After Years of Accusations, PA Official Admits No ‘Proof’ Israel Poisoned Arafat


BIN: For years, the Palestinian Authority (PA) has been spreading the libel that Israel murdered Yasser Arafat with poison. The PA propaganda has been so successful that even small children discuss the “poisoning by the Jews” with the host of a PA TV children’s show.

Palestinian boy Adnan: “The Jews put poison in his food, and then he died.”
Official PA TV host: “Bravo! That is very important information. Arafat was poisoned to death. Correct, his food was poisoned and he died as a Martyr. Bravo, very clever, my friend Adnan.”
[Official PA TV, The Best Home, Nov. 17, 2017]

After years of cementing this libel in the Palestinian consciousness, now a top PA official has admitted that there is no “proof” to back up the claim that Arafat was “murdered by poisoning.” However, in spite of the lack of evidence, he added that he and “all the members of the Palestinian people are completely convinced that leader Yasser Arafat died as a Martyr by poisoning.”

Opinion: Excerpt: Antichrist: The Search for Amalek:

On November 11, 2004, Yasser Arafat died, and the baton was passed to Mahmoud Abbas.

According to DAFKA (.org), a consortium of students, faculty members, journalists, and concerned community activists, Arafat was well known by world leaders to be a vociferous homosexual pedophile

Since 2004, Arafat’s cause of death has been attributed to:

  • A stroke brought on by a mystery blood disorder
  • A massive, hemorrhagic cerebrovascular accident
  • The flu
  • Poison by the Israelis

All are obvious distractions from the most likely diagnosis of AIDS.

It is important to remember that homosexuals in the Muslim world are executed after likely being tortured. This induced Arafat’s supporters and worshipers to arrange a different outcome than AIDS for his demise.

Interestingly, Al-Kurdi, Arafat’s personal physician for eighteen years, said “I would usually be summoned to attend to Arafat immediately, even when all he had was a simple cold. . . But when his medical situation was really deteriorating, they chose not to call me at all.”

He also lamented that Arafat’s widow, Suha, had refused an autopsy, which would have answered many questions regarding cause of death.

The latest theory began in 2010 with the dubious discovery of traces of polonium having been found, after six years, on the late terrorist’s clothes. In order to both dispel rumors of AIDS as the cause of death and to blame the Israeli government at the same time, Arafat’s body was exhumed in 2012.

On December 3, 2013 the UK news site BBC reported on the findings. As one would expect, the controversy intensified:

A team of French scientists probing the death of Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat in 2004 do not believe he was poisoned, according to leaks from their report.

They have reportedly concluded he died after a “generalised infection”.