Feb 122016


The New American: “Pro-life legislators in several states have proposed bills that would prohibit abortions that would involve extracting a living unborn baby in pieces from the uterus, typically done using instruments such as clamps and forceps.

Such a bill under consideration in Mississippi uses wording borrowed from model legislation prepared by the Washington-based National Right to Life Committee, which describes the grisly procedure as “dismemberment abortion.”

Dismemberment abortions are commonly used in the second trimester of pregnancy.”

Opinion: I am having a hard time getting past that last sentence.

The world’s tiniest victims have no voice. We cringe at the atrocities of ISIS beheadings, while looking the other way on late-term dismemberment abortion.

According to the Congressional Budget Office, there are an average of 27.4 lateterm abortion per day or 1.14 per hour, totaling about 10,000 unborn babies killed each year in the United States in abortions that take place at 20 weeks or later in pregnancy.

The New American reports what the mainstream press and liberal politicians refuse to discuss:

In a survey of over 100 women who had suffered from post-abortion trauma, fully 80 percent expressed feelings of “self-hatred.” In the same study, 49 percent reported drug abuse and 39 percent began to use or increased their use of alcohol. Approximately 14 percent described themselves as having become “addicted” or “alcoholic” after their abortions. In addition, 60 percent reported suicidal ideation, with 28 percent actually attempting suicide, of which half attempted suicide two or more times.”

The only woman running for president in 2016 so far, proudly received the 2014 Margaret Sanger Award that is presented annually by Planned Parenthood to recognize leadership, excellence, and outstanding contributions to the murder of innocent children.

On July 21, 2015, our president called on God to bless Planned Parenthood, and one month later gave a full body hug to its president Cecile Richards.


New America Headline “CIA: ISIS used chemical weapons, may have more” @ BPTnews.org

Jan 252016


The Daily Caller: “The Council on American-Islamic Relations, the nation’s largest Muslim civil rights group, instructed America this week that Muslims, Christians and Jewish people all worship the same deity.

“[F]rom an Islamic perspective, there is only one deity worshiped by Muslims, Christians and Jews,” CAIR’s national executive director Nihad Awad explains.

“‘Allah’ is merely the Arabic translation for ‘God,’” Awad observes, and “all Arabic-speaking Christians refer to ‘Allah’ in their prayers.”

“Islam’s Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: ‘Both in this world and in the Hereafter, I am the nearest of all people to Jesus, the son of Mary,’” the CAIR executive adds. “The prophets are paternal brothers; their mothers are different, but their religion is one.

Awad’s brief essay is entitled “Our Religion Is One – Muslims And Christians Worship The Same God”.

CAIR-HamasOpinion: CAIR is listed by the US government as an un-indicted co-conspirator in a scheme to provide funding to the terror groupHamas.

Nihad Awad mentions Jesus, son of Mary, without mentioning that Muslims do not believe in Jesus’ deity, or that when the Mahdi (rider on the White Horse, Rev. 6:1-3) returns to bring peace to a chaotic world he brings Isa, son of Mary, as the Mahdi’s deputy.

On October 7, 2007 George W. Bush stunned the evangelicals that helped elect him twice with the comment “Christians and Muslims worship the same God.”

The current White House occupant claims that Islam is woven into the fabric of the founding of America.

The globalist “Oneness” mantra first promoted in a 2009 book by the same name that the progressive left would like everyone to embrace in order to unite all religions under the banner of enlightenment:

Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism, Islam: the world’s religions all seem to ask that their followers seek different paths to enlightenment. Yet beneath the seeming differences lies a pool of universal truth. Oneness collects these beliefs together in one volume, in the actual words of each religion’s scriptures. These universal principles—The Golden Rule . . . Honor Thy Father and Thy Mother . . . Heaven Is Within . . . As We Sow, We Shall Reap . . . Judge Not . . . God Is Love, and others—guide us to inner peace, and allow us to achieve spiritual richness. Oneness is a gift of love.”

The progressive idea of global religion to unite all faiths is in full view:

  • Ecumenism- Catholic movement to bring all religions under authority of the Pope
  • Interfaith movement – watering down the Gospel message (many pathways to salvation)
  • Oneness – Finding commonality in ideology
  • Inclusivity/same-sex marriage – Uniting all people under one god

And the whole platform falls apart with one verse:  “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.” John 14:6

See Headline “New ISIS Video: Attackers Resemble Suspects in Paris  Massacre” @ BPTnews.org


13 yr-old Palestinian stabber at center of worldwide protest campaign against Israel

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Jan 222016


JPost: “In the past few weeks, Pro-Palestinian activists have been waging an international campaign for the release of Ahmad Manasrah, a 13-year-old Palestinian boy who stabbed two Israelis in a Jerusalem suburb in October.

Manasrah carried out the stabbing attack in Pisgat Ze’ev together with his cousin, severely wounding a 13-year-old Israeli boy. Israeli police shot Manasrah and his cousin in order to neutralize them, killing the latter while wounding Manasrah, who was taken to hospital.

The demonstrations that have taken place around the world demand Israel “stop targeting Palestinian children”

theteOpinion: In September 2015, the attacks promoted by Palestinian Authority president Mahmoud Abbas began when a diagram meant to incite violence entitled: “How to stab a Jew”, became a mantra.

Abbas is the same person who is now claiming that the Israelis are killing in cold blood.

Since then, twenty-eight people have been killed in attacks, including stabbings, car rammings, and shootings between 13 September 13, 2015 and January 5, 2016.

25 were Israelis and 149 were Palestinians-

the Bible calls it reaping and sowing (Galatians 6:7-8), while the world blames Israel only.

There is nothing to compare this to.

See Algemeiner headline “Rouhani: Nuclear Deal ‘One of Iran’s Greatest Successes’ Against the West” @ BPTnews.org


Berlin, Cologne, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Dusseldorf… New Year’s Migrant Sex Assault In Every Major German City

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Jan 072016
Berlin, Cologne, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Dusseldorf… New Year’s Migrant Sex Assault In Every Major German City

  Breitbart: “German capital city Berlin has joined the sad parade of cities touched by migrant sex violence on New Year’s Eve, with hundreds of assaults now reported to police in Cologne and other cities. Although on a smaller scale to the unrestrained and un-policed sex attacks in Cologne, the Berliner Morgenpost has now reported on

Dec 212015
When America’s Media Cozied Up to Hitler

The Daily Beast: “They fell hard for the job-creating Führer with eyes that were like ‘blue larkspur.’ Why did so many journalists spend years dismissing the evidence of his atrocities? “The train arrived punctually,” a Christian Science Monitor report from Germany informed its readers, not long after Adolf Hitler’s rise to power in 1933. “Traffic

Dec 142015
Hillary vs. the Benghazi Families

Front Page Mag: “There is little doubt this presidential campaign season is unique, at least in one respect: For the first time in a long time, the despicable nature of the mainstream media’s double-standard is as much in focus as the candidates themselves. And perhaps nothing screams double-standard more than the calculated lack of attention


Terror Attack Planned Well In Advance

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Dec 032015
Terror Attack Planned Well In Advance

Bearing Arms: “A 28-year-old Muslim health inspector named Syed Rizwan Farook and his wife, Tashfeen Malik, were identified as the sole actors in yesterday’s attack on a Christmas party in San Bernardino, California. Based upon the totality of the weapons, the planning, and the bomb-making materials amassed, we’d suggest the attack was planned weeks or months in advance.”

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