In historic first, Israel legalizes West Bank outposts with sweeping new legislation


The Times of Israel: Following months of coalition wrangling, damning criticism from internal and international opposition, and bleak warnings from legal experts, Israel on Monday legalized all West Bank outposts with sweeping legislation that aims to prevent future demolitions of settler homes built on private Palestinian land.

In a late-night session, the Knesset passed the final readings of the controversial so-called Regulation Bill, which paves the way for Israel to recognize some 4,000 illegally built settler homes.         

Speaking for the government in defense of the measure before the vote, Science Minister Ofir Akunis (Likud) said the vote was not just over this specific law, but rather about the right of the Jewish people to live in Israel. “This whole debate is based on one question: Who does this land belong to?” he told the plenary. more

Opinion: Who does the land belong to? We must have a thousand posts on the topic. We must have quoted an equal number of Bible verses and still the question is asked by a conservative (Likud) party member.

Translation: There are a significant number of secular Jews who agree with Barack Obama, the European Union, the United Nations Security Council, Israel’s former Prime minister/President Shimon Peres and Israel’s Attorney General, that are willing to divide the land for peace.

In fact, most Christian denominations agree that the only way to peace in the Middle East is to divide that land, virtually ignoring Scripture verses warning of judgment for doing so (Genesis 12:2; Amos 9:15; Joel 3:1-2).

The Regulation Bill passed the Knesset last night. If the Israeli Supreme Court allows it to move forward, the spectacle of Israeli soldiers carrying Israeli citizens from their homes, and then demolishing those homes with bulldozers, as they did in Amona last week, will never happen again.

Because the bill passed, the the European Union’s Foreign Affairs Council postponed a diplomatic summit with Israel, scheduled for the end of this month, in protest against the government’s settlement building policy.

That the Israeli Court is expected to strike down the bill means it is not the time for Israel to take control of the land from the Gentiles, Luke 21:24.


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