Why is Hassan Nasrallah speaking in public?



YNet News: “Hezbollah’s secretary general has been speaking in public for two reasons: He owes many explanations to the Lebanese public and he fears Israel may carry out a preemptive strike against his military infrastructure.

Yesterday he told his critics in the Arab world: I do not belong to a terror group that kills Arabs; I am leading the battle to protect Lebanon and fighting the Zionist entity. Nasrallah also tried to calm the Lebanese people. He said Israel will not wage a war, and told the Lebanese not to worry. He then added that in the Second Lebanon War, Israel entered the war because of an error that he made and assured that it will not repeated.”

Opinion: Hezbollah is an Iranian puppet who not coincidentally fits perfectly into the 3000 year old prophecy found in Psalm 83:7  the ‘inhabitants of Tyre’(ancient name for Lebanon).

What is interesting about a preemptive strike is that tonight at sundown thru sundown on Thursday, Jews all over the world will celebrate the feast of Purim which tells the story of a preemptive strike against Persia (Iran) in 460 BC.

The Israelites surprised and destroyed the Persian army and were spared total annihilation.

Could it be that Hezbollah’s Secretary General is familiar with the Biblical account found in the book of Esther? If not, he is most certainly familiar with the preemptive strike in the Six Day War of 1967 when Israel captured the West Bank, East Jerusalem, Gaza strip, Golan Heights and the Sinai Peninsula in one of the most miraculous military victories in history.

I would say that Hassan Nasrallah has plenty to worry about.

(Our last post today tells the Purim story)

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