Apr 092014

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Langley Intelligence:

The U.S. government plans by 2015 to give up authority over ICANN, the organization that administers the Internet, sparking accusations that Washington is ceding the Web to America’s enemies. The Commerce Department decision does pave the way for a multinational “stakeholder” group to oversee the Internet, even as repressive foreign regimes push for a more direct say over the network inside their borders.

Ahead of the expiration, ICANN itself has been invited to issue a new plan for governance, subject to Commerce Department review, that takes into consideration such stakeholders. Maintaining the free flow of information on the Internet is crucial for U.S. economic and national security and necessary to bypass information blackouts arbitrarily imposed by foreign governments. Shifting control may contribute to those ends, but Commerce must make ICANN’s future clear and ensure that any transition to new governance serves U.S. interests.


The United States faced a global backlash after the Snowden revelations detailing the extent of U.S. electronic eavesdropping. The disclosures prompted the UN and other global organizations to resurrect earlier proposals to give other countries a greater say in how the Internet is governed. The demands to decrease U.S. control were not new, but Snowden’s leaks poured gasoline on the fire.

Looked at in one light, the ICANN announcement is a potentially clever concession aimed at demonstrating U.S. goodwill and assuring the world that the United States does not desire to maintain unfair domination of the Internet forever. If the gesture steals ammunition from those autocracies bent on getting some level of jurisdiction over the Internet for the ITU, as a prelude to allowing complete government domination of the Internet in those countries, loosening up ICANN governance may be a smart strategic move to demonstrate the United States can play well with others on Internet governance.

The move doesn’t take effect until late 2015, and the decision to allow the move is contingent on the Commerce Department accepting a plan from ICANN that proves the Internet authority will not be controlled by a government or governmental body such as the ITU. Until Commerce approves ICANN’s plan, the announcement to open up ICANN governance amounts to little more than a low-cost gesture, revocable at will, if Commerce decides ICANN’s plan is not aligned with the U.S. goal of maintaining free information flow online.

The problem is that Commerce has set few limits on what ICANN’s new governance structure can look like, other than to keep ICANN out of the hands of America’s adversaries. The Auerbach lawsuit demonstrated ICANN’s management can be insular and combative when it wants to be.

In written remarks in 2006, Auerbach said of efforts to reform ICANN since he won his lawsuit: “Looking back to the aspirations for this transition – better innovation, lower costs, public accountability, open and transparent processes – we can see that we have almost completely missed the target.”

Remarks from Auerbach in 2008 on the same topic were also quite negative, although they offered threads of hope. “ICANN’s more recent directors are showing signs that they are more than mere rubber stamps. And ICANN’s new chairman has already made the organization far more transparent and appears to be re-establishing the board of directors as the fount of policy and placing ICANN’s staff into the proper role as executors of that policy rather than its authors.

“Yet, despite these hopeful signs, ICANN remains a mixed bag containing many empty promises. And ICANN continues to cost the community of Internet users dearly in money and lost innovation.”

When a recognized authority on ICANN such as Auerbach states that ICANN is slow to reform and is still broken in many ways, critics are likely to question the wisdom of Commerce’s move to place the responsibility for planning the transition to a “multinational stakeholder” administration in ICANN’s hands.

If the U.S. announcement that it will open up governance of ICANN to more stakeholders deflects the push to drag the Internet under the authority of the ITU, it may prove to be a canny strategic move. Critics would never forgive the United States if it forces ICANN to accept a poorly crafted transition plan from an insular bureaucracy.

As September 2015 draws nearer, representatives of the National Telecommunications and Information Administration will no doubt be asked to testify before Congress on whether and how ICANN’s mysterious transition plan protects U.S. interests. If ICANN’s plan does not meet that goal, the NTIA can always revoke its offer to open up ICANN’s governance to multinational stakeholders.”

Apr 082014

The New American: “The United Nations pseudo-“human-rights” bureaucracy released another report attacking Americans’ self-defense rights, “Stand Your Ground” statutes passed at the state level, and the U.S. Constitution’s Second Amendment protection of the people’s God-given right to keep and bear arms without government infringement. Agreeing with the Obama administration and the most extreme anti-Second Amendment members of Congress, the UN “Human Rights Committee” also claimed that the U.S. government needed to expand the unconstitutional background-check regime to include even private firearms sales.

To the UN, though, America’s traditions and Constitution appear to matter little, if at all, in the quest for what it calls “global governance” — also known as global government. “States are required to take effective measures to review governmental, national and local policies, and to amend, rescind or nullify any laws and regulations which have the effect of creating or perpetuating racial discrimination wherever it exists,” claimed Mutuma Ruteere, the UN “Special Rapporteur on Racism,” in a factually challenged screed about American protections for gun ownership and self-defense rights. Other self-styed UN “experts” made similar comments, earning prompt ridicule and criticism from across America.

In its most recent report on alleged “human rights violations” in America, the international outfit also lashed out at the U.S. government for deporting illegal immigrants convicted of crimes.”

11be5ca690416b632281b2f421e2cf4b_MOpinion: The UN is clear on: controlling US guns, immigration, and sovereignty…  no ambiguity on these issues.

The US government, however, is not so clear. In September 2013 Secretary of State John Kerry signed the US to the UN Arms Treaty with this statement:

“This is about keeping weapons out of the hands of terrorists and rogue actors. This is about reducing the risk of international transfers of conventional arms that will be used to carry out the world’s worst crimes. This is about keeping Americans safe and keeping America strong,” he said. “This treaty will not diminish anyone’s freedom. In fact, the treaty recognizes the freedom of both individuals and states to obtain, possess, and use arms for legitimate purposes.” Emphasis mine

The US voters elected progressive-left ideologues to govern our nation. It should come as no surprise that their ultimate goal is control over our lives. From ObamaCare, to gun control, to school lunches, to procreation, there is not one important facet of our lives that they will leave up to us.

And this lines up with Bible prophecy for the last days. Daniel’s 4th beast, global government, may be just one crisis away.

Open up wide, it tastes like cherry.

Mar 172014

Canada Free Press: “The Information Highway known as the Worldwide Web has been the main form of communication for everyday people,  and now Obama is taking it away from an America he loathes and, just as been long feared, is handing it over to the United Nations.

Make no mistake, the falsely named “global internet Community” they’re trying to sell is the ravening wolf in sheep’s clothing.”

Opinion: While the world is distracted with Malaysia flight 370 and Crimea, the control of the internet is being handed to the coming global government.


Feb 192014
Ukraine's Military Releases Armored Vehicles And Fighter Jets; Independence Square Is In Flames

Zero Hedge: “Days after Kazakhstan broke out is tanks post-devaluation, the promise to “Restore order by all means envisaged” is under way in Ukraine as military vehicles are being mobilized into the city center (and fighter jets are being reported overhead). As Martin Armstrong so eloquently noted recently, “the Western powers represented by the EU

Jan 292014
Obama Mentioned Guns Seven Times in State of the Union 2013, Only Once in 2014

Breitbart: In 2013 Obama was bold on gun control. He specifically talked of instituting “background checks that will make it harder for criminals to get their hands on a gun,” of stopping straw purchasers from “buying guns for resale to criminals,” and of getting “weapons of war and massive ammunition magazines off our streets.” He

Jan 172014
UNESCO cancels event on Jewish ties to Land of Israel

  The Times Of Israel: “Days before it was scheduled to open, the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural  Organization cancelled an exhibit in Paris entitled, “The People, The Book, the  Land: The 3,500-year relationship between the Jewish people and the land of  Israel. UNESCO President Irina Bokova decided to cancel the event after Arab states

Jan 132014
CFR Sweep at Fed: Obama Names Fischer, Brainard, Powell to Join Yellen

The New American: “The rumors have been confirmed; President Obama’s plan to name Stanley Fischer as vice chairman of the Federal Reserve was made official on January 10. At the same time he announced Fischer’s appointment, the president also named Lael Brainard and Jerome Powell to positions as governors on the seven-member Federal Reserve Board.