Dec 062016


Algemeiner: “Alongside daily threats from the Iranian regime to “retaliate” if US President Barack Obama signs a ten-year extension of the Iran Sanctions Act, the commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) Aerospace Force asserted on Tuesday that Tehran has enhanced the quantity and quality of its ballistic missiles, the semi-official news agency Fars reported.”

Opinion: And what Iranian threat against the US (great Satan) would not also have an added threat against Israel (little Satan)?

“According to the report — that also reminded readers of the IRGC’s testing in March of long-range missiles, one of which was adorned with the Hebrew message: “Israel should be wiped off the earth” — Brigadier General Amir Ali Hajizadeh said, “In addition to enhancing the precision-striking power and quality of ballistic missiles, the Iranian authorities and experts have used innovative and shortcut methods to produce inexpensive missiles, and today we are witnessing an increase in production.”

How nice, the very nation that the US bent over backwards to sign a deal with says they now have “tens of thousands of destructive long-range missiles spread across the Middle East ready to wipe Israel off the map.”

Iran is making use of  approximately $33.6 billion of Obamacash.

Source for Iran deal cash here

Dec 062016


Front Page Mag: Turkey’s president Recep Tayyip Erdogan is a desperate man. He is faced with turmoil at home and abroad, the Turkish lira is crashing and internationally he is in the doghouse.

Opinion: The wanna-be Sultan of Turkey is a dangerous man. His desire for unbridled power is obvious in his $615 million palace and recent disruption of a coup that may or may not have been a false flag.

Turkey, prior to 2010, was a mostly secular nation with a European feel. Turkey was also a staunch NATO ally until trading with Israel abruptly ended with the Mavi Marmara Flotilla incident on May 31, 2010.

It has been downhill from there.

Erdogan’s Islamic roots and support for Hamas was out in the open. The flotilla that was meant to end the Israeli blockade of Gaza was instead a blatant act of aggression on the part of Erdogan against the Jewish state.

The Israeli embargo was/is for the sole purpose of preventing weapons, missiles, and tunnel-building materials from entering Gaza. No humanitarian aid has ever been blocked.

In 2013, President Obama got into the act and coerced Netanyahu into making an apology for Turkey’s act of aggression and pay reparations of $20 million in a move that emboldened PM Erdogan. With the president of the US involved, Israel acquiesced.

Since then, Turkey has reestablished relations with Israel but Erdogan makes no secret of his support for Hamas – whose only reason for existence is the total destruction of Israel.

Since we know from Ezekiel 38:1-6 that Turkey will one day join in an invasion force led by Russia, we can conclude that Erdogan’s hand of reconciliation from Turkey is a fist.

(For more on Turkey’s role in the war of Gog and Magog see Bible Prophecy 101, chapter 7 here.)

Dec 032016


Zero Hedge: “Mattis, 66, retired as the chief of U.S. Central Command in spring 2013 after serving more than four decades in the Marine Corps. He is known as one of the most influential military leaders of his generation, serving as a strategic thinker while occasionally drawing rebukes for his aggressive talk. Since retiring, he has served as a consultant and as a visiting fellow with the Hoover Institution, a think tank at Stanford University.”

Opinion: I’ve got good news and I’ve got bad news:

Good news:

  • General Mattis is the antithesis of Barack Obama
  • General Mattis is a no nonsense soldier’s general, a soldier’s soldier
  • General Mattis is not connected to the globalist Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)
  • General Mattis will make America’s enemies think twice before making US sailors kneel before Iranian captors or buzzing America’s fleet
  • Quote: “The Iranian regime, in my mind, is the single most enduring threat to stability and peace in the Middle East.”

Bad News:

  • General Mattis warned that the current situation in Israel is unsustainable, supports the two-state solution and thinks that the Israeli settlements could lead to apartheid.
  • Quote: “I paid a military security price every day as the commander of CentCom because the Americans were seen as biased in support of Israel, and that moderates all the moderate Arabs who want to be with us, because they can’t come out publicly in support of people who don’t show respect for the Arab Palestinians.”
Dec 022016
Germany Submits To Sharia Law

Zero Hedge: “A German court has ruled that seven Islamists who formed a vigilante patrol to enforce Sharia law on the streets of Wuppertal did not break German law and were simply exercising their right to free speech. The “politically correct” decision, which may be appealed, effectively authorizes the Sharia Police to continue enforcing Islamic

Dec 022016
Putin Sets the Stage for the Incoming U.S. Administration

Institute For War: “Russian President Vladimir Putin has kept international attention riveted on Russian operations in Syria while escalating military deployments and political operations across Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. Putin’s global strategy relies on creating the impression that a U.S. challenge to Russian expansion would be met with a conventional military or even

Dec 012016
Democrats Double Down On Failure, Put Clueless Pelosi Back Into Power

Investors Business Daily Op-Ed: “Election 2016: “Her cluelessness is legendary. After the recent drubbing that the Democrats took at the polls, she deflected blame to others. “We cannot be taking the full responsibility for what happened in the election … a lot of it was beyond our control,” she said. Actually, it was all in

Dec 012016
US lawmakers call on Obama to refrain from action on Israel at UN

JPost: “Congressmen from both parties are issuing support for direct negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians and urging the Obama administration to refrain from taking action at the United Nations over the decades-old conflict. A “sense of” resolution adopted by the House of Representatives on Tuesday night put a majority of members on record in favor

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