SUNDAY STUDY: An Occult Dream Come True


Ray Yungen, Lighthouse Trails Research:

“What is happening to mainstream Christianity is the same thing that is happening to business, health, education, counseling, and other areas of society. Christianity is being cultivated for a role in the New Age.” 

Spiritual formation, “be still” meditation, breathing techniques, “Christian” yoga, “the sacred feminine,” labyrinths, circle making – all are an extension of exotic religions, eastern mysticism, and Buddhist/Hindu tools to reach “the divine within” – and have crept into church media, books, music and movies.

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  1. Thank you for this timely article! I just finished reading Tom Horn’s 20-part series at which had excerpts of his new book, Saboteurs. It is about the occult history of our nation. We have actual witches cursing our president. We must lift our nation up in prayer for repentance.

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