Aug 262015


Investors Business Daily Op-Ed: “California Gov. Jerry Brown rips oil companies for their “highly destructive product,” while President Obama calls the Koch brothers un-American. The left’s war on what keeps our economy running continues.”

Opinion: In less that 1 month both Jerry Brown and our president will be getting a lot of help promoting the hoax. Pope Francis will be the first ever pontiff to address Congress and his Marxist ideology will be on full display.

Between the two world leaders a willing UN is just waiting for the opportunity to level taxes and onerous CO2 regulations on the industrialized nations in an attempt to establish global regulation.

Of course China will be given 20 years to comply, leaving the US economically weakened, again.

Aug 172015


Breitbart: “Trump, who drew sharp criticism in some circles after suggesting that Mexican immigrants were responsible for rape and drug addiction in the US, hasn’t backed down on calls for a tougher stance on immigration and to be sure, some voters share his views, even if they don’t necessarily agree with the rather uncouth way in which they were presented.

On Saturday, Trump told NBC’s Chuck Todd that if he were elected in 2016, Obama’s executive order would be immediately rescinded. In an exclusive interview given aboard Trump’s private 757, the GOP front runner also told Todd that he would deport all illegal immigrants. “They have to go,” he insisted.”

Opinion: As the 2016 political campaign gets rolling, we will do our best to cover opinions from the candidates that tie in with the theme of our blog, and not the religious denomination or spiritual condition of any of them.

By writing about any of them, please do not interpret my acknowledgment of comments/policies as an endorsement, rather how their opinions on game-changing topics will transfer global power to Europe, a future dictator and the end of the age.

Donald Trump has this one right. We are either a nation of laws or we are not. The open border policy of candidates on both sides of the aisle is a contributing factor to the potential economic downfall that faces our nation.

  • Black youth unemployment is skyrocketing
  • The largest percentage of job growth is in sectors that carry no wage growth or benefits packages
  • The US has seen stagnant wage growth since 2008
  • There are 93 million people out of the work force

Inner-city unrest and rioting reflect those trends and Donald Trump, who employs thousands of people from virtually every sector, understands that.

In fact it is a primary reason every nation on earth has strict rules on immigration.

The fastest way to a nation’s downfall is economic catastrophe and America’s current leaders are trying their best to speed up that process.

We have reflected on this website that there are 6 self inflicted initiatives, that collectively can reduce our nation to bystander status as Ezekiel 38:13 prophesied.

  1. Illegal immigration/amnesty
  2. Obamacare
  3. Same-sex marriage
  4. Political correctness
  5. Climate change
  6. America’s support for a Palestinian state

My feeling is that there is no candidate that will reverse this course. As we move closer to the end of the age, the times written by the prophets are in full view.

(Thanks to Steve for the reminder)


ICANN publishes proposal to end U.S. oversight of internet

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Aug 052015


American Thinker: “Sometime in the middle of 2016, the U.S. will cede most of its control of the internet and hand it over to a privatized corporation.  The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) will create a private entity to take over its functions that were previously overseen by the U.S. government.

Couple this with the FCC’s “Net Neutrality” proposed rules, and you will get an internet hardly recognizable from the one we use today.  Worries over censorship of political speech are not entirely unfounded, but the real threat is to e-commerce.  The “multistakeholder” model is flawed.

Governments may not be able to dictate internet access, but what about “private” entities that are little more than extensions of government control?  The worry is that big countries like Russia, China, and India, as well as regional coalitions of Arabs and Muslins, can slap ruinous controls on internet access that would interfere with commerce and perhaps even political free speech.”

Opinion: On a secular level: expect onerous regulations, a multitude of fees and blocked content.

On a Biblical level: internet control is a necessary tool for controlling all forms of commerce, Revelation 13:16-17.

On an idiotic level: fixing something that ain’t broke.



Obama set to announce steeper emissions cuts from US power plants

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Aug 032015
Obama set to announce steeper emissions cuts from US power plants

News: “President Barack Obama will impose steeper cuts on greenhouse gas emissions from power plants across the country than previously expected, senior administration officials said Sunday, in what the president called the most significant step the U.S. has ever taken to fight global warming. The Obama administration is expected to finalize the rule at a


EPA's Hiring Binge Shows Why It Should Be Cut

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Aug 012015
EPA's Hiring Binge Shows Why It Should Be Cut

Investors Business Daily Op-Ed: “Regulation: As businesses struggle to stay open and lay off workers, the Environmental Protection Agency is preparing one of the biggest hiring binges in America outside of Google. Good news? Hardly. Nearly 15,000 people work at the EPA now — making the agency a major national employer. This also lets its

Jul 172015
UN Set to Adopt Iran Nuke Deal Monday in Obama Blitzkrieg

Arutz Sheva: “Quick vote to be held under a procedure that will expose Israel to isolation if it speaks out against adopting the Iran deal. In a diplomatic blitzkrieg, the Obama Administration has set this coming Monday at 9 a.m. EST for a vote at the UN Security Council (UNSC) in New York on the adoption


Army plans to cut 40,000 troops

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Jul 082015
Army plans to cut 40,000 troops

USA Today: “The Army plans to cut 40,000 soldiers from its ranks over the next two years, a reduction that will affect virtually all of its domestic and foreign posts, the service asserts in a document obtained by USA TODAY. The potential troop cut comes as the Obama administration is pondering its next moves against

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