Jun 232016


AP News: “A tie vote by the Supreme Court is blocking President Barack Obama’s immigration plan that sought to shield millions living in the U.S. illegally from deportation.

The justices’ one-sentence opinion on Thursday effectively kills the plan for the duration of Obama’s presidency.

A tie vote sets no national precedent but leaves in place the ruling by the lower court. In this case, the federal appeals court in New Orleans said the Obama administration lacked the authority to shield up to 4 million immigrants from deportation and make them eligible for work permits without approval from Congress.”

Opinion: The rare victory for immigration control and defeat for President Obama’s executive order underscores the urgency of keeping Mrs. Clinton out of the White House.

Jun 232016


AP News “State Department staffers wrestled for weeks in December 2010 over a serious technical problem that affected emails from then-Secretary Hillary Clinton’s home email server, causing them to temporarily disable security features on the government’s own systems, according to emails released Wednesday.

The AP initially reported Wednesday that the emails described security features being turned off on Clinton’s own private server, but State Department spokesman John Kirby clarified hours later that the emails described “a series of troubleshooting measures to the department’s system — not Secretary Clinton’s system — to attempt to remedy the problem.”

The emails were released under court order Wednesday to the conservative legal advocacy group Judicial Watch, which has sued the State Department over access to public records related to the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee’s service as the nation’s top diplomat between 2009 and 2013.

Clinton has repeatedly denied there is any evidence her private email server ever was breached.”

Opinion: I ran this campaign add a few weeks ago. It says it all.

Jun 232016


Real Clear Politics: “Our country lost its way when we stopped putting the American people really first,” he said. “We got here because we switched from a policy of Americanism – focusing on what’s good for America’s middle class – to a policy of globalism, focusing on how to make money for large corporations who can move their wealth and workers to foreign countries all to the detriment of the American worker and the American economy.”

“This is not a rising tide that lifts all boats,” he said. “This is a wave of globalization that wipes out our middle class and our jobs.”

“They totally own her,” he said about foreign nations’ influence over the Democratic frontrunner. “And that will never change.”

Opinion: He’s right, but I don’t get the feeling that he knows why.

Globalism along onerous laws and regulations, open borders and a government nanny state fit perfectly with Bible prophecy for the last days leading to the end of the age.

From Daniel’s 4th beast (Daniel 7:23-24) to Antichrist having control over all forms of commerce (Revelation 13:16-17) all signs point to a coming dictator regardless who becomes president in 2016.

The die is cast. The lone superpower is teetering under an administration that has lied about every piece of nation-changing legislation from legitimizing the Muslim Brotherhood, to same-sex marriage, to ObamaCare to the Iran nuclear deal.

That same administration may win a third term under one of the worst Secretaries of State in history, and it is all happening because it is the right time.

In Mathew 24:32-34 Jesus told His disciples that the generation that witnesses the rebirth of Israel (fig tree) will not pass away until all the prophecies of the end of the age are fulfilled.

The fig tree bloomed in 1948.

“The days of our lives are seventy years; And if by reason of strength they are eighty years, Yet their boast is only labor and sorrow; For it is soon cut off, and we fly away.” Psalm 90:10

Raise you hand if you are ready to fly.

Jun 232016


The Daily Beast: “Most people know what it feels like to stay in a relationship too long. What were once small annoyances become huge fights as patience wears thin. And before you know it promises are being broken and doors (or in this case borders) are slamming shut.

That’s kind of how the European Union is behaving right now, or at least that’s what recent polls suggest when it comes to the question of whether or not British voters should vote to stay in the European Union on Thursday. It’s as if Europe is saying to the U.K., “OK, then, just go… But if you go, don’t come back!”

And if the U.K. does vote to divorce itself from Europe on Thursday, there is no telling just how nasty the final settlement might be, or even how many other countries are going to follow the U.K.’s lead and try to get out, too.”

Opinion: That Sweden, France, and Italy are threatening to follow suit if Britain exits the EU was my point from yesterday:

The European Union is well on the road to a western-run global government that was prophesied in Daniel 7:20-24. If BREXIT passes, it could provide a speed bump towards the revived Roman Empire unless other countries follow suit and chaos follows.”

Stay or go it appears that the damage to the EU is life threatening. A new and very powerful leader will be needed. One that will bring peace and stability to the world’s third largest economy.

I can’t help but picture him waiting in the wings until the appointed time (2 Thess 2:7).

Jun 222016


The New American: “Using funding from Western taxpayers, and Americans in particular, United Nations schools are teaching Arab children to glorify terrorism and wage constant war against their Jewish neighbors, according to a new film. In the explosive documentary released late last month by a pro-Israel watchdog group, schools run by the UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) are even exposed offering military-style training to young children.

That training, combined with a curriculum that teaches fervent hatred of Jews, is a recipe for disaster, the producer said, citing the recent wave of attacks. But now, U.S. lawmakers are speaking out, with media reports saying that legislation is being considered to yank funding from the UN-run schools.

The film, produced by the Center for Near East Policy Research, shows numerous young children proudly celebrating the murder of Jews and explaining what they learned in their UN schools.”

Opinion: We have posted several videos of Hamas camps that teach Palestinian children to hate and take up arms against Jews. But I can’t remember any that are run by the UN and financed by we the people.

The video below says that since September 2015, there have been 2200 attacks on Israeli citizens by Palestinians.


Jun 222016


The New American:”Traditional Dutch Christmas celebrations might be a violation of what the United Nations describes as “international law,” but Buddhism and “Lord Buddha” can help “enlighten” the world and advance the UN’s controversial Agenda 2030, according to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. Ironically, just this week, the UN accused Burmese Buddhists of committing potential crimes against humanity against Myanmar’s Muslim Rohingya community.

The UN chief was speaking on the International “Day of Vesak,” an official UN day and the “most sacred day” for followers of the Buddhist religion, celebrating the birth and alleged enlightenment of a man known as Buddha some 2,500 years ago. Ban praised the religion as if it were the solution to all the world’s real and imagined problems.

With his comments coming days before the World Humanitarian Summit, the UN boss also claimed the teachings of Buddha could help the UN and its member governments deal with everything from mass migration and UN-defined “human rights” to hateful rhetoric and alleged man-made global warming.

Opinion: Progressive-left Buddhists use the word enlightenment a lot. I know because a very old friend is a Jewish Buddhist.

I have written about my friend before. I was able to laugh off our differences before becoming a Christian 16 years ago, but now it isn’t funny. I know that saving someone’s soul is the Holy Spirit’s job, and all I can do is plant seeds and pray for him.

There is a global religion coming but it is not in focus yet. The head of the Roman Church along with liberal Protestant leaders embracing ecumenism are my leading candidates, but a blend of Christianity and Buddhism does not feel right since most Christians consider Buddhism a false religion.

Others like Joel Richardson think the global church will be Islam but somehow that doesn’t feel right either.

Revelation 3:14-22 calls the final Church to be neither hot nor cold. Jesus said that church would be rich and not think they need anything, but underneath will be wretched, miserable, poor, blind, and naked.

According to Revelation 13:1, the final Church will be led by a man described as having two horns like a lamb but will speak like a dragon – indicating a form of clergy gone bad.

About that pope …


Jun 222016


Breitbart: “President Barack Obama’s loyal Attorney General is struggling to help the president’s see-no-Islam narrative survive the massacre at the Pulse gay nightclub.

AG Loretta Lynch travelled down to Florida on Tuesday, where she presented Obama’s administration as the protector of grieving gays from inexplicable hate that has nothing to do with the peaceful religion of Islam. “We stand with you today as we grieve together. And long after the cameras are gone, we will continue to stand with you as we grow together, in commitment, in solidarity and in equality,” said Lynch.

But the facts keep intruding.”

Opinion: While the administration goes into full defensive mode to try to understand why a Muslim man who pledged allegiance to ISIS killed 49 and injured 53, the wife of the killer has gone missing.

What with the FBI still trying to figure out if Hillary Clinton’s private server and 40,000 missing emails are a violation of federal law, can we really expect that finding the accomplice to the worst shooting in American history is a priority?

Perhaps they could look in the AG’s guest room.


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