Oct 162014

plungeZero Hedge: “The last time the stock market reached a fevered peak and began to wobble unexpectedly was August 2007. The proximate catalyst back then was the sudden recognition that the subprime mortgage problem was not contained at all, as Bernanke had proclaimed six months earlier. The evidence was the surprise announcement by the monster of the mortgage midway – Countrywide Financial – that it would be taking huge write-downs on its $200 billion balance sheet.”

Opinion: The stock market is the only place on earth that when it is holding a sale, people sell, instead of buy. There seems to be some panic going on and although I get that people love to buy stocks when they are going up, I have never understood why anyone would trust the new stock market (my name) that is being inflated with printed money.

That is new. Quantitative Easing (QE) began in 2008. That means that the US Treasury printed money to buy back its own debt so that interest rates would stay low.

Ironically, the Federal Reserve chose October, known as a month when famous crashes have happened, to end the money printing scheme.

It absolutely cannot end well. If the stock market keeps dropping, the Federal Reserve will undoubtedly begin another stimulus scheme, but probably under a different name.

They should call it the plunge protection team (PPT).

We are 3 weeks away from an election, and that means anything goes. Lies, deception, followed by more outright lies and deception are unfortunately the new world order … perilous times indeed.

We know who is in charge. We know where our real treasure is (Matthew 6:19-21), and He told us what to do ” Go and Make Disciples …” Matthew 28:19-20.


Sep 222014


Zero Hedge: “The suppression of gold prices is essential at all costs to the Anglo-American banking interests. The saber rattling and attempts to lure Russia and China into military conflict are about who controls the financial world.”

Opinion: It has been a curious phenomenon to me seeing gold and silver prices decline over the past 3 years, while the central banks of the US, Japan, and more recently the EU, print new (fiat) money to escape a never-ending financial crisis.

Typically, adding counterfeit money to any economy will devalue existing money, causing inflation and the price of precious metals and interest rates to rise.

In an effort to keep interest rates low, central bankers have created trillions in new money to buy massive amounts of bonds that have held interest rates down while negative counter-effects have been muted.

My (Conspiracy) Theory: Suppose that at the same time they have been buying up bonds, central banks sold short massive amounts of gold to keep the price from rising out of control. (sold gold contracts they don’t own with the intention of buying it back in the future).

Rising gold prices are clear evidence of a paper money problem and potential collapse. By suppressing gold, financial markets would be fooled into complacency that the Central Bank plan of money-printing was actually a good thing and that it would eventually solve the financial crisis.

The US dollar would then rise (which it just did) and the world reserve currency and global economy would stablize.


Fact: Russia and China, seizing an opportunity to buy precious metals cheep and weaken the US superpower, began buying gold quietly as evidenced by the charts above and below.

In the fiction chapter of our  book Antichrist: The Search For Amalek, we theorized a move by Russia and China to dethrone the US dollar and replace it with the renminbi as part of a basket of currencies:

Excerpt: “As the top-secret meeting got under way, John Brennan had disturbing news to share. He informed the group that there was urgent intel from our people on the ground in the Far East. China was about to make a move with support from Japan, Russia, and the European Union to dump the dollar as the world reserve currency.

They planned to institute the renminbi, either alone or as part of a basket of currencies called Special Drawing Rights (SDRs), which would include the euro and the yen. Brennan told the cabinet that China had been buying large amounts of gold for the past five years in an effort to build global confidence in the Chinese currency. Their aim was to make the renminbi the de facto reserve currency and to increase global influence.”


Disclaimer: This theory is in no way an encouragement to go out and buy gold. If I am correct, there is no way to know when central bankers will buy-in their short positions.


Aug 222014

130090300adc76c3d9c783c147df7c2d_MThe New American: “The Federal Reserve Bank will keep suppressing interest rates to near zero for more than a year, according to Federal Open Market Committee meeting minutes released August 20, despite talk about an “eventual normalization of the stance and conduct of monetary policy.”

According to the Federal Reserve Bank’s Open Market Committee meeting minutes of July 29-30, “Almost all participants agreed that it would be appropriate to retain the federal funds rate as the key policy rate, and they supported continuing to target a range of 25 basis points for this rate at the time of liftoff and for some time thereafter.” Twenty-five basis points is 0.25 percent, the rate at which the Fed loans to member banks. The minutes — released to the public August 20 — stated that the street expectation for the time of “liftoff” to begin raising the Federal Funds discount loan rate to member banks is the third quarter of 2015.

The Federal Reserve has been pushing off the end-date for zero interest rates for years, as a rise in interest rates would likely create another recession and spike federal government deficits (federal debt service payments are currently kept to a minimum by record-low interest rates).”

Opinion: Hold a beach ball under water for a few minutes – then let it go. That is analogous to the Federal Reserve’s money printing schemes. It doesn’t take a financial pro to predict that at some point interest rates will rise.

Some financial experts think that a rise in rates is a good thing; that it signals health in the economy and that a controlled rise would not hurt the housing and auto sales market.

Really? During the Jimmy Carter years of 1976-80 interest rates shot up to 22%. It did not get solved by money printing, but by the sound monetary policies of the Reagan years.

Declining housing and auto sales are only part of the problem. The US government pays approximately $400 billion per year in interest payment to finance its ever growing debt. Using round numbers for illustration, every 1 point rise in interest rates would add $100 million to the $400 billion deficit.

If the beach ball popped to even half (11%) of what happened in the late 1970’s, US interest payments would be $1.5 trillion or three-fourths of all revenue collected by the Federal government.  Income tax rates would then have to rise quickly or the US would default on its debt.

Did somebody say Black Horse? Revelation 6:5-6.

Aug 222014
Chuck Hagel Goes Full Fearmonger

Zero Hedge: US Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel talks about the “imminent threat” ISIS poses to the US and the World.. .and pulls no punches in his total fearmongery…“ISIL poses a threat greater than 9/11. ISIL is as sophisticated and well funded as any group we have seen. They’re beyond just a terrorist group. They

Aug 192014
Trampling on Coal Country Families

  Canada Free Press: “Between 1989 and 2010, Congress rejected nearly 700 cap-tax-and-trade and similar bills that their proponents claimed would control Earth’s perpetually fickle climate and weather. So even as real world crises erupt, President Obama is using executive fiats and regulations to impose his anti-hydrocarbon agenda, slash America’s fossil fuel use, bankrupt coal

Aug 062014
Americans Got $2 Trillion in Benefits from Federal Government in 2013

CNS News: “$2,007,358,200,000 in benefits and entitlements in fiscal year 2013 from government programs, according to data from the Bureau of the Fiscal Service’s Monthly Treasury Statement. The treasury statement summarizes the financial activities of the federal government, including data on government receipts, outlays, and surplus and deficit totals.  The September 2013 monthly treasury statement

Jul 052014
Is Christine Lagarde The Most Dangerous Woman In The World?

Zero Hedge, Martin Armstrong: “I have been warning that there is an idea that has been running around behind the curtain that the national debt of the USA could be settled by usurping all pension funds in the country. Here is a remarkable blueprint that throws all previous considerations concerning the purchase of government bonds over

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