Netanyahu heads to Russia as ties with Moscow strengthen



The Times of  Israel: “The meeting is the fourth one between Netanyahu and Russia President Vladimir Putin during the same period, after the pair also met at the sidelines of the recent UN climate change conference in Paris. Israeli President Reuven Rivlin has also met with Putin during that time, even cancelling a trip to Australia to visit the Russian leader at the Kremlin.

In an illustration of the growing alliance between their two countries, this time Netanyahu is scheduled to stay in Russia for an extended trip of two and a half days, meeting other leading Russian officials as well as the Russian President.

The official pretext for this visit is to mark 25 years of official diplomatic relations between Israel and Russia. Until then, Israel’s relationship with what was then the Soviet Union had been a hostile one, with Moscow backing Israel’s Arab enemies and declaring itself opposed to Zionism.

Today, however, things are very different.”

Opinion: Here is what is different:

  • ISIS is entrenched next door in Syria
  • US/Israeli relations are the worst in 68 years
  • Israel has gigantic gas reserves that could threaten Russia economically
  • Israel has a massive oil find in the Golan that separates Israel and Syria
  • Putin wants to become an energy partner with Netanyahu

Here is what has not changed:

  • Putin is working to secure his own strategic interests in Syria
  • Putin is a staunch supporter of Bashar Assad who is a sworn enemy of Israel
  • Putin contracted to build Iran’s nuclear plants
  • Putin is supplying Iran with S300 antiaircraft missiles
  • Putin would love to embarrass the US
  • Russia will one day lead and invasion force against Israel to take plunder (Ez 38-39)

Israel will have only one protector in the wars of the last days.

The Lord God Almighty is His Name, Hosea 12:5.



Source: Slider