Truck driver mows down Israeli soldiers in Jerusalem attack


JPost: Four Israelis soldiers have been killed in a suspected truck attack in Jerusalem.

  • The victims had disembarked a bus when the truck driver veered into them
  • At least 15 soldiers have been wounded with two of them in a critical condition
  • Israeli police confirmed the suspected terrorist had been ‘neutralised’

Opinion: How does one explain why a person would drive a truck into a crowd of people because of their bloodline, with the intent to kill or maim them when he doesn’t even know them?

One would consider it the act of a mad man, but not if it happens in Israel. If it happens there, it is covered by excuses of an oppressed people acting out in total frustration, all the while ignoring the fact that the truck driver is being used by evil men who are replacing secular and Biblical history with lies.

When we put forth that this hatred is very old and is in the blood, people turn away and refuse to listen.

Our second book will look at where the hatred began from a somewhat different view than our first book. We are formatting the book for use on our new website in the same way that Bible Prophecy 101 is formatted. You will be able to hover over the Bible verses to decided for yourselves if our views are correct.

There will also be a map with hot spots that will show both the beginning of the hatred and how that bloodline of terror through marriage has moved throughout the world.

We hope to complete the project by January 30, the 6th year anniversary of our website.



  1. I am looking forward to reading your new book, too. The map of the bloodline sounds fascinating. After visiting the Ark Encounter recently, I have been studying genealogies and where everyone ended up, nation wise. We all go back to either Shem, Ham or Japheth. Not sure I want to know which one I come from. I do and I don’t. I guess we won’t know until heaven, tho. Good enough for now to be in the family of God/Body of Christ.
    Thanks for all you do, Author and Editor. You are in my prayers.

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