To Our Readers


Editor and I are pleased to announce that our amazing friend and web engineer, Lee, finished re-designing our website in time for its 6th anniversary.

The site will go live on Wednesday, February 1, with a lot of new pages.

Both and will take you to the new site.


  • has the nine (9) most recent Blog Posts and Opinion. If you click on any of the 9 headlines, that Post with Opinion opens in a new page.


  • Today’s Headlines – timely and important articles from all over the world with links to the host site, but without opinion.
  • Sunday Posts – will update each week along with highlights of past Sunday posts.
  • Study Hall – coming soon: will be added in a few weeks and will feature Editor’s posts on selected Bible topics.
  • Bible Prophecy 101 – our guide for conducting small group study.
  • Blood Feud – our new book. In Chapter 6, a map will enable you to follow the movement of Esau’s descendants by placing your cursor over designated countries, and a right click will open a page that will explain how the bloodline reached that area. The book is formatted like our posts so that you will be able to hover over Bible verses and they will pop up. The book is free for members, but you must register to open the chapters and we encourage you to write a brief review after reading.

Please note: We will be applying with two vendors for selected advertisements that will appear on the home page in order to offset design and maintenance costs and possible hire our first associate.

Editor and I hope that the website will be an encouragement to you and that it will bring glory to God and His plan for the world.