Aug 142014


Front Page Mag: “Two senior United Nations officials today condemned in the strongest terms the “barbaric acts” of sexual violence and “savage rapes” the armed group Islamic State (IS) has perpetrated on minorities in areas under its control.

‘We are gravely concerned by continued reports of acts of violence, including sexual violence against women and teenage girls and boys belonging to Iraqi minorities,” Ms. Bangura and Mr. Mladenov said.

Atrocious accounts of abduction and detention of Yazidi, Christian, as well as Turkomen and Shabak women, girls and boys, and reports of savage rapes, are reaching us in an alarming manner,” Ms. Bangura and Mr. Mladenov stated, pointing out that some 1,500 Yazidi and Christian persons may have been forced into sexual slavery.”

Opinion: I have to admit to being surprised that the UN would take a position against Muslim behavior of any kind. A Google search showed that the UK Guardian and Telegraph had articles, but none from the US ‘alphabet’ networks.

The Obama administration has been taking heat for having ignored the growth of ISIS for the past year. On January 14, 2014 President Obama compared Al-Qaeda-linked militants in Iraq and Syria to junior varsity basketball players, downplaying their threat as small-league. He also shared what he thought were the chances of reaching Middle East peace agreements.

The analogy we use around here sometimes, and I think is accurate, is if a jayvee team puts on Lakers uniforms that doesn’t make them Kobe Bryant.”I think there is a distinction between the capacity and reach of a bin Laden and a network that is actively planning major terrorist plots against the homeland versus jihadists who are engaged in various local power struggles and disputes, often sectarian.”

That Junior Varsity network was allowed to flourish and the atrocities may be just getting started.

God help us.

Aug 072014

IraqisisWEBThe Guardian: “Tens of thousands of members of one of Iraq’s oldest minorities have been stranded on a mountain in the country’s north-west, facing slaughter at the hands of jihadists surrounding them below if they flee, or death by dehydration if they stay.

UN groups say at least 40,000 members of the Yazidi sect, many of them women and children, have taken refuge in nine locations on Mount Sinjar, a craggy mile-high ridge identified in local legend as the final resting place of Noah’s ark.

At least 130,000 more people, many from the Yazidi stronghold of Sinjar, have fled to Dohuk, in the Kurdish north, or to Irbil, where regional authorities have been struggling since June to deal with one of the biggest and most rapid refugee movements in decades.

Sinjar itself has been all but emptied of its 300,000 residents since jihadists stormed the city late on Saturday, but an estimated 25,000 people remain. “We are being told to convert, or to lose our heads,” said Khuldoon Atyas, who has stayed behind to guard his family’s crops. “There is no one coming to help.”

Opinion: The map shows the ISIS advance. They are close to dominating Iraq’s water supply and have advanced to just outside the Baghdad airport.

Estimated at 40-50,000 strong, Isis is well financed after taking over banks and is heavily armed after looting Iraqi bases loaded with American weapons.

Even the formidable Kurdish Peshmurga troops have been forced to withdraw and it is increasingly possible that Baghdad will fall.

We have been expecting global chaos since the US was leading from behind in Libya in August 2011. Obama advisors utilizing the George Soros inspired R2P (responsibility to protect) doctrine, became part of an international force that led to an al Qaeda take-over in Libya and the killing of a US Ambassador and 3 US Diplomats one year later.

Dictators,  seeing America stepping back from global leadership, are free to move about the globe as they please.

Just ask Bakr al Baghdadi and Vladimir Putin.

Jul 282014

knkmDebkafile: “Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu entangled himself Saturday and Sunday, July 26-27,  in the net he had cast to blur the effect of the unanimous decision by the security-political cabinet of Friday to turn down the ceasefire proposals proposed by US Secretary of State John Kerry and UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon.

The two diplomats and their partners, a brace of European ministers and Qatar and Turkey, who met in Paris to concoct a peace framework for Gaza, were privately dubbed by wags in Jerusalem the “Save Hamas Squad.”

Opinion: The masquerade is over. Having already called for Israel to return to the 1967 borders, the Obama/Kerry ceasefire clearly displayed the Obama anti-Israel policy.

The proposed Kerry deal:

  • Contained no demand that Hamas dismantle or destroy its terror tunnel network.
  • Demanded that both Israel and Egypt open their border crossings with Gaza, virtually allowing weapons of war to be imported.
  • Called for Hamas to be allowed to build a seaport on its Mediterranean coast; stipulating that Israel and Egypt help pay for it.

PM Netanyahu is clearly alone. Public opinion is moving quickly toward sympathy for Hamas which at some point could bring additional regional terror groups to the aid of Hamas leading to Psalm 83.


Jul 212014
IDF may have to reconquer all or part of Gaza to ensure security

JPost: Likud Minister Erdan says operation can’t be stopped until a demilitarized Gaza is ensured; says Israel may have to reconquer northern Gaza to ensure this; Steinitz: If we need to, we’ll take over the whole Gaza Strip. “We cannot stop the operation while it is still unclear whether the Gaza Strip will be demilitarized

Jul 182014
20 missiles found in UN-run school in Gaza

The Times Of Israel: “Some 20 rockets were found Wednesday in a school in Gaza operated by the United Nations Relief and Works Agency, the organization confirmed Thursday.” Opinion: It’s important to remember these actions by Hamas because very soon the world will condemn the harsh treatment of the Palestinian children by the Israeli military. The

Jul 142014
Abbas asks UN to put Palestine under international protection

YNet News: “Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas is to ask the United Nations to put the state of Palestine under “international protection” in light of the worsening violence in the Gaza Strip, the PLO said Sunday. “President Abbas will present a letter to the UN Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process, Robert Serry,

Jul 122014
Netanyahu floats exit plan: Let Hamas rule Gaza, leave the IDF in control of West Bank security

Debkafile: “For five days, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon confronted Hamas rockets with nothing but air strikes. IDF ground forces were left out of the action – not even a small-scale special forces’ raid against a few key targets, that would have countered charges that Netanyahu was again running away from