Jul 292014

The New American: “While the nation watches to see what, if anything, Congress will do about the border crisis before going off on a five-week vacation, President Obama is planning “very significant” executive action on immigration by summer’s end, according to a senior White House official. The specter of thousands of unaccompanied children, mainly from Central America, crossing the Texas border has increased a sense of urgency among the American people for reforming the immigration system despite inaction by a “broken Congress,” Dan Pfeiffer, the president’s deputy communications director told the Christian Science Monitor.

That gives the president “broad permission” to take action, said Pfeiffer, adding that Obama is consulting with Attorney General Eric Holder and Homeland Secretary Jeh Johnson to be sure his planned action will on “solid legal footing” and have maximum impact.


Opinion: As Congress goes on vacation, the mainstream press makes no mention of illegal drug cartel members, serious illness or al Qaeda operatives coming in with the kids.

Governor Jerry Brown of California calls it a “religious call… to welcome the stranger”  while illegal aliens demonstrate outside the White House with no fear of arrest.

Conservative pundit George Will “we should welcome” the flood of illegal immigrant children along our southern border — adding that concerns about America’s ability to absorb Central America’s problems are “preposterous.”

Speaker John Boehner says that the House will not be voting on immigration this year and to forget about any and all talk of impeachment.

The debate over allowing illegal immigration has shifted from the rule of law to compassion for children which the president will use to advance a collapse of the US borders. The only person who can’t cross into the US from Mexico is Marine Sergeant Andrew Tahmooressi.

Now re-read  Ezekiel 38:13: The young lions (America and colonies) are powerless.

Jul 292014

Zero Hedge: “The proxy Ukraine war just like that in Syria preceding it, “is all about energy.”

Recall also the following chart showing Ukraine’s shale gas deposits, keeping in mind that the Dnieper-Donets basin which lies in the hotly contested eastern part of the nation and where as everyone knows by now a bloody civil war is raging, is the major oil and gas producing region of Ukraine accounting for approximately 90 per cent of Ukrainian production and according to EIA may have 42 tcf of shale gas resources technically recoverable from 197 tcf of risked shale gas in place.

Finally, recall our story from May that Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, just joined the board of the largest Ukraine gas producer Burisma Holdings.

Opinion: As it turns out, Ukraine’s violence, and most of the unrest abroad in fact, is a competition between huge investment partners like Exxon Mobile, and Russia’s Gazprom. Civilians that are dying in Ukraine are collateral damage in the exploding worldwide need for energy.

Ironically in February 2012, the Obama Administration released a plan to close over a million acres of federal land for oil shale development citing the need for new rules and onerous regulation.

So the US roadblocks shale oil development at home, but lets the Biden clan profit from it in Ukraine. Good thing for Hunter that federal ethics rules essentially do not regulate the business activities of adult relatives of those who work in the White House.

No wonder Hunter is smiling.



Jul 292014

The Wire: “In a phone call between the two men on Sunday, President Obama stressed several points, which could be divined in slightly contradictory lights:

The President underscored the United States’ strong condemnation of Hamas’ rocket and tunnel attacks against Israel and reaffirmed Israel’s right to defend itself.  The President also reiterated the United States’ serious and growing concern about the rising number of Palestinian civilian deaths and the loss of Israeli lives, as well as the worsening humanitarian situation in Gaza.

Building on Secretary Kerry’s efforts, the President made clear the strategic imperative of instituting an immediate, unconditional humanitarian ceasefire that ends hostilities now and leads to a permanent cessation of hostilities based on the November 2012 ceasefire agreement.  The President reaffirmed the United States’ support for Egypt’s initiative, as well as regional and international coordination to end hostilities.”

Opinion: Unconditional – absolute, not limited by conditions.

The only beneficiary of an unconditional ceasefire is Hamas. The president’s concern for civilian deaths should focus him to demand an unconditional surrender of the terror group that is 100% responsible for civilian deaths.

In our post yesterday “Netanyahu’s Dilemma” one of our readers sent in a YouTube video by conservative talk show host and author, Dennis Prager, who happens to be Jewish. While the video does not go into the prophetic explanation, it does a wonderful job of making the Hamas/Israeli conflict simple.

Let me encourage you to take 5 minutes to view the video and then share it with someone.

(Thanks to Nannette for sending this in)

Jul 292014


The Jerusalem Post: “The situation facing European Jewry is “simply intolerable, unacceptable and inexcusable,” Israeli Jewish Congress president Vladimir Sloutsker told MKs and foreign diplomats at a special session of the Knesset Immigration, Absorption and Diaspora Committee on Monday.

Calling the rise in anti-Semitic incidents accompanying Israel’s invasion of Gaza an “SOS situation,” Sloutsker warned that if left unchecked, such behavior could lead to another European genocide.

Jews in Belgium are being asked “why are you killing children in Gaza?”

Opinion: If the world is close to the fulfillment of Daniel 9:27, then Vladimir Sloutsker is right.

He (Antichrist) will confirm a covenant (peace treaty) with many for one ‘seven (7 years). In the middle (42 months) of the ‘seven’ he will put an end to sacrifice and offering. And at the temple he will set up an abomination that causes desolation, until the end that is decreed is poured out on him.”

Daniel’s prophecy indicates that Antichrist will negotiate a temple as part of the peace deal, but halfway through the 7 year period he will cause a second abomination of desolation when he enters the temple and declares himself god.

He will put an end to the reinstituted Jewish practice of animal sacrifice which can only be performed in the temple.

All hell will break loose as the Great Tribulation (Matthew 24:21) will cause the deaths of two-thirds of both Jews and Gentiles (Zechariah 13:8-9), those who enter the Time of Jacob’s Trouble.

By the way, all who accept the pardon that Jesus’ death on a Roman cross provides are not here for that, 1 Thessalonians 4:15-18.

Jul 282014

1406065699539_cachedThe Daily Beast: “After being issued an ultimatum from ISIS in Mosul, some of the city’s last Christian families have fled, only to be robbed of their last possessions at ISIS checkpoints. Friday at noon was the deadline for Christian families to meet ISIS’s demands:

Convert to Islam, pay an anachronistic Islamic tax for non-Muslims known as jizya, leave Mosul, or be killed. But the day before the final exodus, Christians were informed jizya was no longer an option. The order came to convert, leave, or die.”

Opinion: There are deep roots in ‘convert or die’, and it is not just Islam.

AD 392: Forced conversion was a major way for the Christianization of the Roman Empire. Emperor Theodosius I decreed that Christianity was the only legal religion of the Roman Empire, and forbid pagan practices by law.

AD 782: Charlemagne, king of the Franks, forcibly Roman Catholicized the Saxons from their native Germanic paganism by way of warfare and law upon conquest.

AD 1088: Pope Urban II called Europe to arms, launching the Crusades and driving 100,000 Christians to descend on the Middle East, eager to spill Muslim blood.

AD 1492: Muslims and Jews were expelled from Spain and in 1497 from Portugal.

It is disturbing how Americans are shocked by news of Christian persecution 13 years after 9/11. The progressive left continues to deny the violence of Muslims, the Pope ignores the plight of Christians, as does the President of the United States.

Muslims are commanded to fight unbelievers until they are either dead, converted to Islam, or in a permanent state of subjugation under Muslim  domination.  Allowing people of other faiths to live and worship independently of Islamic rule is not an option.

Qur’an (8:39)“And fight them until there is no more Fitnah (disbelief and polytheism:  i.e. worshipping others besides Allah) and the religion (worship) will all be  for Allah Alone [in the whole of the world ]. But if they cease (worshipping  others besides Allah), then certainly, Allah is All-Seer of what they do.”   Translation from the Noble Quran.

What we are seeing is a preview of Antichrist – accept his mark or be killed, Revelation 13:16-18.

Jul 282014

knkmDebkafile: “Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu entangled himself Saturday and Sunday, July 26-27,  in the net he had cast to blur the effect of the unanimous decision by the security-political cabinet of Friday to turn down the ceasefire proposals proposed by US Secretary of State John Kerry and UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon.

The two diplomats and their partners, a brace of European ministers and Qatar and Turkey, who met in Paris to concoct a peace framework for Gaza, were privately dubbed by wags in Jerusalem the “Save Hamas Squad.”

Opinion: The masquerade is over. Having already called for Israel to return to the 1967 borders, the Obama/Kerry ceasefire clearly displayed the Obama anti-Israel policy.

The proposed Kerry deal:

  • Contained no demand that Hamas dismantle or destroy its terror tunnel network.
  • Demanded that both Israel and Egypt open their border crossings with Gaza, virtually allowing weapons of war to be imported.
  • Called for Hamas to be allowed to build a seaport on its Mediterranean coast; stipulating that Israel and Egypt help pay for it.

PM Netanyahu is clearly alone. Public opinion is moving quickly toward sympathy for Hamas which at some point could bring additional regional terror groups to the aid of Hamas leading to Psalm 83.