SUNDAY STUDY: The Collision of God and Sin


Oswald Chambers was converted under the ministry of Charles Spurgeon. Chambers’ book, My Utmost for His Highest, has become one of the best-selling religious books of all time.

In the devotional we’re looking at today, Jesus Christ, in His sufferings, stood charged with our sins, as one who had undertaken to put them away by the sacrifice of Himself, Isa. 53:6.   He bore the punishment of them, and thereby satisfied divine justice.  He takes away our sins, and removes them away from us; as the scapegoat bore the sins of the people on his head and then carried them away, (Leviticus 16:21, 22), so the Lamb of God does first bear our sins in His own body, and thus takes away the sins of the world, John 1:29.

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