free Syrian Army spokesperson says brutal jihadi group quietly making inroads in villages near Golan by offering aid in exchange for services to be named later.

The Islamic State terror group is operating sleeper cells in southern Syria near the border with Israel, a spokesman for the opposition’s Free Syrian Army charged Sunday.

The spokesman, speaking to The Times of Israel on condition of anonymity, as he was not authorized to communicate with Israeli media, said that some of the 6,000 Islamist fighters who fled southward toward the borders with Israel and Jordan in July actually belong to the Islamic State, not to the less extreme Nusra Front as previously believed.”

Opinion: While the nations dither over boots on the ground, Israel will not.


Sep 182014

muqtada-al-sadrThe Middle East Monitor: “The head of Iraq’s Shia Sadrist movement Muqtada Al-Sadr yesterday threatened the United States’ troops if they decide to return to Iraq.

Al-Sadr said, in a statement posted on his official website: “The Black House [The White House] has decided to resume its attacks on Iraqi territory and perhaps the American decision comes after it had regretted its mockery of a withdrawal from Iraq to avoid the Iraqi fierce military and political and popular resistance.”

Al-Sadr continued: “I say, if you [United States] decide to return to Iraq, we will fight you with all our power and you will regret your decision.”

Opinion: Remember the name Muqtada al-Sadr? He’s the radical Shiite cleric who fiercely opposed the U.S. occupation of Iraq. Back then, the Mahdi Army was responsible for some of the deadliest days of the Iraq  war.

Al-Sadr’s Mahdi army rose to international prominence on April 18, 2004 when it spearheaded the first major armed confrontation against the U.S.-led forces in Iraq from the Shia community. At its height, the Mahdi Army’s popularity was strong enough to influence local government, the police, and cooperation with Sunni Iraqis and their supporters.

Then he overplayed his hand.

The U.S. got other Shiite leaders to turn on him, issue an arrest warrant, and in 2007 he fled to Iran, where he sought exile and supposedly studied theology. But when he returned in 2011, his followers remained loyal to him, and he wields real political power in Iraq.

Al-Sadr appears to be trying to become the new power broker of Iraq, condemning ISIS and the Sunni terrorist groups, but also appealing to moderate Sunnis. Whether or not he succeeds, we are probably witnessing splits in the Shiite coalition, and that can only mean more chaos in an already chaotic situation.

So now we have the Obama doctrine (no boots on the ground) and a Shia cleric in agreement … scary.

(Thanks to Vason for sending this in)

Sep 182014
Kerry Slammed on Capitol Hill

Breitbart: “Wednesday at the Senate Foreign Relation Committee hearing on U.S. strategy for combating ISIS, Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN) criticized President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden and Secretary of State John Kerry as “three senators” exercising “terrible judgment” on the U.S. strategy against ISIS.”   Opinion: The US government is in disarray and confused

Sep 162014
Iran: Shadow Enemy In Syria

The Daily Beast: ” Iraq, Tehran was our silent partner, working to break an ISIS siege and edging out Maliki. But it’s not in Obama’s new coalition—and may try to destabilize U.S.-led efforts in Syria. At the big table in Paris where 24 world leaders met Monday to discuss a war plan against ISIS, one nation

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