John Kerry Should Be Prosecuted For Illegal Iran Meetings


Investors Business Daily: Foreign Policy: Recent comments by former Democratic presidential candidate, Secretary of State and Senator John Kerry lead to one inevitable conclusion: Making Kerry America’s top diplomat was a huge error.

Kerry has been seen a lot lately, largely because he’s flogging a book, “Every Day Is Extra,” seemingly everywhere in the media. He’s doing lots of live interviews, some of them quite telling.

In one, for instance, he calls President Donald Trump’s time in office a matter of “life and death,” and suggests that he would “bring a case against Donald Trump for the lives that will be lost” due to his presidency. Lives lost to what? Some foreign war? Failure to protect us from terrorism?

Nope. Global warming. A purely hypothetical threat. more …

Opinion: John ‘global warming’ Kerry blundered through the Israeli peace deal of 2014 actually accusing Israel of becoming an apartheid state. He then joined with Barack Obama calling for moral equivalence between murderous Hamas thugs and the IDF in Operation Protective Edge.

In 2015 Kerry and Obama gave the Iranians outrageous concessions in the Iran nuclear deal that provided billions in US cash that has funded Syria’s murderous dictator Bashar Assad, and added countless sophisticated rockets to the already massive arsenal of the terror group Hezbollah.

I know I am dreaming to think that a Democrat might be punished for breaking US laws, but the 199-year-old Logan Act that forbids private American citizens from conducting foreign policy without authorization, appears to have been proudly trampled upon by a man that is likely running for president in 2020.

God help us.