Forget ‘Climate Change’ — Now It’s ‘Climate Restoration’


PJ Media: In the end, somehow we knew it would come to this. The Left, in the form of the think thank, RAND, has gone full Luddite:

Since the 1992 United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, society has organized efforts to limit the magnitude of climate change around the concept of stabilization — that is, accepting some climate change but holding it within acceptable bounds. This report offers an initial exploration of the concept of  climate restoration — that is, approaches that seek to return atmospheric concentrations of greenhouse gases to preindustrial levels within one to two generations. Using a simple integrated assessment model, the analysis examines climate restoration through the lens of risk management under conditions of deep uncertainty, exploring the technology, economic, and policy conditions under which it might be possible to achieve various climate restoration goals and the conditions under which society might be better off with (rather than without) a climate restoration goal. This report also explores near-term actions that might help manage the risks of climate restoration.

Take a moment and try to grasp how utterly demented this is. So great is the cultural-Marxist hatred for modernity — Marx himself was a child of the Industrial Revolution and developed his crackpot scheme based on mid-19th-century conditions — that, like the Luddite, they wish to return to some halcyon period before… well, you draw the line wherever you like. more …

Opinion: A few definitions:

Pre-industrial is the time before machines produced goods on a large scale, from 1750 to 1850.

Halcyon: denoting a period of time in the past that was idyllically happy and peaceful.

Luddite: (present-day definition) a person opposed to increased industrialization or new technology.

Rand: The RAND Corporation is a nonprofit progressive think tank that focuses on issues such as health, education, national security, international affairs, law and business, the environment, and more.

Progressive: As a philosophy, it is based on the Idea of Progress, which asserts that advancements in science, technology, economic development, and social organization are vital to the improvement of the human condition.

Progressivism is fluid. It must continue forward at all costs. In the 1960’s, abortion was only for rape and incest but has progressed to infanticide. In the 1990’s progressive politicians spoke forcefully against illegal immigration:

Today they support open borders:

Global warming progressed to climate change that progressed to climate sustainability and has now progressed to climate restoration, which, when implemented, ‘will trample the whole world’ (Daniel 7:23).

Plank is the term often given to the components of a political platform. When the final dictator steps onto the world stage, his platform will be all ready for him.

“So they worshiped the dragon who gave authority to the beast; and they worshiped the beast, saying, “Who is like the beast? Who is able to make war with him?” Revelation 13:4