Pope Francis Wants To Save The World From Nuclear Crisis


New York Post: Pope Francis is seeking to defuse rising nuclear tensions on the Korean peninsula and to boost support for disarmament with a Vatican conference that will bring together 11 Nobel Peace Prize winners, United Nations and NATO officials, and representatives from a handful of countries with the bomb.

For some analysts, Francis’ address at the gathering Friday will provide a welcome break in the heated war of words between U.S. President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un as Trump continues his first trip to Asia as president. more …

Opinion: As I began to read the article, I kept waiting for two topics that the pope never misses: the environment and walls. It took nine paragraphs to get to the environment:

The Holy See has consistently opposed nuclear weapons and supported nonproliferation and disarmament efforts, and history’s first Latin American pope has strongly backed that line. But Francis brings to the table arguments based on his other papal priorities: that atomic weapons are a threat to the environment, that the costs of developing them could be put to far better use, and that the world would be a far safer place if dialogue prevailed over confrontation.

And two more for the evils of building walls, like the one he lives behind:

“Francis keeps saying we need to build channels of communication and not walls,” Monsignor Tomasi said in an interview. “If the conference that we are organizing succeeds in conveying this message, we have done our jobs.”

It never fails. The Gospel of Jesus Chris is just not his job.