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Vitalik Buterin Says OpenAI’s GPT-4 Has Passed The ‘Turing Test’

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“It means people’s ability to tell if it’s a human or a bot is basically a coin flip!” 

Iran, Crash and Burn – Divine Intervention?

| Author1
Israel Today poll asks: Was God behind the death of Iran’s president just weeks after he threatened to destroy Israel?

Debunking Popular Lies About Premillennialism

| Author1
The early church ascribed to a futuristic interpretation of the book of Revelation, which included Jesus’ reign over the nations (20:1-10)…

Is It Possible to Destroy Hamas? Experts Weigh in as US Rhetoric Shifts

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The eternal enemy of God’s people is unknown to most of the world today…

Keep Preaching the Gospel

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Even at events meant to honor him, he was known to stop the proceedings and interject something along the lines of, “I’m hearing too much about Billy and not enough about Jesus…”

SUNDAY STUDY: Pentecost – Happy Birthday, Church!

| Editor
The church that Jesus began will continue until the day He comes for us…