Dec 182014

141205115137-vatican-pope-audience-story-topCNN: “Pope Francis — the Catholic Church’s first Latin American pontiff — celebrated his birthday Wednesday with a major geopolitical wish granted: The end of a half-century of frozen relations between the United States and Cuba.

Francis, who was elected last year and turned 78 on Wednesday, acted as the chief advocate for renewing diplomatic ties between Washington and Havana, officials said.

The Pope made a personal plea to President Barack Obama and Cuban leaders in a letter this summer, writing that the two nations should try to reset their relations after decades of friction.

“I want to thank His Holiness, Pope Francis, whose moral example shows us the importance of pursuing the world as it should be, rather than simply settling for the world as it is,” Obama said Wednesday as he announced the U.S. policy shift on Cuba.”

Opinion: I should have expected the corroboration between the two leaders, since Francis and the liberal wing of US bishops were very vocal about opening up the US border to any and all illegal immigrants.

Earlier this month we added Francis’ Jesuit Society to a growing list of organizations that are working towards global government – which requires removal of the US from superpower status.

Global organizational support:

  • United Nations
  • Elders
  • Council of Foreign Relations (CFR)
  • International Criminal Court (ICC)
  • Federal Reserve
  • Jesuit Society
  • Bilderberg
  • Tri-Lateral Commission

(Thanks to Nannette for sending this in)

Dec 102014

ec0cd37ab43b83b9c433d27b311fb5ed_MThe New American: “Establishment forces from around the world are exploiting the threat posed by the terrorist group styling itself the “Islamic State,” often referred to as ISIS or ISIL, to advance globalism and to further empower the United Nations.

Indeed, the barbaric terror organization, which Vice President Joe Biden recently admitted was created, armed, and funded by the Obama administration’s supposed “anti-ISIS” coalition, is now being paraded around by globalist extremists to push a dizzying array of longtime establishment goals. Without a massive public outcry, they may succeed.

From a UN war on “non-violent extremism” and international restrictions on speech to a UN-led global terror war and more power for the global “criminal court,” the self-styled “Islamic State” has become a convenient and widely cited pretext for advancing a broad range of attacks on liberty and national sovereignty. Quietly and largely under the radar, some of those efforts have already succeeded in recent months. However, the international establishment has even more ambitious plans underway as its own operatives stir up hysteria about ISIS barbarism to push more internationalism.”

Opinion: Can you hear the footsteps of global government?

1. Terrorism is a tool for globalists. By pretending to stop ISIS with limited airstrikes the terror group becomes a useful idiot in the hands of government bureaucrats. The more brutal ISIS becomes, the more our freedoms disappear.

2. The UN is the perfect venue for globalist regimes. By taking part in the UN charade of fairness and the common good, dictators and rogue terror governments fly under the radar. The more the US panders to the UN, the more likely America will one day be governed it.

3. The Obama administration is actively working to give oversight to the UN on climate change, arms control and the UN-led International Criminal Court ICC).

Dec 102014

Jonathan Gruber

Washington Free Beacon: “In some cases I made uninformed and glib comments about the political process behind health care reform,” Gruber said in his opening remarks before the House Oversight Committee.

“I am not an expert on politics and my tone implied that I was, which is wrong. In other cases I simply made insulting and mean comments that are totally uncalled for in any situation. I sincerely apologize both for conjecturing with a tone of expertise and for doing so in such a disparaging fashion. It is never appropriate to try to make oneself seem more important or smarter by demeaning others.”

“I am embarrassed, and I am sorry.”

Opinion: Jonathan Gruber can relax; thanks to the mainstream press 90% of the American voting public never heard of him.

  • The Gruber scandal proves the President of the United States lied to sell we the people on his signature legislation.
  • The scandal also proves that in 21st century America the press will cover up any lie that the president can think up.
  • The scandal also proves that we the people actually believed the lie, 2 Thessalonians 2:11-12.

It is going to be very easy for the final liar.


Dec 092014
What Israeli Elections Mean for Obama

Front Page Mag: “The foreign policy crowd is divided on whether Obama should intervene in Israel’s elections and how much. Trial balloons being floated show that Obama Inc. is at the very least willing to play coy about suggestions of sanctioning Israel. The sanctions are unlikely to ever get past Congress, but they never have

Dec 092014
Ex-CIA Chief Michael Hayden: 'Torture' Report Will Cripple Agency

Newsmax: A small group of Democrats on the Senate Intelligence Committee are hell-bent on releasing a graphic report that suggests the CIA misled President George W. Bush about torture techniques used on suspected al-Qaida detainees held in secret facilities in Europe and Asia following 9/11, former CIA and NSA Director Michael Hayden said Monday on

Dec 082014
US Military: A Worsening Morale Crisis

Military Times: “A Military Times survey of 2,300 active-duty troops found morale indicators on the decline in nearly every aspect of military life. Troops report significantly lower overall job satisfaction, diminished respect for their superiors, and a declining interest in re-enlistment now compared to just five years ago. Today’s service members say they feel underpaid,

Dec 082014
Michael Brown Demonstrators Cheer as Police Officers Hit by Car

Breitbart: “On December 3, supporters who marched in Denver for Michael Brown cheered when a car struck four Denver police officers doing crowd control on bicycles. According to KWGN, one of the four officers–John Adsit–“spent six hours in surgery” on December 3, then underwent more surgery the following day. A large contingent of the demonstrators

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