JPost: The United Nations Human Rights Council called on the international community to halt arms sales to Israel as it wrapped up its month-long 37th session in Geneva.

It approved five anti-Israel resolutions, including one called “Ensuring accountability and justice for all violations of international law in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including east Jerusalem.”

  • A resolution withdrawal to the pre-1967 lines
  • Israel to halt settlement activity
  • Condemned Israel for human rights abuses against the Palestinians
  • Issues regarding Israel be debated under Agenda Item 4, which is set aside for the UNHRC to examine human rights abuses in all UN member states.

By a 27 to 4 vote, with 15 abstentions, the UNHRC called upon “all states to promote compliance under international law” with regard to Israeli actions. more …

Opinion: This is the same UN that counts Cuba, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia and Yemen as a members of the human rights council.

On March 24, 2017 the UNHRC adopted a similar set of Anti-Israel Resolutions treating Israel worse than North Korea, Iran, and Syria:

  • A vote on “Human rights in the occupied Syrian Golan”
  • A resolution called “Ensuring accountability and justice for all violations of International law in the Occupied Palestinian territory, including East Jerusalem”
  • 43 members voted for a resolution called “Right of the Palestinian people to self-determination,”
  • The resolution “Human Rights situation in the Occupied Palestinian territory, including East Jerusalem
  • A resolution condemning Israel had 36 in favor, 2 against and 9 abstentions

Notice the oft-used word occupied. The word is used for territories captured by Israel during the Six-Day War of 1967, which include the Golan Heights, Sinai Peninsula,  Gaza strip, West Bank (Judea and Samaria).

Prior to 1967, Egypt, Syria, and Jordan were planning a massive assault on the Jewish state. A tiny poorly equipped Jewish army pre-empted the attack, having taken a lesson from the Persian army’s attempt to kill all the Jews in Persia (Book of Esther). In that war (400 BC), the Jewish people surprised the Persian army against overwhelming odds and defeated them.


The  United Nations Human Rights Council, founded in 2006, has everyone’s rights at heart with the exception of Jewish rights.


  1. It seems like it has not just “lasted,” but grown over the centuries. Have heard of City of God (through this website, of course!), but never thought to tackle it. I just may order it now that you have simplified it. I have 29 and 27 year old married sons who were brainwashed in college about the Jews and Israel. Praying and trying subtly to point out truth to them. My one is just finishing his Masters in English (business communication). He would be very interested to see me reading City of God.Thanks! God Bless!

  2. Yes! Well said ShelleyB! [Let me stand on my soapbox a moment longer] One can purchase a cheap used copy of Augustine’s work “City of God” from amazon. Don’t try to read the whole thing (Argg! you’ll go nuts). Read Book 17, chapter 7 where Augustine throws Israel under the feet of the Messiah as an enemy of God (Psalm 110:1). Then skip to Book 20, chapter 8 to see how Augustine butchers Revelation and shows that the church militant defeats Satan to usher in the return of the Messiah. This heresy quickly became a standard of the state church (particularly the Medieval church) and has more or less lasted for 1600 years – God is done with the Jew (and Israel) and the church has taken Israel’s place. [Thanks for letting me bloviate!]

  3. yes, Centurion, those Christians who are not asleep understand. I have come to the only conclusion I can regarding why so many Christians are blind to what is going on in the world. I think it, in large part, relates to their beliefs concerning Israel and the Jews. Even so…

  4. The UN (Useless Nonsense) is back at it again! Nobody should be surprised by this latest round of obnoxious bull. In 2012, there were 22 un general assembly resolutions against Israel alone and only 4 other resolutions against the rest of the world as a whole. This during the time of increasing slaughter of Syrian civilians and the recent holocaust in Duphar; and of course, the continued brutality in the Muslim world and North Korea. Yet, when Israel defends itself, it is considered apartheid aggression. However, those of us of the church who are not asleep know from whence this condemnation comes – the evil one.

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