State Dept blames Israel for causing Palestinian violence


Conservative Review: Rex Tillerson’s State Department added blistering anti-Israel language to this year’s “Country Reports on Terrorism,” adopting a tone not seen even during the hostile Obama era.

On Wednesday, Tillerson submitted the annual report to Congress. This year’s report may come as a shock to the overwhelmingly pro-Israel majority that elected Donald Trump president.

The report appears to blame Israel for the lack of peace between the two sides, pointing to a “lack of hope” as a “driver” for Palestinian violence. more …

Opinion: James Taylor and Carole King  penned a song in 1971 that reminds me of the US Department of State’s position on the Palestinians situation, regardless of which administration is in office:

You’ve Got a Friend.

The appeaser is every bit as guilty as the terrorist.

In the past weeks, the Trump White House has pushed back on settlement activity, agreed to a dangerous truce in Syria, and now sympathized with the same terror group that began countless terror attacks including the recent stabbing/car ramming intifada.

While the history of Israeli/Palestinian turmoil is less than 70 years old, the root dates back 3500 years to a squandered birthright, only then there was no such thing as a Palestinian, they were called Edomites, whose patriarch, Esau, sold his birthright of the promised land for a bowl of porridge.

You see, Esau hated his brother and vowed to kill him after their father died (Genesis 27:41). Esau never achieved his goal and the blood feud has festered for 3500 years.

It is too big and too old for mere men to solve. The proof is how few men even know the origin or the solution.

Secretary Tillerson’s position is on the wrong side of Biblical history and it will not go well for us.

(For more on the blood feud and the solution, see our e-book with the same title here)