Chinese Airline marks Israel as ‘Palestinian Territories’


YNet News: “Israeli passengers aboard the Tel-Aviv-bound plane from Beijing were shocked to discover that the word “Israel” was nowhere to be seen on the map.

The screens, which were photographed on a flight which landed on Tuesday in Ben Gurion Airport, display Syria, Cyprus and Lebanon but only Tel Aviv and Jerusalem appear on the map while Israel is clearly omitted.”


Opinion:  Look how fast things are moving. In the war of Gog and Magog Israel will be alone among the nations in fulfillment of Numbers 23:9.

That is when God will do magnificent work:

  • Ezekiel 38:21-22: God Himself will defeat Gog’s armies
  • Ezekiel 38:23: To magnify Himself to the nations, that they will know the Lord
  • Ezekiel 39:7: To make His name known ‘in the midst’ of His people’ Israel
  • Ezekiel 39:11: To bury Gog and his attackers in the land of Israel and cleanse the land
  • Ezekiel 39:21: To set His glory among the nations so that all will see His judgment
  • Ezekiel 39:22:  So the house of Israel shall know the Lord their God from that day forward
  • Ezekiel 39: 28: So Israel will know that the Lord their God sent them into captivity but brought them back from the land leaving none behind.

(excerpt from our future book)