Tillerson criticizes Kerry’s approach to Israel, vowing a different path


JPost: “Directly criticizing his likely predecessor, John Kerry, Tillerson then said that he found “quite troubling” the sitting secretary’s decision to give a speech devoted to the conflict shortly after the vote. The speech focused heavily on Israel’s construction activity in the West Bank and east Jerusalem.

Israel is, has always been and remains our most important ally in the region,” he said. “The UN resolution that was passed, in my view, is not helpful. It actually undermines a good set of conditions for talks to continue.”

Opinion: Guess who is representing the United States at the 70 nation peace conference in Paris on Sunday? Earlier today the White House announced plans to send John Kerry, that same guy who said that “Israel cannot be a Democratic state and a Jewish state at the same time”.

Of course it doesn’t take a Rhodes scholar to know that Israel has been a Democratic state and a Jewish state for almost 70 years, and will continue to be long after John Kerry is a distant memory.

Mercifully, the trip to Paris with a stop off at the World Economic Forum in Davos Switzerland will be Kerry’s last on the US taxpayer.

God is good.