Aug 222014

130090300adc76c3d9c783c147df7c2d_MThe New American: “The Federal Reserve Bank will keep suppressing interest rates to near zero for more than a year, according to Federal Open Market Committee meeting minutes released August 20, despite talk about an “eventual normalization of the stance and conduct of monetary policy.”

According to the Federal Reserve Bank’s Open Market Committee meeting minutes of July 29-30, “Almost all participants agreed that it would be appropriate to retain the federal funds rate as the key policy rate, and they supported continuing to target a range of 25 basis points for this rate at the time of liftoff and for some time thereafter.” Twenty-five basis points is 0.25 percent, the rate at which the Fed loans to member banks. The minutes — released to the public August 20 — stated that the street expectation for the time of “liftoff” to begin raising the Federal Funds discount loan rate to member banks is the third quarter of 2015.

The Federal Reserve has been pushing off the end-date for zero interest rates for years, as a rise in interest rates would likely create another recession and spike federal government deficits (federal debt service payments are currently kept to a minimum by record-low interest rates).”

Opinion: Hold a beach ball under water for a few minutes – then let it go. That is analogous to the Federal Reserve’s money printing schemes. It doesn’t take a financial pro to predict that at some point interest rates will rise.

Some financial experts think that a rise in rates is a good thing; that it signals health in the economy and that a controlled rise would not hurt the housing and auto sales market.

Really? During the Jimmy Carter years of 1976-80 interest rates shot up to 22%. It did not get solved by money printing, but by the sound monetary policies of the Reagan years.

Declining housing and auto sales are only part of the problem. The US government pays approximately $400 billion per year in interest payment to finance its ever growing debt. Using round numbers for illustration, every 1 point rise in interest rates would add $100 million to the $400 billion deficit.

If the beach ball popped to even half (11%) of what happened in the late 1970’s, US interest payments would be $1.5 trillion or three-fourths of all revenue collected by the Federal government.  Income tax rates would then have to rise quickly or the US would default on its debt.

Did somebody say Black Horse? Revelation 6:5-6.

Aug 222014

chuckZero Hedge: US Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel talks about the “imminent threat” ISIS poses to the US and the World.. .and pulls no punches in his total fearmongery…ISIL poses a threat greater than 9/11.

ISIL is as sophisticated and well funded as any group we have seen. They’re beyond just a terrorist group. They marry ideology with a sophisticated strategic and tactical military prowess and they’re tremendously well-funded. This is way beyond anything we have seen.

We must prepare for everything. Get Ready! Time for some QE-funded deficit-busting war spending…

Opinion: QE-funded deficit war spending in simple English is the fact that the Obama administration’s easiest escape from incompetency is to get into a war and the only way to pay for it is for the Federal Reserve to print more money.

Nothing distracts from scandals, overpowering debt, and complete mismanagement of virtually every facet of government than a war.

Get ready for war, or another red line?

Aug 192014



Canada Free Press: “Between 1989 and 2010, Congress rejected nearly 700 cap-tax-and-trade and similar bills that their proponents claimed would control Earth’s perpetually fickle climate and weather. So even as real world crises erupt, President Obama is using executive fiats and regulations to impose his anti-hydrocarbon agenda, slash America’s fossil fuel use, bankrupt coal and utility companies, make electricity prices skyrocket, and “fundamentally transform” our economic, social, legal and constitutional system.

EPA rules mean the price of everything people do will skyrocket: heating and air conditioning, lights and refrigeration, televisions, computers, medical equipment, machinery and every other gizmo that runs on electricity. Poor, minority and blue-collar families will have to find hundreds of dollars a year somewhere in their already stretched budgets. Shops and other small businesses will have to discover thousands of dollars, by delaying other purchases or laying people off. Factories, malls, school districts, hospitals and cities will have to send out search parties to locate millions a year at the end of rainbows.”

Opinion: Honeymooners  (Jackie Gleason) fans will remember an episode when Norton is teaching Ralph to box. Cover your head Ralph, says Norton, as he punches Gleason in the stomach.

That sums up the White House game plan – distraction:

  • promoting a climate change hoax that will put the American middle class in poverty
  • promoting racial strife by questioning police motives without having all the facts

The president speaks about protecting the middle class while enacting policies that economically destroy it -covering the proverbial head while getting kicked in the stomach.

Factor in the Federal Reserve money printing scheme that devalues the dollar and makes EVERYTHING, say it with me, E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G, more expensive and voila! more government dependency leading to total government control.

Lots of people have asked me if I think that President Obama is the Antichrist, and my answer is always the same, no – but just like John the Baptist paved the way for Messiah …

Aug 062014
Americans Got $2 Trillion in Benefits from Federal Government in 2013

CNS News: “$2,007,358,200,000 in benefits and entitlements in fiscal year 2013 from government programs, according to data from the Bureau of the Fiscal Service’s Monthly Treasury Statement. The treasury statement summarizes the financial activities of the federal government, including data on government receipts, outlays, and surplus and deficit totals.  The September 2013 monthly treasury statement

Jul 052014
Is Christine Lagarde The Most Dangerous Woman In The World?

Zero Hedge, Martin Armstrong: “I have been warning that there is an idea that has been running around behind the curtain that the national debt of the USA could be settled by usurping all pension funds in the country. Here is a remarkable blueprint that throws all previous considerations concerning the purchase of government bonds over

Jun 212014
"De-Dollarization" Continues - China Starts Direct Trade With UK

Zero Hedge: “Following the initial de-dollarization meeting, there has been a slew of anti-dollar moves around the world (including Gazprom’s shift of 90% of its clients to non-dollar payments). However, on the heels of the “anti-dollar alliance” discussions yesterday, DW reports that China would start direct trade between the renminbi and the British pound on

May 102014
David Einhorn "I Asked Bernanke Questions, And The Answers Were Frightening"

Zero Hedge: “Ben Bernanke may be gone from the helm of the world’s most centrally planned economy, but his ample cluelessness remains. David Einhorn, president of Greenlight Capital, better known for comparing QE to jelly donuts and who recently confirmed what we have been saying for a long time that the second dotcom bubble is

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