Donald’s Delusions Include Unanimous Support for “Good Deal” Between Israelis and Arabs



Breaking Israel News: “Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump is absolutely certain that all Jews “want a deal” with the Palestinians. Speaking to ABC’s George Stephanopoulos Sunday, Trump refused to provide details of his plan for the region but insisted he’d try to broker a very difficult deal which would make Israel happy.

In Deuteronomy 20, God instructs the Israelites that they may offer those living in the land to remain peacefully on condition that they accept the rule of the Israelites and abide by Israelite law. However, nations which refuse to live by such conditions are to be conquered.

The Palestinian population has yet to demonstrate a willingness to live under Israeli rule, despite international efforts to broker peace negotiations. Not one to back down from a challenge, Trump wants the opportunity to try his hand.”

Opinion: This is incredible. God’s word is like having a secret that only a handful of people know. And when you take the plunge and tell others the secret, it sounds so outrageous that you sometimes wish you had never said anything.

I tried telling the secret in a book. When the few family and friends read the book, I rarely heard a word about it.

I have been telling the secret for 4 years on the pages of this blog and it only resonates with the 400-500 of you that come by every day. But as Editor keeps reminding me, that is the way God wants it.

The blood feud began in the womb of their mother Rebekah almost 4000 years ago. The Bible tells us that the feud is primarily over the birthright that was squandered by the elder brother.

Then the elder brother did the unthinkable. He took his wives and concubines from the Canaanite tribes.

Donald Trump’s thinking that the Jews, and virtually every world leader and the nations they represent, want a good deal so that the two brothers, Jacob and Esau can live side by side in peace, sounds absolutely logical.

But, you see, Esau has never wanted to live in peace with Jacob. Esau wanted to kill (Genesis 27:41) his brother Jacob to regain that birthright (land/God’s promises), but never did, and never will.

The war that will come (Psalm 83) between the twins will be part of the’ birth pangs’ (Matthew 24:8) that will lead to a greater war (Ezekiel 38-39), followed by a false peace (Daniel 9:27), and a tribulation unequaled from the beginning of the world (Matthew 24:21).

Jeremiah 30:7 calls it the time of Jacob’s trouble.

Esau, or Edom as God called him (Genesis 36:1), will be defeated – but not until the return of Jesus Christ (Obadiah 1:18, Isaiah 63:1-3).

When it’s all over, Jacob, or Israel as God called him (Genesis 32:28), will be revered (Zechariah 8:23) and the best deal of all will come (Revelation 20:1-2) peace on Earth.

If you have the courage, tell the secret.

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