Apr 142015


Breitbart: On Monday, Israeli officials reported that Iran has upped its delivery of weapons to the Lebanese Shiite terror group Hezbollah in the past few weeks. Channel 2 stated that the shipments have been made to both Lebanon and the Syrian side of the Golan Heights.

In addition, the report stated that Iran was sending weapons to Hamas chiefs in Gaza and arming Hamas members in Judea and Samaria.

Channel 2 asserted that the ease in sanctions on Iran from the present nuclear negotiations would allow it to spend “billions of dollars” shipping weapons to Israel’s enemies. The increase in Iranian arms shipments coincides with Monday’s announcement that Russia will reverse an earlier ban and send S-300 missile defense systems to Iran.

HumaOpinion: While the world is distracted with Hillary and Huma (she’s back) ordering food at Chipotle just like real people, and Obama/Kerry declaring peace in our time, the weapons of war are being moved into position for the destruction of Israel.

In Paul’s letter to the Thessalonians, he warned that ‘when they say peace and safety sudden destruction’ comes can have application here as well as with the peace treaty that will be enforced after the war of Ezekiel 38 -39.

What continually fascinates me is that knowing how it turns out (Isaiah 46:10) does not change the suspense.


Apr 132015


Breitbart: Russia announced Monday that it will sell Iran advanced S-300 surface-to-air missiles. The decision, which ends an embargo dating back to 2010, shows that President Barack Obama is rapidly losing control of the international consensus on Iran.

It also sets Israel a deadline to attack Iran–since Israel has treated the S-300 system as a “red line,” and has attacked Syria several times recently to prevent advanced Russian air defense and anti-ship missile systems from becoming operational.

Some Israeli analysts have recently suggested that Israel will only attack Iran if the regime’s nuclear program poses a direct and imminent threat–if the “sword at the throat.”

Opinion: Having already installed the S-300 in Syria, it is obvious that Russia is arming the Shia in preparation for war.

How interesting that both Syria and Iran are prophesied to take part in wars of the last days and both shall be obliterated.

  • Syria – Psalm 83:8 (Assyria) will be destroyed as were the Midianites Psalm 83:9, Numbers 31:1-12
  • Iran – Ezekiel 38:5 (Persia) and the Gog/Magog alliance will fall on the mountains of Israel, Ezekiel 39:4



Apr 022015

AP News: “SANAA, Yemen — Yemen’s Shiite rebels and their allies fought their way through the commercial center of Aden on Thursday and seized the presidential palace on a strategic hilltop in this southern coastal city, security officials said.

The capture was a major blow to the Saudi-led coalition, which has been carrying out airstrikes for a week now across Yemen, including in the capital, Sanaa, in a campaign meant to halt the advance of the Iran-backed rebels known as Houthis.

The Maasheeq palace in Aden – a cluster of colonial-era villas perched atop a rocky hill that juts into the Arabian Sea – was President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi’s last seat of power before he fled to Saudi Arabia last month in the face of the Houthi advance. He had earlier fled to Aden from rebel-held Sanaa.”

Opinion: All this while the US negotiates with the very nation that is causing the problem.

Mar 302015
US surrender on breakout time to a bomb

Debkafile: “President Barack Obama and John Kerry promised that the nuclear deal to be signed with Iran in Switzerland this week would give the world powers a year’s warning from the Islamic Republic’s break out to an operational weapon. debkafile: To clinch the framework deal in Lausanne, even this concession, which imperils Israel, the Gulf

Mar 282015
Egypt's president backs joint Arab military force

LA Times: “A joint military force should be created to defend Arab nations, Egypt’s president said Saturday. President Abdel Fattah Sisi made his comments at a summit of Arab leaders in the Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheikh, where the escalating conflict in Yemen was top of the agenda. “The challenges are grave,” he told

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Mar 272015
Military Gears Up for Space Warfare

Washington Free Beacon: “Pentagon, military, and intelligence officials outlined plans on Wednesday for warfare in space and warned China not to attack U.S. satellites in any future conflict. “The threats are real, they’re technologically advanced and they’re a concern,” said Air Force Lt. Gen. John “Jay” Raymond, commander of the Joint Functional Component Command for Space,

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