Sunday Study: WHAT IS SIN?


Many years ago, Author and I discovered Jack Kelley’s through Jack Kinsella’s website We called them ‘the 2 Jacks.’

Kinsella was a Bible prophecy ‘mentor’ to Author. He was a kind, gentle man with considerable knowledge and discernment regarding prophecy. We had the privilege of meeting him before his passing in 2013, and he posted Author’s book and a link to our site on the Omega Letter Home Page. The Omega Letter will be shutting down permanently on October 14, 2018. Click HERE to take a look and read some great articles before they’re gone.

We never personally met Jack Kelley but he taught us much as we continually searched his site for answers. We communicated with him and his wife, Samantha, and she continues to run their site after his death in 2015.

Click HERE for today’s study from Jack Kelley.