1. Very interesting video. People need to realize that the world is filled with evil. Satan is the god of this system of things. Unless we make a stand with God the Creator and His Son, Jesus the Messiah, we will fail to spend eternity with our Lord.

    When someone goes and shoots dozens of students at a school, that does not make that person “mentally ill” as the media and the majority of citizens like to claim. That makes that person someone who is filled with evil, and someone who does not fear God. I have been trying to tell people, both Christians and non-Christians, that very same message. Our world has been so easily manipulated into believing what the media and governments and authority figures have been saying, that those types of people are just “mentally ill” and are not filled with evil.

    Jesus needs to be spoken of on a regular basis. His name should be on the hearts and lips of Christians on a daily basis. So many Christians tend to make it through our days without ever going out on the streets to witness to others. Jesus never said, “If you aren’t too busy would you mind … ” or “How would you feel about taking a very brief moment out of your day to … “. He commanded us to go out and make disciples. The Bible tells us to have a real fear of God, not just an acknowledgement of Him possibly hanging around somewhere in the ether. He is real, and His commands are just as real as His love.

    Thank you for this video. It should light a fire under many of us.

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