Mar 102014

iraqigirl_wikimedia_reuseBreitbart: “A new Iraqi draft law based on Shi’ite Islamic jurisprudence would allow nine-year old girls to marry and would assert a husband’s right to demand sex from his wife whenever he wishes, reports Reuters.

The draft legislation, known as the Ja’afari Law after the sixth Shi’ite imam Ja’afar al-Sadiq, was approved by the Iraqi cabinet and must now be considered by parliament.”

Opinion: “Hello darkness, my old friend,  I’ve come to talk with you again,  Because a vision softly creeping,  Left its seeds while I was sleeping,  And the vision that was planted in my brain  Still remains Within the sound of silence.”

The 1964 song by  Simon and Garfunkel was written in response to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

Today, the lyrics reminds me of the silence of the left-wing media and the liberal establishment that are complaining of the so-called war against women.

“And in the naked light I saw, Ten thousand people, maybe more. People talking without speaking;   People hearing without listening; People writing songs that voices never share, and no one dared,   Disturb the sound of silence”

Feb 272014


Zero Hedge: “All those clips we showed in the past few days of Russian forces amassing in the Crimean? Well, turns out they were all predictive of what has just happened in the Crimean region parliament at Simferopol, where around 120 pro-Russian gunmen occupied the parliament building and raised the Russian flag. The scene was the site of Wednesday’s scuffles between Tatar groups and pro-Russian supporters. As Euronews reports, local Tatar leader Refat Chubarov posted that the buildings have been occupied by men in uniforms bearing “no recognisable insignia.”

Kyiv says it would regard any movements by Russian military in Crimea outside Moscow’s Black Sea Base in Sevastopol as an act of aggression. Following the fall of President Viktor Yanukovych divisions in Ukraine have come to the fore. All this happens as Russian troops in the area are building up and at the same time as Russia put fighter jets on combat alert, according to Interfax.”

Opinion: In the meantime, Secretary of State John Kerry said this “Any kind of military intervention that would violate the sovereign territorial integrity of Ukraine would be a huge, a grave mistake,” while Vladimir Putin’s doctors administered medication to stop his laughing attacks.

This week’s announcement of a massive reduction of America’s military sends an entirely different message than the stern threat  issued to Czar Putin. Maybe that’s why the new president of Iran smiles so much.

Feb 102014
NBC Trivializes Communism's Evil, Calls It 'Pivotal Experiment'

Breitbart: With images of a hammer and sickle moving across the screen, opening coverage of the Sochi Olympic Games included NBC’s description of communism as “one of modern history’s pivotal experiments.” NBC paid tribute to Russia: “Russia transcends. Through every stage of its story, it’s resisted any notion of limitation. Through every reinvention, only redoubling

Jan 142014
World View: Al-Qaeda Captures Multiple Syrian Cities

Breitbart: “Well, this is certainly a complex situation.  Al-Qaeda terrorists are Sunni jihadists who consider Shia Muslims to be infidels or apostates. Al-Assad is Shia/Alawite and is being supported by the so-called “Shia crescent,” consisting of Iran and Lebanon’s Hezbollah.  ISIS is also fighting the Shia government in Iraq.  Jihadists in Chechnya are fighting the

Jan 132014
Meet al-Qaeda's new poster boy for the Middle East

The Telegraph: “THE FBI “most wanted” mugshot shows a tough, swarthy figure, his hair in a jailbird crew-cut. The $10 million price on his head, meanwhile, suggests that whoever released him from US custody four years ago may now be regretting it. Taken during his years as a detainee at the US-run Camp Bucca in