Youtube To Censor Anyone Who ‘Denies Climate Change’


Neon Nettle: Following the recent ban of radio host Alex Jones, Youtube is continuing its draconian censorship game by implementing a new fact-checking feature below videos that dare to question climate change.

The new fact checking system will derive information from Wikipedia or Britannica Encyclopedia to debunk videos that question topics on global warming or climate change. Users who upload their content to YouTube cannot stop the service displaying blurbs of factual information below their content.

Youtube recently implemented a feature that debunks other topics such as anti-vaccines, the moon landing, and UFOs. more …

Opinion: Do you remember that not too long ago, we fretted about our privacy being threatened by the NSA?

The Hill: Between 2009 – 2016 “The National Security Agency and FBI violated specific civil liberty protections during the Obama administration by improperly searching and disseminating raw intelligence on Americans or failing to promptly delete unauthorized intercepts, according to newly declassified memos that provide some of the richest detail to date on the spy agencies’ ability to obey their own rules.”

We were incensed at the nerve of Obama for allowing our privacy to be invaded by government bureaucrats.

This past Monday, an all out assault on the 1st Amendment to the Constitution was initiated by the biggest and most important media companies on the planet when they collectively shut down content they deemed hate speech.

Look at how far we have fallen even with a Republican president.

What is important to see is that we are well along in building the infrastructure for global government plank by plank:

  • Plank 1: Climate regulations
  • Plank 2: Gun confiscation
  • Plank 3: Censored speech
  • Plank 4: Open borders
  • Plank 5: Digital currency

The groundwork for all five planks are almost completed as evidenced by the lack of a massive public outcry over Alex Jones (here).

When he arrives, it will be a cake walk.