Apr 192016


WND: “Monday was the second annual National Muslim Advocacy Day in which Muslims descended on Capitol Hill to address concerns such as “Islamophobia” with their senators and congressmen.

But some critics are saying the day was misnamed. It should have been “Muslim Brotherhood Day.”

That’s because the organization behind Muslim Advocacy Day is a front for the Brotherhood, an extremist Islamist group known for establishing scores of fronts – including the Council on American-Islamic Relations, or CAIR – that fool the establishment media and many politicians.”

Opinion: The love affair began in 2009 with an invitation to the now infamous Cairo speech. The Brotherhood, parent group to al Qaeda, Hamas, Islamic Jihad and dozens of slinter groups, that had been banned in Egypt for 30 years, was given legitimacy.

Today they enjoy the White House.


Apr 162016


Breaking Israel News: “As anti-Israel movements increase in size worldwide, one organization is doing everything it can to give the next generation the tools they need to combat the spread of hate.

Movements calling for the labeling and boycott of Israeli-made products, especially those manufactured in Judea and Samaria, have reached international scales. Through the likes of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement, people everywhere are being taught the deceitful rhetoric that Israel is “one of the worst offenders worldwide” and  “probably today one of the only racist countries by law”, in the words of Professor Joseph Massad of Columbia University.

Furthermore, the leaders of countless countries are revealing their true colors as Palestinian sympathizers, advocating for an end to the “occupation” and for all Jews to relieve the Palestinians from the so-called oppressive Israeli regime.

Opinion: The label occupation is Satan’s magnum opus. The cause of justice – his mantra of deception.

An occupier, according to the Oxford dictionary, is a member of a group that takes possession of a country by force. The Jewish people, however, were first given the land by divine, unconditional covenant (Genesis 17:7-8), a second time by divine command (Exodus 3:7-9), and the third time by divine inspiration (Isaiah 44:28) of a Persian king named Cyrus in 539 BC.

The final return to the land was caused by a God-inspired letter from a Christian educated British statesman and former Prime Minister, Lord Arthur Balfour, to Lord Rothschild, the Anglo-Jewish figurehead in 1917.  Balfour believed that a home for the Jewish people was a just cause (philo-Semitism).

The letter became known as the Balfour Declaration, and in accordance with the Abrahamic Covenant (Genesis 12:3), Britain went on to become one of the greatest, most powerful empires in history deserving of the metaphor “the sun never sets on the British Empire.”

Instead of teaching the miraculous history of the covenant land, liberal colleges and universities have swung their doors open to the revisionist history of the Muslim Brotherhood (affiliate Muslim Students Association – MSA), and Islamic Jihad (affiliate the Students for Justice in Palestine – SJP), with hundreds of chapters all across the United States.

The reason? Because it is time.


Apr 082016


The New American: “The Obama administration has simple demands for the long-suffering people of Colombia and their legitimate government: Do not just negotiate with murderous Marxist narco-terrorists, but surrender to them. Give them full amnesty for everything from mass murder and kidnapping to torture and treason, and then allow them into positions of power.

That was the message delivered most recently by Obama’s Secretary of State John Kerry in Havana meetings last month amid “peace” talks between Colombian authorities and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia-People’s Army, or “FARC,” as the savage terror group (shown) is more commonly known.

With support from Obama, the “negotiations” have been ongoing for about five years. Basically, the FARC-Obama position is that the Marxist-Leninist terrorists responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths will keep their weapons and blood money, will avoid any jail time for decades of atrocities and massive slaughters, will not have to compensate victims or victims’ families, and will be allowed to enter government positions despite their barbaric crimes.

The radical scheme also throws the Colombian military under the bus, according to critics, and puts it on par with the terrorists.”

Opinion: I should correct a statement I made yesterday: “He has lied about everything” in relation to Obama’s admission that he lied about same-sex marriage from the beginning. The president has been true to form when it comes to legitimizing terror groups (Muslim Brotherhood), totalitarian governments (Iran, Cuba, Ethiopia, Burma), or criminal enterprises (Palestinian Authority, FARC).

During a CNN/YouTube debate, on July 24th, 2007, then-Senator Obama was asked, “Would you be willing to meet separately, without precondition, during the first year of your administration, in Washington or anywhere else, with the leaders of Iran, Syria, Venezuela, Cuba and North Korea, in order to bridge the gap that divides our countries?” Obama responded, “I would”.

I stand corrected, I think.

Mar 212016
Courting Egypt, Hamas removes all signs of Muslim Brotherhood from Gaza

JPost: “In what appears to be an attempt to detach itself from its mother organization in Egypt, Hamas has removed all signs of the Muslim Brotherhood from the streets and mosques in Gaza. All the pictures and slogans related to the group have been taken down and removed from public view. Hamas has also removed


Israel Shuts Down Islamic Jihad Channel in Ramallah Over Incitement

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Mar 122016
Israel Shuts Down Islamic Jihad Channel in Ramallah Over Incitement

The Algemeiner: “JNS.org – An Islamic Jihad-affiliated television station urging Palestinians to carry out terrorist attacks has been taken off the air, Israel’s Shin Bet security agency said Friday. The order to shut down Ramallah-based Falastin al-Yom, which maintains a television station as well as Facebook and Twitter accounts, followed an Israeli diplomatic-security cabinet decision to

Feb 272016
Iran’s Terrorist Death Insurance Family Plan

Investor’s Op-Ed: “Iran will give as much as $37,000 to families of a killed Palestinian terrorist, to undermine Israel’s deterrent practice of demolishing terrorists’ homes. Tehran’s cash comes from Obama’s nuclear deal. Behind every successful terrorist is a great wife and family.” Opinion: Please help me here, is there anything to compare this with? Mahmoud Abbas began stabbing

Feb 262016
Bill To Ban Muslim Brotherhood Advances In Congress

Investors Op-Ed: “Jihad: Washington’s strategy to defeat terrorism is lacking in many ways, but none more than its failure to attack it at its root: the Muslim Brotherhood. But that may change with the fast-tracking of a bill to outlaw the terror network. In a major development on this important front, the House Judiciary Committee

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