Greek Economy Faces Total Collapse As Doctors Flee, Retail Sales Plunge 70%


Zero Hedge: Greece’s dive into financial uncertainty is forcing struggling businesses to take unusual steps to survive, including hoarding euros in cash.

Businesses which import their raw materials have been the hardest hit, says Vassilis Korkidis, head of the National Confederation of Hellenic Commerce (ESEE).

As unease spreads, getting one’s hands on cash has become a sort of national sport, with businesses from restaurants to car mechanics telling customers paying by card is no longer an option.

The inevitable result of the above is that banks’ already stratospheric NPLs are set to rise further meaning that with each passing day, the banking sector’s recapitalization needs grow as the economy sinks further into depression.”


Opinion: Having once owned a retail store, Editor and I are acutely aware of what that sign means … selling at cost.

In Greece, cash is king. Cash can get you groceries, a seat in a restaurant and gasoline for the car. And that is precisely the reason that the globalist powers want to do away with it.

Because a cashless society gives total power to control commerce to the government, which not coincidently is the scenario called for in Revelation 13:16-17.