Iran Threatens to Walk Away From Nuke Deal After New Missile Test



Free Beacon: “Iran on Tuesday again threatened to walk away from the nuclear agreement reached last year with global powers, hours after the country breached international agreements by test-firing ballistic missiles.

If our interests are not met under the nuclear deal, there will be no reason for us to continue,” Abbas Araqchi, Iran’s deputy foreign minister, warned during remarks delivered to a group of Iranian officials in Tehran.

“If other parties decide, they could easily violate the deal,” Araqchi was quoted as saying by Iran’s state-controlled media. “However, they know this will come with costs.”

Opinion: I will quote Mr. Trump again “This deal is so bad it’s suspicious” though that is hardly an endorsement.

What is fascinating about the P5+1 Iran nuclear deal is how it lines up with the war of Gog and Magog (Ezek. 38-39). In that war, however, Iran is named as one of the three principal armies that will attack Israel, in the latter days (Ezekiel 38:5).

Ezekiel tells us Israel will be living in peace and safety after winning a previous war (Ezek.38:8) and will be living in a false peace (Ezek. 38:11).

When Gog and his armies come to take plunder, three major powers: US, Britain, and Saudi Arabia will only ask “Have you come to take plunder?” (Ezek.38:13) leaving us to suspect that all three nations are powerless.

Ezekiel does not tell us what the plunder is but he does tell us that Israel will not be expecting the attack.

Another clue as to what a horrible deal this is, after a miraculous victory (Ezek. 38:18-23), Israel will have to take great pains to bury the dead (Ezekiel 39:12) “to cleanse the land”  indicating nuclear contamination.

And so, Virginia, now we see how Iran gets the bomb. “Biden: US condemns international failure to denounce Palestinian terror”


Source: Slider