Israel protests UNESCO ‘Muslim Temple Mount’ decision



Arutz Sheva: “Under Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s orders, the Foreign Minister issued a strongly-worded protest letter to all the countries that supported the recent UNESCO decision divorcing the Temple Mount from the Jewish people and treating it only as a Muslim site.

In the letter, Foreign Ministry director Dr. Dore Gold slammed the attempt to erase the Jewish connection to Jerusalem, the 3,000-year-old capital of the Jewish people, and to other Jewish holy sites.

Last October UNESCO also tried to deny Jewish heritage at two other Jewish holy sites – the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hevron and Rachel’s Tomb in Bethlehem.”

Opinion: The UN voted to rename the wailing wall, (the only remaining section of the 2nd temple) after Mohammed’s horse, Al Buraq, despite the fact that Jerusalem is not mentioned in the Koran.

How long will the United States host such a despicable body of dictators, liars, and thieves? The 7 billion annual price tag that we the people absorb is a disgrace.

Where is Congress? Where are the Church leaders? And where is the Pope?