SUNDAY STUDY: What A Sovereign God Cannot Do


Here is another great teaching from Dave Hunt @

“Could a world of rampant evil really be what God wills? Surely not! God, in His sovereignty and without diminishing that sovereignty, gave man the power to rebel against Him.”

There is much that God cannot do, not in spite of who He is, but because of who He is:

  • He cannot forgive sin without the penalty being paid and accepted by man, because He is also perfectly just.
  • He cannot force anyone to love Him
  • and He cannot force anyone to accept a gift.

By the very nature of love and giving, man must have the power to choose. Matt. 23:37; 2 Thess. 2:10.

Giving man the power to make a genuine, independent choice does not diminish God’s control over His universe. Both love and gifts of any kind must be received. Force perverts the transaction.

The fact that God cannot fail, lie, sin, change or deny Himself does not in the least diminish His sovereignty.

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