Netanyahu to Putin: ‘We must take strong, timely stand against murderous ideologies’


YNet News: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow on Monday and tied the fight against Iran’s nuclear ambitions and terror support to the fight against Nazi Germany in World War II.

“I think that the main lesson of the rise of the Nazis and—afterwards—their defeat, is that one needs to take a strong and timely stand against murderous ideologies,” Netanyahu told Putin during a meeting at the Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center in Moscow.

The two leaders toured an exhibit at the museum marking the 75th anniversary of the rebellion in the Sobibór death camp. more …

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Russia has a big role in prophecy. We have written on the Psalm 83 prophecy whereby 10 Arab nations form an alliance against Israel as a warm-up to a Russian led invasion of Gog and Magog found in Ezekiel 38-39.

Russian bases are now entrenched in Syria, which is listed in the Psalm 83 alliance, making the attack impossible to happen without Russia’s blessing.

Image result for map showing israel, syria and lebanon

When that attack fails, and Israel grows in land and wealth, Russia will be forced “with hooks in its jaw’ to attack Israel’s plunder (Ezekiel 38:13).

I have taught this war in 4 prophecy groups and the only plunder I can find that fits is oil. It is Russia’s lifeblood, and if is is threatened by Israeli oil and gas, Russia will have little choice but to attack.

We have no way of knowing if Vladimir Putin is Gog, but, if he wins re-election in March of this year, which at this point looks like a given, he will be in power until 2024.

There is no way Netanyahu does not know the Ezekiel prophecy, which serves to make it even more interesting.

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  1. God promised to bring Israel back to the land and then turn their hearts. Until such time Israel is a secular and sinful nation, but still one God loves and is committed to. Netanyahu is a good leader, not perfect. He upholds the Old Testament as foundational to his country. He keeps his friends close and his enemies even closer. Let’s pray for his salvation and watch as God turns the Israelis back to Himself. Very exciting times.

  2. If Netanyahu was anything but a corrupt and deceptive PM he would not be heavy in dealings and friendships with all the other corrupt, deceptive leaders he holds so closely to his side. I suppose it is only fitting for a nation who holds their false idols so close to have a highly corrupt and inept leader. That way, when God protects them and leads them to safety they will be able to see it is definitely not Netanyahu who deserves that praise. At least Israel has people like Shaked and Bennett to help keep Netanyahu’s head from swelling too much.

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