Dec 192014

1418907537802_cachedThe Daily Beast: “”Cop-killers, hijackers, and bomb-makers are living in tropical paradise 90 miles from justice. Will they ever be tried for their crimes?

With the prisoner exchange and the normalizing of relations with Cuba arises the question of the dozens of American fugitives enjoying asylum there—including a cop-killer on the FBI’s Most Wanted Terrorists List with a $1 million reward offered for her capture.

Opinion: There are so many facets to the president’s move to open relations with a murderous dictator like Castro that it we will be following this for days to come.

The mainstream press dismisses the move by comparing it to president Nixon’s normalization with China. But China is not 90 miles from the coast of the US. So what will happen when the Castro boys decide that Cuba should have the same right to nuclear weapons as China?


Dec 192014

Bloomberg: “Blaming the U.S. and Europe for an economic crisis gripping his country of 144 million and warning the slump could drag on for two years, Putin today signaled a sustained standoff over Ukraine.

“He believes that the economy is capable of withstanding the shock,” said Alexei Makarkin, deputy director of the Moscow-based Center for Political Technologies. “Putin’s psychology is very simple. From his point of view Russia has made concessions for years and to no effect.”

Putin held his annual press conference, speaking to hundreds of reporters for more than three hours.”


Opinion: Tell the Russian czar not to worry, Barack Obama is on the job –  and like most Democrat presidents before him, dictators are a protected species.

Jack Kennedy cancelled US support of the Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba in 1961. The invading force of Cuban civilians was slaughtered within three days by the Cuban armed forces under the direct command of Prime Minister Fidel Castro, who went on to 60 years of dictatorship.

In 1980, Fidel Castro decided to empty Cuban jails and asylums by allowing 125,000 criminals and dissidents to leave on the Mariel Boatlift, President Carter did nothing while the streets of Miami were riddled with crime.

Bill Clinton was so fond of Yasser Arafat in the 1990’s that the will-to-power thug spent more nights in the Lincoln bedroom than … Lincoln.

Cuba was struggling in 2002 when Jimmy Carter visited the Castro brothers giving a glimmer of hope to the economically struggling nation, and Raul was tickled pink, “We received him warmly,” reciprocated Castro. “Now, I reiterated to him our respect and esteem” … “Jimmy Carter was the best of all U.S. Presidents.”

Who can forget 2009 and the Iranian revolution when young Iranians carried signs in English begging President Obama to get rid of the thug-ocracy that was impoverishing the nation? Obama said he “didn’t want to meddle.

smileIn 2013, Hasan Rouhani became president of Iran and with a few well-placed smiles was able to get billions in sanctions relief and endless talks so that the Ayatollahs could build nuclear bombs.

Fast forward to Tuesday, the Castro regime was on its last legs due to their chief benefactors’ (Russia and Venezuela) oil economies plummeting, and whamo – amigo, Batman, best friend to dictators and despots, Barack O, rides in to save the day.

Iran wil get the bomb, Raul and compatriots can expect tons of American dollars, and Putin can rest assured that somehow, someway, Barack will be there to help.

It’s in the DNA.


Dec 182014

141205115137-vatican-pope-audience-story-topCNN: “Pope Francis — the Catholic Church’s first Latin American pontiff — celebrated his birthday Wednesday with a major geopolitical wish granted: The end of a half-century of frozen relations between the United States and Cuba.

Francis, who was elected last year and turned 78 on Wednesday, acted as the chief advocate for renewing diplomatic ties between Washington and Havana, officials said.

The Pope made a personal plea to President Barack Obama and Cuban leaders in a letter this summer, writing that the two nations should try to reset their relations after decades of friction.

“I want to thank His Holiness, Pope Francis, whose moral example shows us the importance of pursuing the world as it should be, rather than simply settling for the world as it is,” Obama said Wednesday as he announced the U.S. policy shift on Cuba.”

Opinion: I should have expected the corroboration between the two leaders, since Francis and the liberal wing of US bishops were very vocal about opening up the US border to any and all illegal immigrants.

Earlier this month we added Francis’ Jesuit Society to a growing list of organizations that are working towards global government – which requires removal of the US from superpower status.

Global organizational support:

  • United Nations
  • Elders
  • Council of Foreign Relations (CFR)
  • International Criminal Court (ICC)
  • Federal Reserve
  • Jesuit Society
  • Bilderberg
  • Tri-Lateral Commission

(Thanks to Nannette for sending this in)

Dec 182014
Cuba Is Open

Zero Hedge: “Odd… during a week when President Obama prepares to launch new sanctions against Venezuela and Russia, The White House admits, “It is clear that decades of U.S. isolation of Cuba have failed to accomplish our enduring objective of promoting the emergence of a democratic, prosperous, and stable Cuba.” Diplomatic relations between the United

Dec 172014

Investors Business Daily Op-Ed: Israel: A U.N. Security Council resolution setting a deadline for Israeli retreat from land sought for a Palestinian state might as well declare the Jewish state dead. The U.S., disgracefully, is taking it seriously. Netanyahu’s forceful response is no surprise: “Israel won’t accept any unilateral, time-defined measures” and “will repulse all

Dec 132014
Life in Post-Truth America

  Front Page Mag: “The significance of Bill Clinton was not in his affairs, but in his cynicism. He got away with lying by dismissing the idea that anyone should have ever expected the truth from him. Obama expanded on his work by eliminating the base truth underneath the lies. The device of the unreliable

Dec 132014
Boehner’s Spending Deals Increased Debt $3.8T in 3.8 Years

CNS News: “The federal debt has increased by $3.8 trillion in the 3.8 years that have passed since House Speaker John Boehner cut his first spending deal with Senate Democrats and President Obama. That works out to $32,938.38 for every household in the United States—including those taking federal welfare benefits—and $42,783.20 for every full-time year-round

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