Erekat: Peace process will be destroyed if Trump moves US embassy to Jerusalem



JPost: “Secretary General of the Palestine Liberation Organization Saeb Erekat on Friday said that US President-elect Donald Trump’s pledge to move America’s embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem would spell the end of a negotiated peace settlement with Israel.

“I look David Friedman and Trump in the eye and tell them — if you were to take these steps of moving the embassy and annexing settlements in the West Bank, you are sending this region down the path of something that I call chaos, lawlessness and extremism.”

Opinion: Saeb Erekat was part of the 2013-14 failed peace talks with John Kerry. In those talks the Palestinian demands had not changed:

  • Total settlement freeze
  • Talks to be based on the 1967 lines
  • Release of 104 Palestinians imprisoned before the 1993 Oslo Accords

The deal, like all others, was dead before it started although both sides went through a painful exercise of trying to negotiate each point.

The irony is that even if each of the three points had been agreed to, Abbas would never acknowledge Israel’s to exist, let alone the elephant in the room, the right of return of 5- 700,000 refugees that left Israel before the war of Independence and their offspring (now numbering over 5 million), would have eventually killed the deal anyway.

There can be no peace with Edom. A quick read of Obadiah 1:1-17 will show the futility of the enmity between Esau’s and Jacob’s descendants throughout all of recorded history, while Obad. 1:18 records that there will be no survivor from the house of Esau. 

What will be interesting to watch is how Donald Trump plans to make what he calls the ultimate deal, after moving the embassy thereby acknowledging Jerusalem (the burdensome stone Zech.12:1-3), as the rightful capital of Israel.

And we have front row seats.