Introducing Yasser Abbas – the son whom the Palestinian leader plans to succeed him


Debkafile: “The reports swirling around the Arab world over the Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas’s decision to quit disguise the octogenarian’s next plans. According to our Middle East sources, Abbas (known to all as Abu Mazen) has confided to his close circle that he has lost faith in President Barack Obama, whom he accuses of deserting the Palestinian cause, and in Secretary of State John Kerry, whom he has nicknamed “the tall liar.” He is now looking for new champions, possibly in Tehran, while at the same time shoring up his rule over the Palestinian Authority and designing his legacy.

The most important new face will be that of Yasser Abbas – Mahmoud Abbas’ own son.  The new appointments will herald another change: the PLO Exective Committee is to be elevated as the supreme Palestinian ruling institution, with jurisdiction over the Palestinian Authority and Palestinian government.”

Opinion: Yasser Abbas, named for Mahmoud Abbas’ former boss Yasser Arafat whom we classified Antichrist #8 in our book Antichrist: The Search For Amalek.

ExcerptEgyptian President Hosni Mubarak once referred to him (Arafat), in the presence of Secretary of State Warren Christopher as, “a son of a dog.” The Syrian defense minister called Arafat the “son of sixty-thousand whores.”

It is interesting that Abbas, who is known as the financier of the 1971 Olympic Munich Massacre of 11 Israel athletes, chose to name his son after Arafat, who is ignominiously known as the Father of Modern Day Terrorism.

It was Arafat who is the credited with re-naming the Arab Jordanians who were left over after the 1967 war and placed in camps by Jordan’s king Abdullah, Palestinians.

And it was It was Arafat who we identified as a descendant of Amalek from the blood of Esau of whom Moses recorded “The Lord has sworn: The Lord will have war with Amalek from generation to generation” Exodus 17:16

The new Amalek will take center stage.


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