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The Times of Israel: “On Wednesday afternoon, just hours after three Palestinian youths from Qabatiya carried out a horrific terror attack at Damascus Gate in which Border Police officer Hadar Cohen, 19, was killed, Abbas met in the same office with parents of several young Palestinian terrorists who had murdered Israelis — terrorists whose bodies had not been returned. He promised to rebuild the families’ homes, which Israeli security troops had demolished.

It may be that Abbas sees such a promise as a humanitarian gesture, perhaps an act of mercy, toward the families. But he must know how his words and deeds would be interpreted in Palestinian and Israeli society: as an act of solidarity and support for terrorists’ actions in a week that those three young men, from families that are strong supporters of Fatah, went on a killing spree outside Jerusalem’s Old City, and a Palestinian Authority police officer tried to kill three young soldiers.

Plainly, this is no way to build peace; nor is it any way to convey a message against violence and terrorism.”

Opinion: “Oh, how Esau shall be searched out!” Obadiah 1:6 reminds his readers that Esau is deceptive. He will cleverly act like a peace maker will sliding a knife in an unsuspecting belly.

In October 2015, Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas, whose term ended in 2009, launched this latest campaign of terror by lying to his people about Jewish action on the Temple Mount.

He said that Jews had “no right to desecrate (the Temple Mount) with their filthy feet,” he continued, “Each drop of blood that was spilled in Jerusalem is pure blood as long as it’s for the sake of Allah. Every martyr will be in heaven.”

GettyImages-492949106-knives-640x480The Knife Intifada, like so many other atrocities, was launched over a lie.

Abbas has fooled progressive leaders and journalists who have him as labeled a moderate despite his role as deputy to one of the most heinous murderers of the 20th century, Yasser Arafat. Abbas was the financier of the 1972 Munich Massacre and helped plan and implement two previous intifadas and is responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of innocent Israeli citizens.

In case anyone thinks that Abbas and his ilk will get away with violence against his brother Jacob, Obadiah assures us that the day of reckoning is coming.

“For violence against your brother Jacob, Shame shall cover you, And you shall be cut off forever.” Obadiah 1:10


Headline “Jewish woman stabbed in suspected terror attack near Rahat” @ BPTnews.org

Feb 062016


Zero Hedge: “Soon, as cash becomes increasingly frowned upon, cash deposits will be slowly but surely phased out in their entirety forcing those few savers left in Obama’s grand economic “recovery” experiment, to engage in commerce only in a way that allows the government to keep track of every single transaction.”

Opinion: Aw come on, can it really be? Every single transaction? It sounds an awful lot like something written 2000 years ago by a fellow named John:

He causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads, and that no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark or[the name of the beast, or the number of his name.” Revelation 13:16-17

Must be a coinci …

Breitbart Headline “BTW Mr. President: Islam Means Submission Not Peace” @ BPTnews.org

Feb 062016


Zero Hedge: “The best way it was put came from a German newspaper, the Leipziger Volkszeitung, on Tuesday, in an article that describes 5 separate incidents in two days in which buildings occupied by asylum seekers are targeted with rocks and home-made explosives.

The headline quotes Leipzig’s head of police as saying: A pogrom mood prevails (Es herrscht Pogromstimmung).

The full line further down in the article says: “Across the whole country, a pogrom mood prevails that is gathering an explosive intensity.”

Opinion: A pogrom is an organized massacre of a particular ethnic group, in particular that of Jews in Russia or eastern Europe. In 1881-1921 Russia, the word “pogrom” was used to describe the attacks accompanied by looting and bloodshed against the Jews.

In 2015 the EU opened it’s borders to unvetted migrants from the Middle East:

According to the International Organisation for Migration (IOM), seven  European Union nations – Germany Greece, Bulgaria, Italy, Spain, Malta and Cyprus, received more than 1,006,000 ME migrants in 2015.

Germany received the highest number of new asylum applications, with more than 315,000 by the end of October 2015 and agrees to take in a total of 800,000.

Greece, a country that has defaulted on its debt on multiple occasions, has allowed over 800,000 border crossings in 2015 alone.

As the citizens begin to realize that the migrants are going to drain the resources and jobs of their nation, a violent rebellion is not far behind. As crime becomes rampant the overburdened police begin to look the other way and before long a pogrom mode is employed.

Now help me out. What other western nation is allowing hundreds of thousands of illegals to enter unencumbered? What other nation cannot even stop those who have been deported from re-entering their nation? And what other nation’s officials are blocking a bill (American SAFE Act of 2015 (H.R. 4038) that would require background investigations be completed prior to the admission?

That would be us.

InfoWars Headline “Anti-Islam Protests Sweep Europe” @ BPTnews.org

Feb 052016
Christians “Should be Eradicated”: Researchers Document Anti-Christian Agenda Among Powerful Elite

The New American: “A student is punished for refusing to “stomp on Jesus,” a Christian baker faces a year in jail for refusing to cater faux marriages, two men are arrested for reading the Bible aloud near a government building, a school “purges” Christian works from its library. Critics asserting the existence of an institutional anti-Christian

Feb 052016
With TPP Signed, Opposition Explodes Across Political Spectrum

The New American: “With the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) signed (yesterday) in New Zealand by officials from the 12 governments and dictatorships ensnared in the sovereignty-smashing “free trade” regime, opposition to the plot — dubbed “Obamatrade” by critics — is surging across the political spectrum and around the nation. In the presidential primaries, virtually nobody, not even

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Feb 052016
Netanyahu: Islamic terrorism is flooding the world from Jakarta to California

JPost: “Islamic terrorism is flooding the world and inciting millions from Jakarta to Africa and all the way to California, said Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during a trip on Thursday to the Jerusalem hospital treating a Border Police officer who was injured in yesterday’s attack at the Damascus Gate in Jerusalem’s Old City.” Opinion: Since September

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