May 042015

The Wall Street Journal: “Americans are bracing for a summer of racial disturbances around the country, such as those that have wracked Baltimore, with African-Americans and whites deeply divided about why the urban violence has occurred, a new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll has found.

A resounding 96% of adults surveyed said it was likely there would be additional racial disturbances this summer, a signal that Americans believe Baltimore’s recent problems aren’t a local phenomenon but instead are symptomatic of broader national problems.”

Opinion: The current racial tension with African-Americans and police began on July 23, 2009:

Racial tension escalated on March 1, 2011; eleven months before the Trayvon Martin shooting

And the icing on the cake was August 22, 2014: President Obama appointed Al Sharpton ‘Race Advisor’ just three months before the Michael Brown shooting.


May 022015

The Weekly Standard: “I’m retiring in a few weeks,” Letterman said.

“No kidding,” Obama deadpanned.

“And I know that your time at the White House, in a couple of years, same sort of thing,” Letterman continued after sharing a laugh. “You won’t be retiring though. But do you ever glimpse down that far down the road?”

Obama responded, “What, like when I’m going to be running for president or anything?”

“That’s something to consider,” Letterman said.


Opinion: On second thought, Hillary’s not so bad.


May 012015

The Washington Examiner: “The White House is threatening to veto a measure aimed at striking down a Washington, D.C., law that bans employers from discriminating against employees because of their reproductive healthcare choices.

Conservative House Republicans believe the legislation, which the D.C. City Council passed back in December, violates religious freedom by forcing all businesses to cover abortions in their health plans — even pro-life organizations.

“By taking away this newly added protection, [the GOP bill] would undermine the reproductive freedom and private health care decisions of the citizens of the District of Columbia,” the White House said in a statement.

Opinion: From a president who said “God bless Planned Parenthood” nothing surprises me.


Apr 302015
Supreme Court Argument on Same-Sex Marriage Puts Religious Liberty in the Crosshairs

Al Mohler: “It’s going to be an issue.” (Richard Albert Mohler, Jr., is an American theologian and the ninth president of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky) Summary of three arguments: The first exchange on religious liberty came as Justice Antonin Scalia asked Mary L. Bonauto, lead counsel arguing for same-sex marriage, if

Apr 292015
U.S. economic growth slows to 0.2 percent, grinding nearly to a halt

The Washington Post: “The U.S. economy ground nearly to a halt in the first three months of the year, according to government data released Wednesday morning, as exports plunged and severe winter weather helped keep consumers indoors. The gross domestic product grew between January and March at an annualized rate of 0.2 percent, the U.S.

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Apr 292015
Israel Will Attack Iran Soon

Canada Free Press Op-Ed: “Israel has no margin of error when it comes to nuclear reactors in nations that threaten its existence. While President Obama does everything in his power to enable Iran to create its own nuclear weapons, it is a good idea to recall that in June 1981, the Israelis destroyed a reactor

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