Apr 122014

lie-e1396878936363-300x196The Algemeiner: “Muhammad Al-Daya, longtime bodyguard of Yasser Arafat, explained in a recent televised interview how Arafat used to lie when he denounced bombings in Israel.

Arafat “would condemn the bombing in his own special way, saying: ‘I am against the killing of civilians.’ But that wasn’t true,” said Al-Daya, in a BBC Arabic interview that aired on April 3, according to a translation and transcript from MEMRI, the Middle East Media Research Institute.

Islam allows you to lie in three cases: In order to reconcile two people… If your wife is ugly, you are allowed to tell her she is the most beautiful woman alive. The third case is politics. You are allowed to lie in politics.”

Opinion: The lie is called Taqiyya. Lying to infidels for the good of Islam is acceptable and encouraged, and Yasser Arafat made taqiyya an art form. In our upcoming book Antichrist: The Search for Amalek, Arafat got a whole chapter.

In 1996, after publically claiming to renounce terrorism, Arafat privately, in a closed meeting with Arab diplomats in Stockholm, said this:

“We plan to eliminate the state of Israel and establish a purely Palestinian state. We will make life unbearable for Jews by psychological warfare and population explosion. We Palestinians will take over everything, including all of Jerusalem.”

Apr 052014


Unconditional or Patriarchal. This is the foundation of all future covenants (Gen. 12:1-3, 13:14-18, 15:1-21, 17:1-22).

  •  To make Abraham a great nation, multiply his seed, and make him the father of many nations
  •  To bless Abraham and make him great
  • To make Abraham a blessing to all the families of the earth
  •  To bless those who bless him and curse those who curse him
  •  To give Abraham and his seed all the land he could see, with specified, definite boundaries
  •  To give a sign of covenant (circumcision)

Opinion: Two recent headlines herald advances in medical technology that underscore the hundreds of blessings that the tiny nation of Israel has brought to the world since its miraculous rebirth in 1948. The prophet Isaiah 66:7-8 (750 BC) precisely foretold the budding of the fig tree Matthew 24:32-35.

The Times of Israel

Headline (blue headline link above): “Breast-cancer researchers: Cure ‘not a fantasy” Curing cancer is a lofty goal — and has proven a very difficult one to attain. But when it comes to breast cancer, at least, some Negev physicians and researchers don’t think developing a cure is an impossible task.”


Headline (link below): “Blind can ‘see’ with Israeli-developed camera systemOrCam uses advanced algorithms, video and audio technology to open up a new world for the visually impaired — inexpensively.”




Apr 042014


The Times Of Israel: “As prospects for the extension of the current round of peace talks took a further bleak turn, Israel officially canceled the fourth release of Palestinian prisoners on Thursday, citing an earlier Palestinian push to join international treaties affiliated with the United Nations.

At an overnight meeting Wednesday with Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat and US peace envoy Martin Indyk, Israel’s chief negotiator, Tzipi Livni, said that since the Palestinian bid for international recognition came as Israel was finalizing the release, and since the agreement was contingent on Palestinian cooperation, the move to free the inmates had been terminated.”


Opinion: Erekat presented to senior Fatah officials a revised list of preconditions for the extension of peace talks, including:

  • Official Israeli agreement to the establishment of a Palestinian state along the 1967 lines – [ridiculous]
  • The release of 1200 prisoners – [outrageous]
  • East Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine – [blasphemous]

Finally, the Israelis say no. I was beginning to think they forgot whose land it is (Joel 3:1-2).

Feb 252014
The Israeli Left Pursues the Treason Vote

Front Page Mag: “For years, the Israeli government has provided social security and other social welfare payments to convicted Arab terrorists and murderers.  If an Arab otherwise entitled to unemployment insurance, welfare payments, pensions, or other “social” payments happens to engage in terrorism and happens to be imprisoned, he and his family continue to receive

Feb 192014
Vatican Pushing for Control of Mount Zion

Arutz Sheva: “Christian leaders reportedly pressured Israel to turn over control of Mount Zion in Jerusalem during a clandestine meeting of senior city officials. Pope Francis is expected to visit Israel and to lead a service in the Hall of the Last Supper. The same building that houses the hall, which is holy to Christianity,

Feb 152014

One of our readers, Nanette, commented on our earlier post, saying “I hope you can watch this (video).” I did watch it and it is the perfect ending to our posts on dispensationalism today. The video is made by the Bereans who reflect the attitude of Acts 17:10-15, committing themselves to “searching the scriptures daily.” For those who love Israel and

Feb 132014
Israel is a 'Cancerous Tumor', Must be Removed

Arutz Sheva: “In the speech Wednesday commemorating the 35th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani once again turned on the “charm offensive” against the US, insisting that Iran does not want to attack any country. In the same breath, however, Rouhani warned that Iran would issue a harsh response against any attackers –