France’s Macron urges Europe to take charge of own defense


PARIS (AP) In a speech to French ambassadors in Paris, Macron said “Europe cannot rely on the United States only for its security. It’s up to us to meet our responsibilities and guarantee our security, and therefore European sovereignty.”

He said discussions on defense cooperation should be extended to all European countries and Russia, on condition that progress is made with Moscow on putting an end to the fighting in eastern Ukraine between the government and Russia-backed separatists.

“This reinforced solidarity will imply a revision of the European architecture of defense and security: by initiating a renewed dialogue on cybersecurity, chemical weapons, conventional weaponry, territorial conflicts, space security, the protection of the polar zones, in particular with Russia,” Macron said. more …

Opinion: Our friend Carlisle who took part in our recent Bible Prophecy 101 study sent this article in with this comment:

“Sometimes I wonder why God would raise up a leader like Trump. Then I realize that He is putting the puzzle together.

  • Recognizing Jerusalem as the Israeli capital.
  • Shaking up the world economy.
  • And now his behavior has caused the EU to renew the push for its own military. Which I assume will have to be in place for the revived Roman empire.”

I could not have said it better.