Saudi schools teach that Jews and Christians are accursed and Muslims must kill Jews


Jihad Watch: Jihad Watch recently posted an article about Saudi schools “teaching Muhammad’s statements that Jews and Christians are accursed and Muslims must kill Jews.” Such teachings begin as early as first grade. Now, additional information has emerged that “an official textbook for fifth graders published by the Saudi Ministry of Education states that the approach of the Day of Resurrection will be recognizable by a series of signs. “The Hour will not come until Muslims will fight the Jews, and Muslims will kill the Jews.”

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s constitution is the Quran and the Sunnah. Article 6 of Saudi law states that “Citizens shall pledge allegiance to the King on the basis of the Book of God and the Prophet’s Sunnah, as well as on the principle of ‘hearing is obeying] both in prosperity and adversity, in situations pleasant and unpleasant.”

This critical piece of information about the virulently anti-Semitic 5th grade official Saudi textbook will likely be dismissed by Westerners despite its serious implications, since it does not fit into the widely held fantasy that jihad groups such as al Qaeda and the Islamic State are an aberration of Islam. more …

Opinion: The USA love affair with Saudi Arabia cuts across both sides of the political isle:

William Clinton

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George Bush

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Barack Obama

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Donald Trump is basing his peace plan on a Saudi promise.

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Seems like someone forgot this:

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  1. Wait a second. Wasn’t it Afghanistan that committed the acts of 9-11? That is what the Bush family would have the world believe. And then, for a brief moment, Pakistan was in on it as well. Then, Iraq had a hand in it. The Bill and Hillary seemed have been in agreement with the Bush clan during that time. Amazing how the Saudis were never to blame, despite the fact that the allegedly “deceased” bin Laden was supposedly of Saudi descent, as were several of his band of merry men.

    It is of no surprise that the US government (and I use to singular term, because there is really has been only one throughout history) has very easily brainwashed the very simple American political supporters into going along with whatever they say … again.

    The Saudi government has much in common with the American government. They both proudly support the “Palestinian Authority” and the many terrorists who try to eliminate Israelis.

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