Vatican Bars U.S. Action on Sex Abuse


Wall Street Journal Op-Ed: The Vatican barred Roman Catholic bishops in the U.S. from taking action to confront sex abuse, frustrating church leaders from across the country who had gathered here for their annual meeting aiming to address the crisis.

The night before the conference, the U.S. bishops’ leadership received an order from the Vatican forbidding them from taking any steps on sex abuse this year and forcing them to wait until after a global summit on the issue scheduled for February.

The Vatican’s move exposes a deep and growing rift between Pope Francis and the U.S. bishops over how to handle the sex-abuse problem.

“It makes it look like we don’t care,” Bishop Thomas Daly, of Spokane. more …

Opinion: Francis continues to confound the world. He began as a man who was so humble that he carried his own suitcases and refused the elaborate papal residence for a modest apartment.

He confounded the faithful to the point that conservative Catholics quipped is the Pope Catholic? He confounded his bishops by his silence in the wake of the McCarrick pedophile scandal, and he confounded both the US government and Israel by opposing President Trump’s embassy move after having embraced Mahmoud Abbas and calling him an angel of peace.

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Now this.

The world’s liberal media has a problem. They have tried to make Francis, a global warming/open borders progressive, into a fearless reformer. But Francis has twice turned the other cheek when it comes to restoring pedophile priests to the pulpit.

The McCarrick case preceded the 2017 story exposed in the American Week magazine of ‘Don Mercedes’ — Fr Mauro Inzoli, an Italian priest with a passion for expensive cars and underage boys.

In 2012, Pope Benedict stripped Inzoli of his priestly faculties, effectively defrocking him. In 2014, however, they were restored to him, by Pope Francis, who warned him to stay away from minors.

Then, finally, the Italian civil authorities caught up with this serial groper of teenagers in the confessional. Inzoli was sentenced to four years and nine months in jail for pedophile offences. The Vatican, under ‘zero-tolerance’ Francis, refused to supply evidence that prosecutors wanted.

So how much will the faithful take? Peter Isely, a survivor of childhood sexual assault by a Wisconsin priest, and one of the founding members of SNAP (The Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests), said this:

So now the church has to wait until February 2019, as the faithful dwindle.

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