Large-scale Egyptian army massed for operation to capture eastern Libya from ISIS

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Apr 272015

Debkafile: “The Middle East is on the brink of its fourth war. Egypt has massed large-scale ground and air forces in the Western Desert, preparing to capture eastern Libya – Cyrenaica – from ISIS occupation.

The offensive may be launched by dropping Egyptian marines from the sea on the Libyan coast around Derna (pop: 100,000), which ISIS has made its provincial capital. ISIS is rushing reinforcements to Libya from Syria and Iraq.

The Obama administration objects to a direct Egyptian military operation, as CIA chief John Brennan informed President Abdel Fatteh el-Sisi.”


Opinion: The Obama/el Sisi feud is over ideology. Muslim ideology.

President Obama had a plan when he invited the Muslim Brotherhood to his 2009 Cairo University ‘New Beginning’ speech. Prior to that, the Brotherhood and sub-groups al Qaeda, Hamas and Islamic Jihad had been banned in Egypt for over 30 years.

In 2012, after kicking Hosni Mubarak to the curb a year earlier, the Muslim Brotherhood took control of Egypt’s presidency with Mohamed Morsi at the helm. The Obama team swung into action with cash, tanks, F16s and the legitimacy of State Department visits and invitations to the White House.

Chaos descended on Egypt.

Enter General President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, head of Egypt’s military, who led a full scale assault on the Brotherhood arresting thousands, hanging leaders and placing Morsi under arrest.

President Obama was not amused.

The final straw came on January 5, 2015 when President al- Sisi took to the same podium at Cairo University and admonished the assembled Muslim scholars to revisit Islamic law, or fiqh, in order to calm the fears of the non-Muslim world:

Is it possible that 1.6 billion people [Muslims] should want to kill the rest of the world’s inhabitants—that is 7 billion—so that they themselves may live? Impossible!

Evidently, that is not what our president wanted to hear.


Apr 202015

sjp_0Front Page Magazine: “The world is witnessing a resurgence of global anti-Semitism not seen since the 1930s and the “Final Solution.” In the Middle East, Hitler-admiring regimes like Iran, and Hitler-admiring parties like Hezbollah, Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood, are openly planning to finish the job the Nazis started. Even in America, until now the most hospitable place outside of Israel for Jews, the atmosphere is more hostile than at any time in the last 70 years.

Across the United States student groups associated with the Muslim Brotherhood, specifically Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) and the Muslim Students Association, are engaged in a vitriolic campaign against Israel and those students who support its right to exist. These organizations promote the propaganda of the terrorist organization Hamas, and call for the destruction of the Jewish state.

To advance this genocidal agenda, SJP endorses the lie that Israel was created on territory stolen from the Palestinians and, therefore, Jews illegally occupy Arab lands from which they must be purged.

In 1948 when Israel was created, there was no Palestinian political entity, no movement for a Palestinian state, and no people calling itself Palestinian.”

Opinion: News Flash: There is no such thing as a Palestinian. The name was re-crafted for Arabs from Jordan by a blood thirsty Amalek of the 20th century, Yasser Arafat.

Non-revisionist history:

The 1967 war, also called the six day war, was to be a genocidal assault against the Jewish state by Egypt, Jordan and Syria. But Israel, having learned from the book of Esther in 520 BC, rather than wait to be annihilated, preempted and attacked first.

The victory stunned the world as Israel captured the West Bank, East Jerusalem, the Gaza Strip, the Golan Heights, and the Sinai Peninsula.

When Israel recaptured the West Bank from Jordan, King Abdullah refused to repatriate any more refugees, and instead put them in internment camps.

It was in those camps, with the help of Yasser Arafat, that the name Palestinian became associated with Arabs from Jordan. Prior to 1967, “Palestinian was a disparaging name for Jews living in Palestine” (which was renamed Israel in 1948).

Yet, since 1967, the UN has called these lands “occupied,” even though the recaptured lands were part of the 1917 British Mandate, and no nation has ever returned land taken during a defensive action.

Here is what the SJP and MSA are fighting against:

The land of Israel was granted to a man named Abram, whom God renamed Abraham, in 4000 BC . The gift was an unbreakabe and forever covenant between God and Abraham and his descendants after him, Genesis 17:7-8.

Be careful trying to explain this to a progressive, they have a tendency to get very angry. It’s that truth thingy.



Clinton Campaign Kicks Off as Huma Abedin Probe Begins

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Apr 142015

huhlFront Page Magazine: “At long last the Department of State is investigating why a top Hillary Clinton aide with generational ties to Islamic terrorism was allowed to work in a sensitive government position while simultaneously working for a Clinton-connected private sector consulting firm.

Hillary Clinton and the senior aide, Huma Abedin, apparently conspired to keep the sweetheart working arrangement that the Muslim Brotherhood-linked employee had at Foggy Bottom a secret. Because it involves a Clinton, the story is, of necessity, complex and convoluted. And it’s classic Hillary as she tiptoes through a minefield of ethics violations, conflicts of interest, and potential national security-related breaches.”

Opinion: In 2012, despite claims of “witch hunt” and “McCarthyism” that echoed in the liberal media, few in government cared that Huma Abedin had family members—her late father, her mother and her brother—connected to Muslim Brotherhood organizations, and that her position affords her routine access to the Secretary of State and classified policy-making.

But President Obama, a big fan of the Muslim Brotherhood, voiced strong support for Abedin during the Iftar dinner, saying the top aide to Secretary of State Hillary has been “nothing less than extraordinary in representing our country and the democratic values that we hold dear.”

So another Clinton campaign complete with 3 scandals only one day in.

  1. Clinton Foundation –  accepted millions of dollars from seven foreign governments
  2. Email-gate – Hillary  took it upon herself to erase all of State Department emails
  3. Muslim Brotherhood – the name is Huma Abedin
Apr 142015
Iran Boosts Weapons to Hamas, Hezbollah in Expectation of Lifted Sanctions

Breitbart: On Monday, Israeli officials reported that Iran has upped its delivery of weapons to the Lebanese Shiite terror group Hezbollah in the past few weeks. Channel 2 stated that the shipments have been made to both Lebanon and the Syrian side of the Golan Heights. In addition, the report stated that Iran was sending

Mar 142015
Americans Fighting ISIS Are Just Props

  The Daily Beast: “They’ve become icons of the ISIS war: foreign fighters, clad in their fatigues, wrapped in checkered keffiyehs, clutching AK-47s, and battling both for and against the so-called Islamic State. But fresh out of leaving Syria, one American anti-ISIS fighter is cautioning that would-be volunteers’ expectations of battling jihadis don’t sync up

Feb 232015
Mall of America Heightens Security After al-Shabab Threat

ABC News: “One of the largest malls in the United States has heightened security after a video claiming to be posted online by a Somali militant group affiliated with al Qaeda called for attacks against the mall. The Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota, issued a statement Saturday, saying it had increased security in light


Extremists Attending Obama’s ‘Countering Extremism’ Summit

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Feb 192015
Extremists Attending Obama’s ‘Countering Extremism’ Summit

Breitbart: “As we expected and warned, the Islamic Society of Boston’s (ISB) Cambridge mosque – the radical Muslim Brotherhood front group attended by the Boston Marathon bombers – was invited to join the summit and is represented there by its executive director, Nichole Mossalam.”

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