Chinese Communists Kidnap Bishop After Pope’s Vatican-China Deal


Daily Wire: A faithful bishop has been kidnapped in China following the Pope Francis approved Vatican-China deal, which gave the Chinese communist government a prominent role in the selection of bishops while encouraging the underground Catholic church to join the state-sanctioned Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association (CPCA).

For the fifth time since being appointed bishop in 2016, Pietro Shao Zhumin of Wenzhou has been kidnapped by police for interrogation and indoctrination.

He will now be “coerced to submit to the religious policy of China, which requires registration with the government and membership of the Patriotic Association (PA),” according to Asia News, which first broke the story. more …

Opinion: There is something about a Roman Catholic pontiff, a dictator for life, and a state-run religion that screams “Wake up church, the signs of Bible prophecy for the last days are upon us!”

Two recent headlines sort of baffle the mind:

Headline September 22, 2018: “Vatican announces historic deal with China on bishop appointment”

Headline September 24, 2018: “China Intensifies its War on Christianity, ripping down Crosses, burning Bibles and tearing up images of Jesus”

Ripped from Revelation 13, a dictator indwelt by Satan who speaks blasphemy against God (Rev. 13:1-10) brings a high-ranking member of the clergy as second in command, (Rev 13:11-12) to set up a state-approved church that demands worship of the dictator (Rev. 13:13-15).

Nah, nothing to see here, move along.


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