Mortars Continue After Hamas/Islamic Jihad Declare Ceasefire


BIN: Hamas and Islamic Jihad released statements on Saturday night announcing that a ceasefire agreement had been released with Israel via Egyptian mediation. Despite their declaration of a ceasefire, four projectiles were fired into Israel early on Sunday.

“The regional and international mediation has led to an end of the current escalation between the resistance and the occupation forces,” Hamas said in a statement.

Earlier, Hamas confirmed there were talks with Egypt and other international players in an effort to stop the escalation. “Israel started the attacks and it must stop,” a Hamas official said. “The movement is responded to the Israeli aggression.” more …

Opinion: With the exception of Israeli websites, the lack of media coverage on the attacks is typical, giving the Muslim Brotherhood (parent organization to Hamas and Islamic Jihad) a clear message of approval by the UN.

Credit the Jewish Press website for their depiction of the ceasefire:

Joel Rosenberg:

  • More than 200 rockets and mortar rounds were fired at Israel by terrorists in Gaza on Saturday, July 14 — the biggest salvo of attacks since August 2014.
  • Tens of thousands of Israeli civilians in the southern tier near Gaza spent most or all of the day in bomb shelters. Many of those are not air-conditioned, and the temperatures were hovering between 90 and 100 degrees yesterday.
  • After hours of back channel diplomacy led by Egypt — and relentless pounding by IDF forces — Hamas and Islamic Jihad announced a ceasefire in the early hours of Sunday morning.
  • The terror groups briefing broke the ceasefire shortly thereafter, firing more rockets and mortars at Israel.
  • The IDF retaliated against these attacks, after the most intensive airstrikes against Hamas and Islamic Jihad targets in Gaza since the August 2014 war known as “Operation Protective Shield.” The IDF blew up two terror tunnels, an urban terror training center, weapons depots and other terror facilities throughout the Gaza Strip.
  • Meanwhile, over the past three months, terrorists in Gaza have sent incendiary devices over the border and have set more than 1,000 fires in Israel.
  • “The fires have laid waste to over 8,200 acres of forest and agricultural land, with damage totaling tens of millions of dollars,” reports Israel Hayom.

Perhaps if the US Congress would read the 4th paragraph of the Hamas charter: “Israel will rise and will remain erect until Islam eliminates it as it had eliminated its predecessors”, they just may get the revelation that the Muslim Brotherhood is indeed a dangerous terror group and designate it as such.

(See the Hamas charter here)